How to behave like Hatake Kakashi (with pictures)

How to behave like Hatake Kakashi (with pictures)
How to behave like Hatake Kakashi (with pictures)

You can easily come to behave like Kakashi Hatake because he's so cool and laid back and tough. He talks all the time, but he always gets to the point. Don't try to overdo it, or you'll break your neck climbing a tree. This is not what you want. He also loves his books and as an Anbu secret agent he was strong and proud of the work he did.


Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 1

Step 1. Look incredibly relaxed and cool

In the series, Kakashi gives the scary impression that he does not want to have to face him. He is always calm and he never lets himself be surprised.

  • Curl up a bit.

    Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 17
Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 2

Step 2. Compete with a bold person

Always try to win and eliminate the easy solutions. Be distant and logical with others.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 3

Step 3. Cover any scars you have

Hatake Kakashi covers his scars, for example the one on the eye. If you want to cover your eye as well, you can use her technique and let the bangs grow to the side.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 4

Step 4. Read books in your free time

He always carries books with him. Try to read an entire collection of books that interest you.

  • If your favorite book has been screened, you have to go see it, period.

    Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 23
Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 5

Step 5. Be smart

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 6

Step 6. Make sure you have the necessary physical capacities

Be an outstanding athlete and build your muscles. Do your best in all sports.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 8

Step 7. Hide your mouth at all times

This is very important, especially at work or at school. This will show others that you seriously want to be like him.

If you are at school or other places, you can use a hygienic mask. It is not going to make others suspicious and you can wear it all the time. If someone asks you questions, you can tell them he's stupid or come up with some amazing reasons like Kakashi would

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 9

Step 8. Be polite and calm

Also be reasonable to the point of being embarrassing when you argue with someone and smile with your eyes, because you never see your mouth. Kakashi is always serious and he never makes unnecessary jokes.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 10

Step 9. Arrive late

Come up with incredible or stupid excuses.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 11

Step 10. Keep Behavior Lazy

However, you need to act fast when necessary. Kakashi always looks like he's half asleep, but the truth is he's already on the alert in case something unusual happens.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 12

Step 11. Keep Behavior Alone

Be aloof from people who want to beat you verbally, physically, or in other ways in less serious situations. Even if you are going to pretend that you have no interest in these competitions, you still have to do your best to win while giving the impression that you are not interested in it.

  • Ignore the people who make a big deal out of unimportant things.

    Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 7
Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 13

Step 12. Develop your common sense

  • As you fight, analyze and copy your opponent's moves.

    Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 14
Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 15

Step 13. Make yourself known for a unique talent

For example, Kakashi copies the Eye of Sharingan.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 16

Step 14. Be nice to dogs

Don't take one with you everywhere.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 18

Step 15. Eat your meals quickly

This way you can hide your mouth again before anyone can see what you look like.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 19

Step 16. Be mysterious

If someone asks you questions about you, don't go into too much detail, try changing the subject.

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 21

Step 17. Understand people's personalities

Act Like Hatake Kakashi Step 22

Step 18. Learn to spy on people

Kakashi spies on Naruto and others all the time.


  • Value teamwork and friendship above all else.
  • Broaden your thinking.
  • Develop a keen sense of observation, sight, hearing and become a leader.
  • Keep a positive outlook on life.
  • If you already wear contact lenses, wear a red one on the left eye.
  • Watch Naruto, watch what Kakashi does in the cartoon, and copy it in real life, except the shinobi stuff.
  • Use gel to make ends in the hair bent to the left.
  • Dye your hair white or gray, or get a wig if you don't want to dye your hair or if your parents won't let you.
  • Ask your parents for permission before dyeing your hair white or gray.
  • Become a trainer or a teacher later in your life.


  • Don't eat your meals too quickly or you will suffocate.
  • You won't develop a raikiri or a chidori by sticking your fingers into electrical outlets, so don't!
  • Most shops, schools and other public places deny access to people who hide their faces.
  • The company of a dog is optional, don't force yourself to love them.
  • Don't get caught reading things you aren't supposed to read.
  • Don't wear contact lenses if you don't need them. There really is a phenomenon called "optical addiction".
  • This is just for fun, don't take it too seriously, because after all, you can't climb trees with your feet alone or walk on water with chakra control.
  • Behave well with others so that you don't find yourself alone.
  • It could quickly become tiring to hide your face all the time.

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