How to start a business (for children)

How to start a business (for children)
How to start a business (for children)

If you are a child or teenager and want to make some extra money starting your own business, then there is no time to waste!


Start a Business (for Kids) Step 1

Step 1. Think carefully

What activities would you like to devote yourself to? Would you like to sell something? Would you like to provide a service? Try to think of what really excites you (sports, music, studies, etc.) and go from there. If you love children, why not babysit? Do something you like.

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 2

Step 2. Be logical

OK, so you decided to base yourself on one of your hobbies. But try to be logical: can this really make you money? Okay, you love to cook, but how do you plan to make money from it at your age? Think about it and don't overestimate people's willingness to pay for something they shouldn't waste.

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 3

Step 3. Be Creative

Here is the fun part! What will be the name of your company? What will your logo be? Will you have associates? What will your slogan be? All of these important questions. Make sure you follow all of these steps, because you will need them.

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 4

Step 4. Set up a team

Tell your friends, neighbors, or anyone else who would like to help you out about your project. You need to have employees who will take care of the sales, and others of the marketing side of your business. If you think you can't handle the finance side of your business well, try getting help from an accountant. Find an assistant. Not all of these steps are necessary at first, but if your business grows, you will need other people to help you run it. Also, it's fun to work with other people!

Having a team on your side is important, as is choosing the best people to do the job. This will save you from having to do a lot of chores, especially jobs you wouldn't be good at anyway

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 5

Step 5. Promote the business

This is the creative part of this project. Would you like to market your business by using billboards, posters, email advertisements, word of mouth? There are dozens of different ways to promote your business. The posters must be colorful and rich in information, choose the places where you will put them. Make your company known at school or in your neighborhood.

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 6

Step 6. Get down to business

Once you've started getting clients, try to make a good impression so you get more. If you're going to set up customer service, make sure it's up to date. Be courteous and do your job well if you hope to get paid.

Start a Business (for Kids) Step 7

Step 7. Have fun

You have a business, congratulations! Have fun with your money, and good luck with your first business!


  • Ask your parents for permission before you start and run the business.
  • Offer a free additional product or service to your very first customers.
  • Leave a sign or a leaflet on your mailbox. So every time people walk past your house, they will see it.
  • Just start small, then maybe one day you'll have your own big business.
  • Start planning your ideas first. This way you know what you are doing. If you want to start a bakery, make sure you have the right ingredients.
  • Always do something you are passionate about!
  • Do your research before opening your business, because it's worth it.
  • Never tell yourself that one of your ideas is bad.
  • Get help from a few friends or family.
  • You could learn more about the work of a parent to inspire you.

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