How to get a girl to call you back

How to get a girl to call you back
How to get a girl to call you back

You managed to get the phone number of a girl you like. Granted, this is a good start, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to join her. Whether it is an acquaintance, a past relationship that you would like to be close to again or a stranger that you have just met, there are some tips to put all the chances in your side when it comes time to contact her. Ideally, your texts or voicemail messages should make him want to call you back.


Part 1 of 4: send an SMS

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 1

Step 1. Wait a day or two

You don't want to look desperate when you contact her right away, but you can't wait too long either. Most girls say that if they don't hear from a boy soon after giving him their number, they don't care. Wait between 24 and 36 hours, which is a reasonable time.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 2

Step 2. Use SMS only to establish initial contact

Send her a message telling her you want to chat with her. Make sure that writing does not become your usual mode of communication. It’s quite strange to be texting a lot of people with someone you’re not really close to. She might tell herself that maybe you don't want to get to know each other better.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 3

Step 3. Recall your last meeting

If this is the first time you've seen her, remind her who you are. If this is someone you already know, but who you had never texted with before, remind them that they gave you their number.

  • If she doesn't have your contact details, she may have no idea who you are when she receives your first text. So introduce yourself by saying something like, "Hi Marie, it's Guillaume, we spoke together on Monday. "
  • Once you've traded a few commonplace banalities, get down to business. Tell her how interested you were when you last saw each other.
  • Avoid bringing up anything negative about when you first met. For example, if you were in line at the prefecture and she was in a terrible mood because of the wait, don't remind her of that episode.
  • Let her know that you enjoyed chatting with her. For example, you could try, "Talking to you made this queue almost fun!" "
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 4

Step 4. Read his SMS carefully

Respond with messages of the same length and style. You can go as far as copying the structure of her sentences, she'll think you're on the same page as her, and that will create a bond between you.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 5

Step 5. Be careful

The major downside to texting is that the message they convey is not complemented by body language, facial expression or the intonation of voice. So be careful not to make any sarcastic remarks or comments that might make you feel like you're complaining, criticizing or not trusting yourself. Know that your self-deprecating humor might not be understood as well if she doesn't see your shrugs and devastating smile live.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 6

Step 6. Tell him that you would like to talk to him rather than writing to him

Let her know that texting with her is great, but that you would love to hear her voice even more. Try the phrase: "It's great that we are texting each other, I'm sure it would be even cooler to talk to each other face to face!"

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 7

Step 7. Notify before calling

Do not put her up against the wall by formally setting her an appointment for a specific date and time, but inform her of your intention to call her. She must know for sure that she will not leave you indifferent. End with: "See you very soon, I'll give you a call.""

Part 2 of 4: call him

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 8

Step 1. Don't call for nothing

You have to have a good reason to talk to her and not just do it because you promised it by text. Try to follow up on a topic you covered in one of your written conversations or take inspiration from what you know about it.

  • Find out about a project she was embarking on, something she was accomplishing. It could be: "So, did you finally choose the photo you wanted to put on your driver's license?" "
  • Ask her if she often goes to where you last saw each other and if it is a place that she enjoys.
  • You can also ask if she had a good day or a good week.
  • If she's told you she has pets, ask how they're doing.
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 9

Step 2. Pick an appropriate time

If you got her number on the way to work, during a lunch break, or during the morning coffee break, this is a time when she will be available to answer you.

  • Don't call very early in the morning, people are usually in a hurry and have better things to do than talk.
  • The best bet is probably to try to reach her when she leaves work, but be careful, the late afternoon schedule is often less fixed and regular than that of the morning. She may be on a date with friends, going to an evening class, or in a rush to get home to relax in front of the TV.
  • Never phone after 7 or 7:30 pm Like in the morning, the early evening is often a time when you have to do a lot of things. Better not to interrupt and disturb her if she is in a hurry to go about her business so that she can enjoy her evening.
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 10

Step 3. Prepare what you are going to say

Make yourself a little list that you will keep by the phone. Whether she picks up or not, you really need to know what to say. Write two different short texts, the first will be used to start the conversation if she takes your call, and the second to leave a message if you fall on the answering machine. If your script is already on paper, you can focus on your intonation rather than the substance of your point and save yourself hesitation and impromptu stuttering.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 11

Step 4. Make sure you have time in front of you

Pick a time of day when you'll be calm, focused, and not caught up in the weather in case she picks up. Also, make sure you are in a place where there is not too much noise to make sure that it is easy to hear what he is saying.

  • Don't try to reach her if you're stressed. It is a very bad idea to call him if you are driving, at the bus stop, or otherwise busy. You might end up insulting another motorist in the middle of the conversation or losing track of what you were saying. You can never do two things right at the same time.
  • Don't call just to kill time. Above all, don't make her think you want to talk to her just because you don't have anything better to do.
  • Choose a time when you will be absolutely certain that you will not be disturbed by an outside event.
  • Turn off the TV, turn off the computer, turn off the radio, or turn down the volume very low. You have to concentrate on your conversation, nothing should distract you.
  • Do not phone in a crowded bar or restaurant, or on the street or on the platform of a train station. These are places where there's a good chance you'll be interrupted and have to hang up sooner than you expect. In addition, you may not hear anything because of the ambient noise.

Part 3 of 4: leave a message

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 12

Step 1. Don't leave a message on the first call

If she doesn't answer, hang up and be patient. You will try again later or on another day.

  • If she hasn't picked up by then, do your best to find another time slot where she might be more available. For example, if you tried your luck at noon time, try to reach her between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. next time.
  • On the other hand, if you already know that it is often available at the time of your first call, try again at the same time a day or two later.
  • Do not wait more than two days to try again.
  • On the third try, if you've already called twice at different times of the day or on several days in a row, leave a message.
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 13

Step 2. Leave your number and name

Don't speak too fast, articulate clearly, taking on a relaxed air. Don't give the impression that you are nervous, you need to be sure that she will understand what you are saying.

  • Also be careful not to speak too slowly and to stay natural.
  • Leave your number twice, once at the start of recording and once just before hanging up.
  • If this is someone you just got to know, specify who you are and where you first met. Say for example: "Hi Marie, it's Guillaume. We spoke together Monday at the station cafe. "
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 14

Step 3. Mention your SMS

You can ask her how her week has gone since your last text or refer to personal information she shared with you in writing, like her pet or a file she was working on.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 15

Step 4. Watch your watch

There is nothing more painful than listening to an endless voicemail message. So set yourself a maximum time of 30 seconds, which will also prevent you from getting lost in endless digressions and not knowing how to finish your message.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 16

Step 5. Ask when to join

Don't use a blunt wording like, "By the way, I tried to call you such and such a day at such a time. What happened ? What time of day do you answer the phone? She knows full well that you tried to reach her. Instead, say, "I hope my call from the other time didn't bother you, if it does, I'm sorry, will I try at another time if you don't mind?""

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 17

Step 6. Stay playful

Don't bring up any negative issues, don't moan, don't complain that she is unreachable. You need to be associated in her mind only with positive images and for her to tell herself that remembering you will allow her to have a good time chatting with you.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 18

Step 7. Give her a good reason to call back

Don't offer to go out with you or see you again. Instead, ask for a little favor or ask him a question.

  • Ask her her opinion about where you met her: "I thought about that gym class a lot and I would like to know what you think about it. "
  • Tell her that you would like to have information about something she told you about, that you would like the address of the delicious Japanese restaurant that she knows or that you would like to know more about the kennel where she keeps his dog during the holidays for example.
  • Ask her if her hobbies or the project she is working on are going well.

Part 4 of 4: wait for a response

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 19

Step 1. Don't call all the time

Decide in advance when to call and how much time to elapse between calls.

  • Call no more than twice on the same day. Then, only dial her number the strict number of times necessary to know when she will be available.
  • Never make more than three calls per week. Give him time to find a moment to get back to you.
  • Never call two days in a row unless you think there is a time slot where she will most likely be available. Even then, do not do it more than once in a single week.
  • You will have to wait until the following week if you want to try your luck two days in a row.
Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 20

Step 2. Give it time

Set a minimum duration below which you will have to wait. Once you've left your message and then tried calling once or twice, wait at least two weeks before trying to call again.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 21

Step 3. Resign yourself

If she doesn't call you back, accept it. She probably has good reasons not to. Even though it's not set in stone and it doesn't say she'll never get back to you until the end of time, let's be real, she won't be calling you in the near future. Be careful though, if you behave like a desperate boy unable to let go, he is sure and certain that you will never hear from him again.

Get a Girl to Call You Back Step 22

Step 4. Don't take it personally

Don't hold it against her, don't denigrate her internally, don't demonize her. Don't be ashamed of your liking, don't self-flag. Life is long, things must happen at the right time. You don't know what might go through his mind in the future. Until then, accept the situation as it is.


  • Be realistic. Do not try anything if your life is in a phase of great upheaval and do not try to control everything.
  • Set a maximum length of time for you to be patient while waiting for her to call back, for example three weeks or a month. If nothing has happened beyond this period of time, get it right and move on.
  • Don't make a big deal out of it, it's not the end of the world if your calls go unanswered.
  • Don't harass her or scare her. If you scare her away, there's no way she'll be interested in you in the future.
  • Keep seeing other people, doing other things, and having other interests.

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