How to behave like a fairy

How to behave like a fairy
How to behave like a fairy

Fairies are magical and mystical creatures, known for their great beauty, playfulness and good heart. Each fairy is unique, with individual personality traits, talents and style. However, there are some main characteristics that all fairies share, such as a love for nature, a bond with animals, and a desire to help people in difficulty. Learn how to look, act and feel like a real fairy and if possible put yourself in touch with the little creatures themselves.


Part 1 of 4: Finding Your Fairy Identity

Become a Fairy Step 1

Step 1. Decide what type of fairy you want to become

There is a wide variety of fairies, each with their own unique personality, talent, and style. Before you commit to becoming a fairy, you need to decide what type of fairy you want to become. Try to make yourself a fairy personality that matches your current personality. This way, the transition to the fairy will be easier.

  • Will you be a earth fairy, who loves flowers, trees, woodland creatures and plants, prefers ocher-colored clothing and spends all of their time in gardens?
  • Will you be a water fairy, who loves all that has to do with water and spends time near rivers, lakes and streams, always having his feet in the water?
  • Will you be a fire fairy, who loves heat and flame and is passionate about the causes she has chosen, regardless of their size or small?
  • Will you be a air fairy, who loves open spaces and the wind that lifts their hair? Or will you be that fairy whose jovial personality pushes her wherever the wind takes her?
  • Will you be a dream fairy, who is in touch with his mystical side and who can wish his friends and loved ones a good dream?
  • Will you be a music fairy, who endlessly finds rhythm and melody in a world around him, whether it is the song of birds in the trees or the breeze that rings the chimes?
  • Will you be a fairy of light, who loves sunlight and can shine as bright as a million stars clustered together?
  • Will you be a dark fairy, a mysterious character who prefers the night and is interested in black magic?
Become a Fairy Step 2

Step 2. Choose a fairy name

For example, you can choose Pyrazelle, Mélusine, Mab, Kira or Anavérane as your fairy name. Fairy names usually reflect the personality or talents of the fairies who wear them. For example, earth fairies could be named Hazelnut or Goldilocks, fire fairies could be Amber or Ashley, and water fairies could be Marina or Brooke.

  • Pick the fairy name that seems to best reflect your personality or take some inspiration from the random fairy name generator on the internet.
  • Once you have chosen a fairy name, you can decide to keep it to yourself or share it with your loved ones, as it is said to be able to be used to control the fairy in question and 'take him to use his magic against his will. For your protection, only reveal your fairy name to those you trust.
Become a Fairy Step 3

Step 3. Make your own fairy dust

Now, what is a fairy worth without her magic dust? Your fairy dust, like your name, should reflect your personality and talents, and should also be completely unique to you. You can buy a bit of Brilliantine at the craft store to make it the base for your dust, but you could add a few more ingredients to give it a magical touch.

  • Make sure the brilliantine is good and not coarse. Large Brilliantines are not at all compatible with fairies. Pick a color of your preference that matches that of the fairies. For example, green for earth fairies, blue for water fairies, black for dark fairies, purple for dream fairies, pink for music fairies, yellow for light fairies, white for air fairies and red or orange for fire fairies. Add a drop of essential oil to the brilliantine to give it a light scent. Do not overdo it or it will curdle.
  • You will then need to add a few items that match the type of fairy you have chosen. For the earthy one, try flowers or dead leaves. For the water fairy, add a little seashell or sea sand. For the fire, add a little flint, charcoal or wood. For the air fairy, add a little cotton or a small feather and for the music one, a bell will do.
  • Shake your fairy dust well to mix the ingredients. Pour your dust into a cute container-style necklace that you can put around your neck. You will therefore be able to access it whenever you need to. You can also put it in a jar (which you can decorate) and keep it in your room or somewhere safe for fairy powders etc.
Become a Fairy Step 4

Step 4. Find a particular fairy signature

Note that a fairy's signature differs from that of a human. A fairy signature should be a physical object that best represents your personality or talents.

  • For example, if your fairy talent is gardening, then your signature could be small dried pansy flowers. If you are a water fairy, you can make use of pearls or seashells. If you are an air fairy, consider using a single feather. In other words, you must choose an object that represents your talent and yourself.
  • You can put your signature on all the things you do or the deeds you perform. For example, if you are planting flowers in the garden, you can leave your fairy signature next to them, or if you are baking cakes, you can use your fairy signature to show that you are the one who owns it. have done.
  • For added effects, you can sprinkle some of your fairy dust on and around the signature.

Part 2 of 4: look like a fairy

Become a Fairy Step 5

Step 1. Wear light, well-ventilated clothing

The fairies' clothing should be light and well ventilated, made from pretty shimmering fabrics. As for the color, the tone you choose for your clothing will depend on the type of fairy you are. Earth fairies typically wear green and brown, fire fairies often wear red and orange, water fairies wear blue and green, and dark fairies wear purple and black.

  • If you decide to make your own fairy costume, look for fairy-style patterns at craft stores or big box stores and then purchase the fabric. You can use a multitude of fabrics: tulle, velvet, iridescent, satin, etc. You can also take dresses and skirts from thrift stores and then retouch and decorate them to your liking.
  • More often than not, you need to put on clothes that float so that they can remind people of the beautiful and fluttering wings of a fairy.
  • To make a fairy skirt, you can simply take a ribbon or elastic (around your waist and hips, depending on where you put it), then pieces of tulle or the flexible fabric (the length depends on your height) and sew them with the ribbon or elastic. Make sure to add enough layers to the skirt so that it isn't sheer.
  • To wear the skirt you can just tie the ribbon, but if you used the elastic you will need to tie the back in a quick way, either with velcro or with snaps. To decorate the skirt, you could make large flower petals, stars or other shapes, made from felt or fabric, and then tie them to the tulle.
  • For a fairy-style top, you can create one if you are good at sewing or find a renaissance style blouse (which you can dye as needed) or a breezy and not too heavy style.
Become a Fairy Step 6

Step 2. Have long, healthy hair

Fairies are famous for their beautiful hair. It is therefore your priority to take care of your hair. The color does not matter, what makes fairies is their individual character! The most important thing is that your hair is in good condition. So make sure to keep them well hydrated with a good hair lotion. Drink enough water and wear a homemade hair mask every now and then.

  • Style wise, most fairies grow long hair, as long as their waist if possible. Never tie your hair, always let it float freely on your back. However, if you prefer to mix it up with a cute short haircut, that will do the trick too!
  • Consider curling your hair or even making small curls just to frame your face. You can use a curling iron, hair curlers or make curls with a pin to achieve this look. As an alternative, you can simply crumple your hair for a more natural look.
  • However, fairies don't have to worry too much about their hair. They have more to do! It's not uncommon to see a fairy with bits of twig or flowers left in her hair after all of her outdoor adventures!
Become a Fairy Step 7

Step 3. Have glowing skin

Fairies should have perfect, luminescent skin. For that, be sure to take good care of yours. Wash your face twice a day (no more no less) and apply moisturizer and brightener. Get rid of any pimples or spots with an over-the-counter cream. Eat enough fruits and vegetables, and try to drink six to eight glasses of water per day. You might also consider practicing enchanting your magical powers. Meditation helps to get there as well as the contact with the deep soul.

  • As for fairy makeup, use reflective foundation or powder which can add healthy glow to your skin. Use a lightening product on your cheekbones and under your brow bone to add extra definition to your look. Plus, if you really want to glow, a little sparkle powder on the cheeks will do!
  • Here are some other makeup that might reveal your fairy features better: a pale pink blush and lip gloss, a little mascara (applied only to the upper lashes) and a little eye shadow in a color that matches your fairy type and clothing.
Become a Fairy Step 8

Step 4. Choose some fairy accessories

As aforementioned, fairies aren't too concerned with their appearance and so you don't have to worry too much about accessories. However, a few little touches every now and then can really bring harmony to your clothing and make you feel like a real fairy.

  • Everyone knows that Fairies can fly on wings as delicate as those of butterflies. You can get fairy wings at costume or Halloween stores. You can also make it yourself using yarn and colorful stockings. Find out how to make them here. Don't worry if you had to wear your wings all the time. Fairies often hide their wings when they get big. Not having wings is therefore not a problem.
  • If you want to have a fairy crown, it's simple! You just need to take a headband and stick a fake butterfly on it, and / or add some artificial flowers to it. You can also use bobby pins or clips to glue the artificial flowers. Pin them all over your hair for a pretty hairstyle. Alternatively, you can make a simple wreath from a garland and wear it for a simple and earthy style.
  • Not all fairies have wands, but some do use them to channel their magic. This is particularly the case with fairies of dreams and darkness. You have the choice between buying or crafting the magic wand yourself. To make it, you can find a small branch in the garden or a fairly thin piece of plastic. Tie ribbons or other decorations as you see fit. Use your imagination!
  • Most fairies are very old, as the weather has a different impact on magical creatures. Therefore, all of their jewelry is old. Take a trip to second-hand shops or thrift stores for second-hand jewelry, especially charm bracelets or necklaces with lockets. Anything that contains large gems can also do the trick, especially if its color matches your type of fairy. For example, dream fairies prefer moon stones, water ones prefer pearls, fire ones like rubies and earth fairies also prefer jade, etc.
Become a Fairy Step 9

Step 5. Look for a unique scent

One of the hallmarks of a fairy is having an exceptional scent. For this you can create a perfume considering the type of fairy you are. You can just buy a good perfume if you want to, but it's better to make one for yourself.

  • Consider purchasing a perfume kit that contains various oils that you can individually and uniquely mix to create a scent. You can also buy natural essential oils found in most health food stores and combine them with a little water in a spray bottle. Add a pinch of brilliantine to the scent for a more subtle glow.
  • Here are some scents that we often find in the perfumes of a fairy: floral scents (jasmine, lavender, chamomile, rose and geranium), fruit scents (lemon, grape and tangerine), spicy scents (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves) and earthy scents (vetiver, cedar and eucalyptus).
  • Once again, choose a scent that matches your type of fairy. For Earth, choose a floral, herbaceous or fruity scent. For water, choose a rain or beach scent. For fire, choose a spicy scent. For air, choose a cotton, wind or mountain scent.

Part 3 of 4: adopt fairy behaviors

Become a Fairy Step 10

Step 1. Smile Often

Fairies are happy, alert creatures who always have a mischievous sparkle in their eyes. As a fairy, you should always have a smile on your face, whether it is benevolent, satisfying, or dreamy.

You don't have to glow all the time, but smiling all the time during your interactions with humans will better gain their appreciation, while also showing off a knowing and mysterious air

Become a Fairy Step 11

Step 2. Do good works

Although fairies love to play tricks and are mischievous, they also possess a heart of gold and are ready to help any creature in difficulty. You can adopt such good habits in many aspects of your daily life, from washing a sink full of dirty dishes to spending time with the elderly in nursing homes.

Keep in mind that fairies usually perform their actions anonymously, they don't do it for the sake of glory. The mere thought of having brightened up someone's day is reward enough for them

Become a Fairy Step 12

Step 3. Spend a lot of time outdoors

No matter what type of fairy you are (fire, water, dreamy, or even dark), all fairies have a connection with Earth and nature. Therefore, they like to spend time outdoors as much as they can smelling the grasses under their feet and the wind in their hair.

As a fairy, you must feel a deep connection with nature and relish the endless playful moments spent outdoors enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Earth. Try activities like collecting wildflowers, climbing trees, or working on your bird songs

Become a Fairy Step 13

Step 4. Sing, dance and learn to play an instrument

All fairies (especially those in music) love music, songs and dancing.They hear music everywhere, in birdsong, in the chirping of a stream, in the wind blowing through the trees and the crackling of the flames. They love to sing old songs and lullabies with their soft, high voices and love to hop on their delicate feet to the beat of a distant drum.

Fairies also like to play musical instruments like the tin whistle, the flute, the harp, the bells, the tambourines, the ocarina, as well as the bodhrán. Learning to play one of these instruments is a great pastime for any fairy

Become a Fairy Step 14

Step 5. Take care of the animals

Lovers of nature, fairies also feel a deep connection with the various wooded fauna and pastures. They have the ability to communicate with them and connect to their emotions better than humans. Birds, rabbits, deer, frogs, rats, squirrels are all friends of a fairy. So you should make the effort to take care of these creatures whenever you can.

  • Leave a juicy lettuce leaf or carrot outside for a passing rabbit, or help a fallen bird mend those broken wings. In short, do whatever you can to show affection.
  • However, fairies are not too fond of cats, as cats chase them and try to crush them when they take on their little flying form. This is easily explained by the fact that cats are loyal to witches rather than fairies.
Become a Fairy Step 15

Step 6. Consume natural foods

Fairies live off nature and love all that is natural. This can be seen in the choice of foods they eat, since they prefer to eat fruits and berries, raw vegetables and nuts, at the expense of most of the foods that humans usually eat. Because of their connection to animals, they tend to stay away from meat. Adopting a vegetarian diet is common among fairies.

However, even if they stick to a healthy, natural diet most of the time, fairies don't resist home baking. They love home-made cookies, breads and cakes, especially if they have flavors of vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon, mmmm

Part 4 of 4: Create an environment conducive to a fairy

Become a Fairy Step 16

Step 1. Decorate your bedroom to reflect a fairytale personality

Make your room a fairy-friendly environment by decorating it with colors that match the type of fairy you are. Hang dream catchers and chimes from the ceiling, and place a small fairy statue on your desk, right next to the table and windowsill. Hang a wispy canopy canopy around the bed to protect you in your sleep. Set aside a serving of fairy powder in a safe place, such as on a high shelf or locked drawer.

Become a Fairy Step 17

Step 2. Plant flowers, plants and herbs in your garden

Fairies adore certain plants, flowers and herbs. Plant some in your garden to transform it into a magical haven.

Fairies especially love edible plants such as rosemary, peppermint, licorice, fragrant shrubs like lavender and eucalyptus, as well as brightly colored flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds like honeysuckle, hangover. -wolffish, sunflower, petunia, foxglove and marigold

Become a Fairy Step 18

Step 3. Encourage the other fairies to come visit you

It is obvious that fairies enjoy the company of other fairies. When you have adjusted to the fairytale way of life, you can send an invitation to others to come visit you!

  • You can get their attention by planting the aforementioned flowers in your garden, making home baking, letting the wonderful scent fill the air, blowing bubbles in the sky (fairies love it) or building little fairy houses around the garden where they can stay.
  • Above all, however, you need to behave like a real fairy on an ordinary day by being kind to others, connecting with nature with an open heart. If you can do this, the other fairies will feel the close connection between you and them, and you won't have to try too hard to get their attention.


  • Even if you are not able to fly, you can look mystical and magical. When you believe in your fairy personality and step away into your magical world, you will know if you are smelling something strange. You will have the feeling that something is watching you and that there are little traces of laughter dancing to the movement of the wind. In the end, all of this scares you.
  • Each fairy should show peace and love. Have character. Don't let other people put you off. Always be happy!
  • You can be any type of fairy or use your creativity to create your own style. Be open to all possibilities.
  • You have several choices as to what type of fairy you want to be. If none of the styles discussed here are right for you, step aside, be your own type of fairy, and create a style that you love.
  • Don't worry about the fact that you don't have any wings. Not all fairies fly, there is a wide variety of fairies with varying abilities.
  • It's not just the fairies listed here. Nothing prevents you from being a different fairy or a versatile fairy, like the fairy of earth and water. The only limit is your passion and your imagination!
  • You may have unusual powers for your kind of fairy. But don't overdo it.
  • You will have the power to act on events. So use spells wisely.

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