How to bombard people with messages: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to bombard people with messages: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to bombard people with messages: 9 steps (with pictures)

If you want to prank someone from afar, you can bombard them with messages or spam their phone by sending them several stupid or random letters as quickly as possible.


Part 1 of 3: choose who to bombard with messages

Text Bomb People Step 1

Step 1. Pick someone who has an unlimited messaging plan

If you send a hundred messages to someone who has to pay for all of them, they'll get angry when they see their bill. It will not take long to come back to you and there you will have problems. You may have to pay the additional costs yourself.

Text Bomb People Step 2

Step 2. Think of someone you are used to playing with

You should avoid bombarding with messages someone who might get really angry or who is overly sensitive. Instead, choose someone who you can make this type of joke with, who would certainly get annoyed, but eventually find it funny or forgive you quickly.

Text Bomb People Step 3

Step 3. Don't do this to bully anyone

If you bombard someone with the intention of harassing them, it will be easy to trace them back to you and you could have serious problems. The victim could accuse you of harassment and you could end up in court.

Part 2 of 3: manually bombard messages

Text Bomb People Step 4

Step 1. Go to your mailbox and choose a friend

Wait to be sure that the latter is doing something important (a job or a date) and that he has his phone on him.

Text Bomb People Step 5

Step 2. Send messages to a letter or emoticon

This is the fastest way to send burst messages. Keep your thumb on the send button and use another finger to randomly type emoticons, symbols, numbers or letters.

  • Change inches by quickly typing a letter with one finger, then quickly pressing the send key with the other thumb, much like playing a video game.
  • Send as many messages as possible for as long as you want. The longer you bombard her with messages, the more irritated the person will be.
Text Bomb People Step 6

Step 3. Send a longer message, typing one word at a time

If you actually feel like saying something and don't want to just say gibberish, break the message down by sending word after word. Don't worry about the spelling, you need to type the message and send it as soon as possible.

  • Try to send all the lyrics for an entire song, word by word.
  • Send the same word several times. Do like the two-year-olds and answer everything he says over and over again with "why?" "
  • If you decide to send the same message over and over, save time and copy-paste your text instead of typing it each time.
Text Bomb People Step 7

Step 4. Block his number

To prevent the person from reacting, block their number for a while. It will make her even more angry when she sees that she can't call you up to hitch you up or bombard you with messages back.

Part 3 of 3: bombard messages with an app

Text Bomb People Step 8

Step 1. Bomb your friend with messages through a website

You will find platforms on which you will have to enter the number, your message as well as the number of sendings you wish to make. The site will then do all the work for you, and it can sometimes send several hundred messages to the number entered.

Text Bomb People Step 9

Step 2. Look for an app on your smartphone

Several apps used to send a burst of messaging have been pulled from the App Store after there were complaints. So it will be hard for you to find one that works well or that doesn't cost you too much.

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