How to deal with a bad girl: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to deal with a bad girl: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to deal with a bad girl: 11 steps (with pictures)

Have you ever been the victim of threats from a bad girl? Know that you are not alone and that you can learn how to prevent this type of girl from influencing you. Love yourself and love the person you are, don't let anyone influence you.


Part 1 of 3: understanding a bad girl

Handle a Mean Girl Step 1

Step 1. Find the reason

First of all, you need to know the reasons why girls usually treat each other like this. Here are some specific reasons.

  • She is jealous of you because you have something that she does not have, either your beauty, your talent, your good averages or your kindness.

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  • She sees you as a threat because you are different - she might even try to steal your friends from you. Girls who underestimate themselves don't appreciate the fact that a girl who is different from them in any way displays something that is different from what they have to show. They therefore consider this girl as a threat.

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  • You positively attract the attention of boys unlike her.

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  • You have real friends. You have real friends and not those who are so afraid of pretending to be victims to the point of being hypocritical.

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  • You are the youngest and she can't stand the fact that you are the one receiving the most attention.

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Part 2 of 3: Strengthen Yourself

Handle a Mean Girl Step 2

Step 1. Strengthen yourself

A key factor in dealing with all kinds of threats is to remember that you are not alone!

  • Head over to YouTube and listen to songs like: Mean Girls by Rachel Crow, Who You Are by Jessie J, Who is Laughing Now by Jessie J, Brave by Sara Bareilles, Wings by Little Mix, Mean by Taylor Swift and Work What You Got by Mary J Blige.

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  • Research harassment. Find girls your age who can tell you about their experiences.

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  • Create a discussion or forum and discuss their experiences with others.

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  • Ask your parents what they went through when they were your age and how they fared.

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Handle a Mean Girl Step 3

Step 2. Ignore taunts

When she whispers because you're right next door, pretend you can't hear a thing. If this is happening in a classroom, be concerned with the work in progress. No matter what you do, ignore his rude remarks. Don't even look in his direction. This can be difficult to apply, but do your best. This prevents him from being able to trigger a rivalry between you.

Handle a Mean Girl Step 4

Step 3. Smile

In case this girl decides to make you understand that she is talking to you and that she wants to humiliate you in front of everyone, look her straight in the eyes and wear a smile without saying a word, an almost smirk. Then, as soon as you feel she looks caught off guard, walk away with the same smile on her face and head up. She'll be frustrated that her stupid insults didn't affect you!

Handle a Mean Girl Step 5

Step 4. Smile from the bottom of your heart

May your smile be genuine. You wonder how is not it? When you see this bully putting you down, say to yourself, “wow, I guess she's still scared to sleep in the dark and continues to sleep with a teddy bear! This will make you smile for sure.

Handle a Mean Girl Step 6

Step 5. Indulge yourself in order to restore your self-confidence

Go shopping. Devote a day to taking care of yourself: pedicure, manicure. You've got it all figured out (however, don't get a makeover or do something that will change your appearance too much. The girl might think she's managed to throw you off to the point where you've decided to change your appearance and she would be delighted). Remember you are doing it for yourself, not to please those pretentious little girls. She'll find a nasty comment to make about your new look. When she does, just keep going: head up, shoulders clear back, good posture and with a big smile. Don't worry, you are beautiful no matter what a stupid girl who tries to intimidate you tells you!

Step 6. Be sympathetic to the bad girl

This will discourage her. Instead of feeling hurt, she'll be forced to come to terms with the fact that you only respond to her actions with positive ones. This would be a good example for her and for others to follow, but it will also be difficult for her to respond to you nastily without feeling really insignificant and cruel and everyone will notice this. She must have been hurt herself in her life. By being nice to her, you show her how to behave and how you find her completely immature and in need of help and advice.

Handle a Mean Girl Step 8

Step 7. Take care of yourself

Hygiene plays a very important role in gaining firm self-confidence. Always stay clean by bathing daily, using deodorant and moisturizer, and taking good care of your skin using a suitable makeup remover. Just taking the time to take care of yourself will increase your confidence.

Part 3 of 3: Maintain Friendship Relationships

Handle a Mean Girl Step 7

Step 1. Make friends with someone

Find people who have a personality like yours. Whether you believe it or not, know that numbers are strength. You will feel better if you have lots of friends to keep you company.

Handle a Mean Girl Step 9

Step 2. Talk to others about your feelings

If you've been through all of these steps and still feel bad, talk to a friend you trust. You may even find yourself a counselor, a specialist outside of school, someone you can trust.

Handle a Mean Girl Step 10

Step 3. Stand up for people in the same situation as you

If you notice this situation anywhere, immediately report it to an adult. Wait a moment then ask the person if they are okay and then invite them to lunch with you. We never know. She may be the one who will help you get through your predicament as well.


  • Know that this girl hates you. It doesn't add anything useful in your life, so just ignore it.
  • Be confident in yourself and try to build your confidence, because any girl who tries hard to criticize someone who is assertive ends up making a fool of herself. Love yourself as you are, for you are unique. Accept yourself as you are and you will understand that these oppressors have no weight.
  • Act as if it doesn't matter to you - in other words, just ignore it! It has no power until you consider it to exist.
  • It won't be easy for you to go through all these steps covered, but persevere and this girl will leave you alone.
  • If you don't want anyone to know that it was you who reported the fact, call your school administration and say this: "hello, I would like to remain anonymous, but I would like to inform you that x is the victim of harassment by x. Can you please report it to the manager to look into the case? This way, no one will know that you are talking about yourself or a friend of yours.
  • Someone who wants to bully you watches your reaction after saying something mean. If you appear confused or start to cry after she says a mean word to you, she will think to herself that she has the power to negatively influence you. Respond intelligently to a nasty comment. For example, if this type of person tells you that they don't like the clothes you wear, say, “Thank you! This answer will weaken him.
  • Don't insult him.
  • If you feel like you can't control the situation any longer, talk to your parents, they will know how to fix it. Also remember to report it directly to your school principal.
  • Last but not least, here are a number of things you need to remember when thinking about the people who oppress you:

    • do not let yourself be influenced
    • don't get angry
    • ignore what the person says
    • bad people are fools
    • you really have more interesting things to do than listen to nonsense
    • when everything seems to be against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind


  • Under no circumstances respond with offensive words or actions. Everyone around you would think that you are also like your oppressor.
  • If the person uses physical violence, find a way out first. If you can't find any, tell the person you don't want to fight, “I'm not trying to fight, can we find a consensus? In case she's the first to punch you and you still can't find a way to walk away, defend yourself the best you can. The first time this girl hits you, provokes you, or uses any other form of physical violence on you, report it immediately.
  • Do not seek revenge. Indeed, completely avoid this person and if he persists in his provocation, follow the steps previously stated.

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