How to chase away boredom (with pictures)

How to chase away boredom (with pictures)
How to chase away boredom (with pictures)

Are you bored all the time? It's time to change your habits and discover lots of new ways to have fun and occupy your free time.


Get Rid of Boredom Step 1

Step 1. Find an occupation

This step does not always work. If you still don't have a clue, keep looking. If you have found one, you can stop there, because you no longer need help!

Get Rid of Boredom Step 2

Step 2. When you are bored, list things to do

It'll keep you busy now and come in handy the next time you're bored. For example, why not consider tidying up your house or bedroom? To learn a new language? Or maybe find some friends you can hang out with?

Get Rid of Boredom Step 3

Step 3. Play a board game

Don't settle for Monopoly, Cluedo, or Snakes and Ladders. Try out new, so-called "German" board games, such as Agricola, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico or the Settlers of Catania. Get Rid of Boredom Step 4

Step 4. Play strategy games like Slope, Blokus, Chess or Quoridor

Get Rid of Boredom Step 5

Step 5. Go for card games like Bohnanza, the President or the Seven Families

Get Rid of Boredom Step 6

Step 6. When you are finished, return to step one

If you still can't think of an idea, do an activity that's on your list.

Get Rid of Boredom Step 7

Step 7. If the previous step didn't work, go lie down and take a nap for five to ten minutes

Get Rid of Boredom Step 8

Step 8. Open your wardrobe and choose the outfit you like best and in which you feel comfortable

Get Rid of Boredom Step 9

Step 9. Take a shower in cold or hot water, even if you are better off cold

Step 10. Depending on your taste, prepare yourself a cup of coffee or tea

Get Rid of Boredom Step 11

Step 11. Get out for some fresh air

Get Rid of Boredom Step 12

Step 12. Call a few close friends to offer them a picnic or a movie at the theater

Get Rid of Boredom Step 13

Step 13. Buy a gift for your mom or someone you love

Get Rid of Boredom Step 14

Step 14. Clean out your closet if needed

Get Rid of Boredom Step 15

Step 15. Play games like Lotto or even “Three Little Cats” for as long as you want

Get Rid of Boredom Step 16

Step 16. Find a restful activity, such as going to sleep

Get Rid of Boredom Step 17

Step 17. Look for something that can keep you entertained, such as watching TV or videos online

Get Rid of Boredom Step 18

Step 18. Invite friends

When you have visitors, you never get bored.


  • Flip through your photo albums and recall your memories.
  • Be imaginative, creative and invent your own games.
  • Keep your list with you in case boredom resurfaces, or new ideas pop up in your mind.
  • Better a long list because it will last longer.
  • Surround yourself with a good group of friends who you can call if you get bored again.
  • Go to a store to buy seeds and put them in pots. If you have the space, you can also plant them outside. It's a quick and fun manual activity that will help the planet, you have the power to make a difference!
  • Play video games with friends or family.
  • Invite a friend. Together, ideas come more easily!
  • Go on a trip with your friends.
  • Several series and podcasts are available on iTunes, whether they are comedies, news programs or any other report on a targeted activity. If you chain several of these podcasts together, you can occupy yourself for several hours. You can also subscribe to podcasts from a specific artist to be alerted to new videos he or she uploads.
  • Get the latest book from your favorite author. If you don't have one, go to your local bookstore and ask the bookseller for advice on books on topics that might interest you. Read one.


  • Don't go complaining about your boredom in front of your parents. If you don't whine, maybe they'll take you somewhere.
  • Don't rush into wanting to quickly do all the items on your list. Use the time wisely or you'll be bored again!

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