3 ways to play teacher

3 ways to play teacher
3 ways to play teacher

School isn't the most fun thing in the world, however, but imitating that can be a lot of fun! If you want to start a school with the collaboration of your classmates and play the role of the teacher, you have the possibility to do it now. Have fun starting a (fake) school, teaching a class and becoming a great teacher.


Method 1 of 3: Create your school

Play Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Find a good location to set up your classroom

You should therefore look for a place that can hold enough chairs for the students. Your bedroom may seem too small if you have to do this at home. Instead, you can ask your parents if you can move some furniture around to set up your classroom.

  • If you have folding chairs, use them and arrange them in rows. As for the tables, you have the option of using small stools or just chairs.
  • Look at the space that will serve as the front of the classroom and place a large piece of paper on the wall in the image of a chalkboard. To write on the paper, use markers, not chalk.
Play Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Choose other classrooms if desired

If you are playing at home, make an effort to represent your entire school. Make every room in your house a classroom. To have good classrooms in your staging, you need to have the following:

  • toilets
  • an office for the principal
  • a detention room
  • a playground
  • a cafeteria or canteen
Play Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Gather the tools that are normally used in a classroom

If you plan to emulate a school, at the very least you will need to have some effects. Tell your students to bring their supplies or you can make the effort to find enough in your home. Try to find:

  • pencils (drawing or color) or pens
  • paper or notebooks
  • books
  • Workbooks
  • rubbers
Play Teacher Step 4

Step 4. Choose the class level you want to teach

Do you want to give classes at your level of study or teach your favorite subject? Do you want to skip the steps and teach high school lessons directly? It could be fun. Choose the class level that you find most entertaining and modify your class schedule so that it fits.

Also choose a subject! Would you like to teach English, Science or Math? Pick a specific subject that will be entertaining and prepare for the lesson

Method 2 of 3: Have a school

Play Teacher Step 5

Step 1. Bring in students

You must have people to teach! Invite friends over or ask siblings or relatives if they would like to participate in your game. If you can't get anyone to want to play, arrange stuffed animals or toys so that you have a class. ready.

  • Arrange each student in the classroom on separate chairs. You have the option of assigning them seats or letting them choose their seat themselves. Also, you can stick labels with the students' names on the tables or tell them to do it themselves.
  • Stand in front of them and tell them to shut up, because the class wants to start.
Play Teacher Step 6

Step 2. Give a short lesson

Now that your student group is together, you can start teaching! Take notes on the paper you stuck on the wall so that the students know what they want to learn.

However, you can do an entertaining activity such as telling the students to dissect the various stuffed animals and tell what they found there, in case you want to do a science lesson. This can be an entertaining way to spend a school period

Play Teacher Step 7

Step 3. Get the students to take notes

Give them notebooks or papers so that they can take notes and do certain exercises. Tell them clearly what to do. You can also get them to read their notes.

If it's French you teach, you could say, for example, “Write a deadline and talk about what you did during the past weekend. Then tell them to read what they wrote

Play Teacher Step 8

Step 4. Ask the students questions

When you are in the teaching position, you have the opportunity to embarrass everyone. Ask mathematical questions and select students at random or choose some who will have to answer very difficult questions. Say, "Mr. Anderson, be sure to come to the front of the class and tell us how the dinosaurs kiss each other." We are waiting for you !"

  • Make quizzes a game. Ask all the students "How much is 132 minus 17?" And let them do a quick math to give you the answer. Whoever gives the correct answer automatically deserves a candy.
  • There are some teachers who prefer to play bingo in order to get students involved. This could indeed be a great way to play.
Play Teacher Step 9

Step 5. Identify the students on the board

This situation is scary in a real school, but it can seem entertaining in your production. Have each student go to the board to answer a question mark or write their answer to the question you have asked.

Ask a math problem or have them draw something on the spot. Tell them whoever draws the most beautiful brontosaurus will get a treat

Play Teacher Step 10

Step 6. Eat lunch

After a few hours of class, you must allow the students to line up to go to the canteen. It would be great if your parents can help you with the catering. Prepare milk, sandwiches, or whatever food you usually have for lunch, just like you do at school. Sit down together and eat your lunch normally.

Play Teacher Step 11

Step 7. Go to recess

After you have lunch, tell everyone to come out and go to recess like they do at school, or ask your parents if they can take you to the public garden for you to play.

Method 3 of 3: Be a good teacher

Play Teacher Step 12

Step 1. Interact with the students

It's fun leading the class, but you need to not be the one who does it all the time. Make sure that every time you play teacher there is interaction between you and the students, even if you are doing it well.

Plan several different school roles that you can play from time to time. Designate one person as the student, another as the teacher, another individual as the principal, or someone else as the retainer. Interact with these

Play Teacher Step 13

Step 2. Choose a new name as a teacher

Choose a common name like Mrs. Dupont or Mr. Boulanger or a funny name like Mr. Lapin or Miss Gefin. Choose the denomination you like or create one. Emphasize that all students call you by this new name.

Play Teacher Step 14

Step 3. Dress in the image of a teacher

The teachers definitely have a style of dress. If you really want to look like a teacher, put on your best clothes and wear glasses. Pull your pants up high, comb your hair well, and walk like an elderly person.

  • If your mom has an old dress that she doesn't wear anymore, you can play with it if she allows you to. This would be ideal for your teacher dress. On the other hand, if you don't have it at home, see if you can buy it at a second-hand store.
  • Male teachers wear glasses, ties and if possible, suspenders.
Play Teacher Step 15

Step 4. Speak like a teacher

If you pretend to be a teacher, you need to lower your tone and speak in a serious manner. You shouldn't laugh at anything or call everyone Miss Angela or Mr. Josh. Be very severe like a teacher.

  • If the same teacher teaches you, however, you can imitate him in his remarks.
  • When playing teacher, you have to make the effort to learn a few bad words, since the only goal of teachers is to always teach. When something stinks, you can say, "Well, isn't that odoriferous?" "
Play Teacher Step 16

Step 5. Get organized

Organize a few school tools on a table and place them in front of the class, taking the trouble to label them with post-its in case you have any. Make yourself a badge or have small baskets in which you can store school materials.

You do have the option of having a messy desk, however, if your teacher really has one. It could be an entertaining way to make your school environment fun

Play Teacher Step 17

Step 6. Don't be too strict

This staging is meant to be fun! Make an effort to get your students to shut up and be still, although you might want to miss it all most of the time and say stupid things, since this is not a real school.. There is nothing wrong with it. Apart from sending students to recess or ridiculing them punishments, you can also play an entertaining game. However, don't take it too seriously.

Chances are, most of your classmates will want to hang out in the classroom. This is normal, because the point here is to have fun. Designate someone to be in charge of punishments and have fun


  • Give students a warning in case they speak during class.
  • Always keep in mind to have index cards.
  • Reward your students for responding well.
  • Have a table available.
  • Pretend a class excursion.
  • Don't be a mean teacher.
  • If they misbehave, give them a time out.
  • Develop a lesson plan.
  • If they don't listen to class or are disrespectful, punish them.

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