How to build a fake time machine

How to build a fake time machine
How to build a fake time machine

Do you like time travel and building things? Are you looking for a way to have fun alone or with friends? Are you a creative person with a lot of free time? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then it is time for you to build a fake time machine.


Part 1 of 3: building the exterior of the machine

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 1

Step 1. Obtain a cardboard box large enough for you to comfortably sit in

Ideally, get a box the size of a refrigerator, but finding a box big enough for what you need can be difficult. It should be rectangular in shape. Here are some places to look.

  • Go to an office supply store and purchase the largest cardboard box available.
  • Go to a supermarket. Supermarkets often try to get rid of their excess boxes in the morning or late afternoon, so don't hesitate to ask. However, avoid choosing a box that has contained foods that have a very strong odor.
  • Ask someone who has recently moved if they have a box for you.
Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 2

Step 2. Obtain a tin of silver paint and a tin of gold paint

Then paint the outside of your box in silver or gold, a pretty futuristic color. Be sure to use a paint that is safe and suitable for this use, but do not use wall paint or paint that is too strong, as it will damage your health.

When the paint is dry, sprinkle glitter on top

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 3

Step 3. Obtain some black drawing paper

Cut out large circles or squares in the paper. When the box is completely dry, secure them on the outside with adhesive tape. You now have windows! They are tinted of course.

  • Otherwise, you can cut real windows in the machine using a cutter, but it can be tricky.
  • You can also paint windows on the outside of your box.

Part 2 of 3: prepare the inside of the machine

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 4

Step 1. Paint the inside of the box

If you painted the exterior silver, paint the interior gold and vice versa. You don't have to spend so much time and care inside, as long as you are the only person to see it.

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 5

Step 2. Make a keyboard

Glue a piece of white drawing paper to the inside of the box and write the numbers 0 through 9 on it, just as you would see them on a keyboard. This is what you will use to turn on your time machine.

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 6

Step 3. Place an old phone in the machine

You will need it for emergencies.

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 7

Step 4. Get yourself a comfortable seat

Place a soft, red cushion on the floor of your machine. You will need something to sit on since you will be traveling for a long time. You can also spread a red blanket on the floor of the machine.

Velvet or satin is best. The interior of your time machine should be classy

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 8

Step 5. Add technology

Take an old computer joystick with you inside. You might also find an old modem useful on your trip.

A dial object, with buttons or more particularly buttons that light up, will be useful to you. However, don't bring anything inside that can harm you

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 9

Step 6. Don't forget to bring other provisions

Pack a bottle of water, dry cakes and a calculator or you might get hungry or bored on the adventure.

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 10

Step 7. Turn on your time machine

Now that your machine is ready, all you have to do is turn it on. Speak in a robot voice and start pressing the keys on your keyboard. Enter data using your calculator and move your joystick to put more emphasis on the effects.

Inevitably there will be a problem and you will have to scream wildly and bang the machine like a real mad scientist

Part 3 of 3: playing in your fake time machine

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 11

Step 1. Fall asleep

In order for your time machine to work, you will need to doze off or fall asleep. This can happen during your time travel while reading a book or sustaining a fake "explosion" while trying to fix the dials.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and when you open them again you will be transported

Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 12

Step 2. Create effects to show that your time machine is running

You need to do something that indicates your machine is on. Your friends can create a humming effect or play eerie "time machine" music. Try, for example, the music from The Fourth Dimension. Here are some other ways to indicate that your time machine is working.

  • Have someone flicker the lights when you are in the machine or have them flicker yourself.
  • Get a smoke machine and blow smoke out when your machine is running. Only do this if it is safe to use it in your yard, garage, or the open space where you built your machine.
  • Have someone blow bubbles around you.
  • Someone can throw glitter or confetti in the air, but it can cause a mess.
  • Turn on a powerful fan and direct it towards the machine.
  • When the noise decreases, a friend of yours may say "process complete" in a robot voice.
Build a Pretend Time Machine Step 12

Step 3. Step out into a new era

Once your time machine has traversed its journey, you are theoretically materialized in a new era. Before you can fully enjoy your magical journey through time, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your experience.

  • Make yourself look like you've been through the elements. You have traveled through hundreds, thousands, even millions of years, therefore some signs of wear and tear are expected. When you get out of the machine, you can tousle your hair and add some dark makeup to your cheeks. This will show that you have been "blown away" by the experience.
  • Make sure you surround the machine with new era elements.
  • Your friends will need to be dressed in matching clothes at this same time.
  • When you discover your new surroundings and your new friends, be completely taken aback. Makes some noise.
  • You may even decide that you had better go home and try to get back to your time machine. But be careful, there is a good chance that your machine will not work again!


  • Everyone around you should love your project and get involved in your time machine. Eliminate the skeptics from your team!
  • Choose in advance when you want to travel. This way, you can prepare the appropriate outfits for your friends to wear when you step out of your machine.


  • Check all of these steps and instructions with your parents before you start building your time machine. They will be able to tell you if you are doing something dangerous.
  • Do not use wall paint to paint your machine or you will get dizzy and feel sick.

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