How to behave with your annoying brother (or sister)

How to behave with your annoying brother (or sister)
How to behave with your annoying brother (or sister)

Even if you love your siblings, admit that sometimes they can be more annoying than everyone else. Having issues with siblings can be frustrating and even infuriating. It can also lead to conflict within the family and make the atmosphere at home more tense. It is possible that he (she) needs a long time to understand that what he is doing. But with a little patience and understanding, you can learn to defuse the situation and avoid conflict.


Part 1 of 4: deal directly with the problem

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 1

Step 1. Find out why he is behaving this way

One of the best ways to understand his behavior is to ask him directly, and politely. Even if it's not an excuse for why he's behaving this way, it can help you find a way to resolve the problem.

  • For example, if you wanted to read a book in the bedroom and he (she) jumps on the bed or calls your name over and over, put the book down for a moment and ask him / her why he / she was acting. Thus. From this perspective, you might say something like "Why are you acting like this?" "
  • In some cases, he (she) may annoy you to try to get your attention. But know that if you overreact to what he is doing, you will only reinforce the idea that continuing his behavior causes you to pay attention to him. Instead, try to include it in everything you do.
  • Sometimes he (she) can be annoying if he or she feels tense or afraid of something. If so, wait for him to calm down first, then say something like, “Hey, I guess you're feeling upset about something. Do you want us to discuss this? Talking to you can make him feel better, so he'll be nicer to you in the future.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 2

Step 2. Tell him how he makes you feel

He (she) may not realize how annoying his / her behavior can be. Whether it's a situation that hurts you or really annoys you, you need to calmly tell her how you feel. Indeed, it is possible that this dissuades him from continuing.

  • For example, if you're upset that your brother or sister doesn't want to play with you, say something like, “It really hurts me when you don't invite me to play with you. How would you feel if you were in my shoes? "
  • If he is very young, use simple, clear language so he can understand the situation more easily. For example, you could say something like, “It annoys me when I do my homework and you interrupt me” or “I feel sorry every time you insult me. "
  • Remember that it is not a certainty that he stops his behavior. Indeed, he might act like this just because he knows it's going to get on your nerves, especially if he's already mad at you.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 3

Step 3. Try to find activities that make you both happy

After you two know how the other is feeling, it will be easier to work through issues so that you both can be satisfied. Usually in these situations, we try to find a compromise. In other words, you have to be ready to make concessions in order to have peace. Keep in mind that in the long run, getting along better will make everyone happier!

  • If his attitude is definitely meant to grab your attention then you would like to study. You could fix the situation by telling him, for example, that if he leaves you alone for an hour, you will play any board game with him as soon as you finish.
  • If he (she) just takes your things without asking your permission, you could specify the items he / she could take as long as he asks you for permission.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 4

Step 4. Get away from him if you start to get angry or angry

Don't let the situation escalate into a big fight if you decide to confront him / her directly. In this perspective, move away from him in order to spend the time alone if you find that you are emotional or if you feel like you are losing your temper.

If he starts to get physically aggressive, try to avoid the urge to push or hit him. Instead, leave the room and tell the parent immediately


It can help to recognize the signs that indicate your brother or sister is in a bad mood. He (she) might raise his voice or have a flushed face. That way, you might know the best time to avoid it.

Part 2 of 4: prevent your brother or sister from behaving badly

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 5

Step 1. Talk to him about what he can and cannot do

Your brother might unwittingly be annoying because he might not know he is annoying you. To avoid this, you should sit down with him to figure out what you could tolerate him so that there are no issues between you. If your brother or sister crosses the line after you have this conversation, you can ask parents for help.

  • The restrictions you can give it could involve physical space, such as your right to privacy in your room or the safety of your personal belongings. It can also have to do with emotional aspects, such as the right to spend time alone or not to talk about things that may offend you.
  • If he (she) is used to insulting you, tell him not to repeat the words that annoy you.
  • You may need to involve parents when discussing boundaries with him. This will have the advantage of showing your seriousness about these restrictions.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 6

Step 2. Avoid as much as possible situations that can upset him

In case there are any situations that could cause your brother or sister to have their bad behaviors, you should take necessary steps to avoid them at all costs. The easiest way to deal with annoying behaviors is to stop them before they start.

  • If he has a competitive spirit, you should avoid playing games with him where the two of you face each other.
  • If he gets cranky when he's stressed or under pressure, like he's studying for an exam or getting ready for an important game, you should try to give him plenty of space.


make sure it is not your behavior that is at the root of his condition. If you apologize and get more involved in what you're doing, you might influence her to do the same.

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 7

Step 3. Take a deep breath when you start to feel upset

While not as easy as it sounds, keeping your cool is an effective way to avoid a big argument. Even though he (she) is very boring, taking a deep breath in and out five times can help keep you calm. After that, you will be able to deal with the behaviors he has had in a more calm way instead of getting carried away by your emotions.

  • Try to slowly and mentally count from 1 to 10 before saying anything.
  • Know that you will feel more relaxed whether you are sitting or lying down. For this reason, as soon as you get upset, sit down so that your brain realizes that you need to calm down.

Part 3 of 4: Asking parents for help

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 8

Step 1. Maintain a good relationship with your parents

They will trust you more if you treat them with respect, take responsibility and are obedient. So when you tell them about a problem you have with your sibling, they'll probably take you more seriously.

  • Talking to them regularly about things going on at school or with your friends can strengthen your relationship with them. You can even talk to them about small things so that you can chat with them more often.
  • For example, while you are having a snack after school, you can say something like, “Mom, would you like to hear the funny thing that happened at school today? Mr. Pierre dropped his mug and the coffee inside splashed into his hair! Even he laughed at it! "
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 9

Step 2. Go see them when you have a serious problem with your brother or sister

You don't have to do it every time he (or she) annoys you. But, if the problem has been going on for a while and you can't seem to resolve it, discuss it with them for help. However, it is essential to be calm when explaining the situation to them. So stick to the facts without getting too carried away.

  • Be specific. Instead of complaining negatively and saying something like "Alfred is very annoying," say instead, "Alfred continues to bother me when I try to review, although this exam covers 20% of my grade point average." "
  • If you have tried to solve the problem on your own, explain the actions you took and your sibling's reaction. For example, you could tell them something like, "I have repeatedly asked him to wait until I finish my homework before asking me about his video game, but he won't leave me alone." "


try to hold the discussion when they are not busy or distracted. If they are in a good mood and willing to listen to you, they can handle this situation appropriately.

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 10

Step 3. Ask them to clarify what they incur if they continue to do this

More specifically, ask parents to clarify the penalties you or your brother (sister) might face if someone intentionally annoys the other. This might be enough to avoid conflict, because if he knows he will be punished, he may not want to bother you anymore.

Remember that the consequences also apply to you if you disturb him

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 11

Step 4. Ask them for the possibility of having more space

Maybe your brother is annoying all the time because you have to spend too much time together. It is not always possible to have your own room, but if necessary, you can always ask them for space and time to be alone.

  • If you are sharing the room with your brother (or sister), ask your parents to make a schedule for you so that everyone can have time to spend time alone in the room for a few hours. The same goes for common areas such as the backyard, living room and dining room.
  • For example, they might say that each of you has one hour each day watching TV alone. While someone is watching TV, the other may be relaxing in the bedroom alone.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 12

Step 5. Suggest a family reunion

You could do it so that everyone understands the situation. You can avoid conflicts with your brother or sister if you can get things straight from time to time. Ask your parents to organize a weekly or monthly family reunion so that you all can learn about what each other is doing. It will also be a good opportunity to discuss your concerns about your relationship with your sibling, as everyone will have a say.

If you want to make this event more interesting, ask parents to plan special activities, such as baking cakes or baking food. It can help everyone feel relaxed and more comfortable

Part 4 of 4: Trying to be friends with your brother or sister

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 13

Step 1. Spend time doing activities with him (her)

This will have the advantage of strengthening your ties. However, choose the ones that you need to work on together or that will be able to create special memories. The closer you feel to each other, the less it will bother you. For this reason, try to spend time with him regularly until it becomes a habit.

  • Choose tasks that require teamwork, such as putting together a puzzle, making a model, or preparing dinner for your parents. Working together will help you learn to cooperate with each other and direct your energy towards something positive instead of arguing.
  • If you both share an interest in a hobby or activity, try turning that affinity into something special. For example, if you both like to ride a bike, you could show him your favorite route. If this is the same genre of movie you both love, plan a marathon of your favorite movies just for the two of you.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 14

Step 2. Listen to him

If he (or she) is bothering you to get your attention, you might end his behavior if you take a more active role in his life. With this in mind, take an interest in what your brother or sister is doing at school, as well as everything that is important to them. It could be his hobbies and his friends. Also, you need to make sure he knows he can talk to you if something is bothering him.

  • For example, if you think he's depressed, you can kiss him and say, “What's going on? Did you have a bad day at school? You know you can tell me anything. "
  • If he / she tells you that he (she) is in danger in some way, for example, if there is someone bullying him at school, encourage him / her to tell them about it. parents or another trusted adult. You can also sit next to him during the discussion so that he (she) feels more comfortable.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 15

Step 3. Open up to him

Relations go both ways. So if you want him to be close to you, you have to be ready to open up to him. Tell him about your friends, hobbies, and activities, then tell him he can ask you questions if he wants to.

For example, you can tell him that you like someone in your school. Tell her even if you don't want anyone else to know it


  • You can have and lose friends, but know that your brother or sister will always be there. Although it can be difficult at times, try to remind yourself how important your relationship with him is.
  • Don't try to take your parents' place. Indeed, your brother or your sister might hate you if you try to force him to do what to do. If you're worried about her behavior, just tell the parents.
  • Remember that your younger siblings may not be as mature as you. So try to be patient. He (she) will end up behaving well as he (she) grows.

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