3 ways to throw a rubber band

3 ways to throw a rubber band
3 ways to throw a rubber band

Rubber bands were created to be thrown. Okay, okay, maybe they were made to hold things in place, but still. It’s just too tempting. If you feel like throwing a rubber band at one of your siblings, you can learn how to do it using your hand or other objects. You can also craft a mechanism to launch them, and make everyone jealous of jealousy. Have fun and pay attention. It works best with hair ties.


Method 1 of 3: Use your hands

Fire a Rubber Band Step 1

Step 1. Throw a rubber band from your index finger

The easiest way to throw a rubber band with your hand is to put it through your index finger, pull back and let it fly. Here is how to do it.

  • Place the elastic on the tip of your index finger, pointing your finger in the direction you want to throw it.
  • Pull the elastic back with your other hand, over your raised thumb.
  • Release the elastic to throw it or slip it over your thumb.
  • If you block it with your thumb, you will bend it over to throw the elastic.
Fire a Rubber Band Step 2

Step 2. Throw the rubber band off from your thumb

This technique is a great way to make sure you don't jam the rubber band and snap it against the back of your hand when you throw it. You can also put more power into it. Here's how to throw it with your thumb.

  • Hang the elastic around the tip of your thumb, pointing it in the direction you want to throw the elastic.
  • Stretch the tip of your thumb forward so that the elastic slides easily.
  • Grab the other end of the rubber band with the other hand, pulling back as far as possible.
  • Release it to make it go.
Fire a Rubber Band Step 3

Step 3. Use your index finger like a slingshot

There is a more creative way to throw the rubber band by using your index finger as a pivot from which you can stretch the rubber band before releasing it with your other fingers. Here is how to use this technique.

  • Place your hand with the palm facing up.
  • Wrap the elastic around your middle finger and thumb.
  • Use your index finger to stretch the elastic forward several inches and point it in the direction you want to throw it while still pulling it tight.
  • Let the rubber band slide over your middle finger and thumb at the same time to throw it.
Fire a Rubber Band Step 4

Step 4. Make a gun with your hand

The most complicated, but also the most classic technique of throwing a rubber band is to shape your hand into a pistol shape and wrap the rubber band in it before you throw it. Follow this method to get there.

  • Shape your hand into a pistol shape with your thumb as a dog and your finger as a barrel. Point your index finger in the direction you want to shoot.
  • Thread the elastic over your ring finger by pulling it back on the inside of your wrist.
  • Then wrap it all around your thumb.
  • Hold it in place at the very end of your index finger.
  • To start the elastic, release it at your ring finger.

Method 2 of 3: Use other objects

Fire a Rubber Band Step 5

Step 1. Draw it out with a pencil

Can't you throw the elastic band without it slapping the back of your hand and leaving a red trail? Then stop using your hands! Hang the elastic on the end of a pencil or pen, pull it back and throw it. For better accuracy, point the tip of the pencil in the direction you want to throw the rubber band.

Fire a Rubber Band Step 6

Step 2. Use What You Have

If you want to get creative, use a ruler, the corners of a book, or other objects to throw the rubber band. Use your imagination. The end of the glue bottle? This is the perfect launcher for your rubber band. The head of a wrestler minifigure? This is creativity!

Ideally, you should use something sturdy that will stay in place when you pull the rubber band, but you can also experiment with bendable objects if you wish. Then write down which ones work the best

Fire a Rubber Band Step 7

Step 3. Use the rubber band to throw something else

The magic of rubber bands is that they can be the projectile as well as the launcher. Here are several things you could do with your own:

  • pieces of paper;
  • paperclips;
  • candy.
Fire a Rubber Band Step 8

Step 4. Don't aim at people's faces

This might break the mood, but you have to be extra careful when throwing a rubber band or other objects to make sure you don't do it at someone's face. Your best bet is not to target anyone when you're doing it, especially if you're in class. You will usually get a lot of trouble throwing things around the classroom, especially with your teacher, which is why you need to be extra careful.

Method 3 of 3: Make a rubber band gun

Fire a Rubber Band Step 9

Step 1. Find a sturdy stick, preferably curved

If you want to make a simple rubber band gun, you need the perfect stick. The best are the sturdy pistol-shaped sticks with a slightly curved part that you can hold like a handle. Look around to find one that is six to eight inches long and about two inches wide. If it's shaped like a pistol, this is it!

Fire a Rubber Band Step 10

Step 2. Sand the wood

If necessary, have an adult help to remove bark and dirt from the wood surface. Trim it to get the clean wood under the bark and spend some time sanding it down with sandpaper. If you really want to take the time to craft a pistol, at least try to get a good looking one.

Fire a Rubber Band Step 11

Step 3. Glue a clothespin on top

To throw the rubber band you should stick a clothespin on top of the gun "barrel", preferably where you can easily activate it with your thumb to release the rubber band. Here's how to stick the pin.

  • Lay it on its side so that the flat part of the clamp is flat against the top of the barrel.
  • Spread wood glue all the way down the side of the clothespin.
  • Hold it in place until the glue is dry.
Fire a Rubber Band Step 12

Step 4. Cut a notch in the front

Once again, ask an adult for help if necessary and use a utility knife to cut a small notch in the front of the barrel, large enough to thread the elastic through.

Fire a Rubber Band Step 13

Step 5. Thread the elastic through the notch and pin

To throw it, you need to slide it over the front of the barrel, then hold it with the tongs on the clothespin. Once you're ready to throw it, aim where you want it and hit the clothespin. The rubber band should suddenly relax and fly away.

While it might be fun to paint your pistol, you have to be careful not to make it look too realistic or get into trouble. You wouldn't like to be stopped by the police for walking around with a "gun". Have fun, but keep your safety in mind


  • Choose an elastic that is neither too small nor too big.
  • The farther back you pull it, the farther it will go.
  • Use your two fingers to throw it, like a semi-automatic.


  • If it falls off your index finger, it will come back towards you and snap against your skin.
  • Do not aim at people or animals.

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