How to trick people into thinking you can read minds

How to trick people into thinking you can read minds
How to trick people into thinking you can read minds

Having the ability to read someone's mind can amaze and confuse people. If you do well, the simpler numbers can bluff your friends and make them think you have some kind of magical power. Maybe you can even take a tour? Just be sure to use your newfound power for good things, don't get evil!


Part 1 of 2: effectively polling people

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 1

Step 1. Choose the right person to survey

You know how magicians, comedians and artists in general bring a person from the audience or two onto the stage to interact with them? This person is not chosen at random. The artist scans the audience early on to find the right fit. Some are too closed and not receptive enough, while others are too unstable and inconsistent. To use the following techniques, you need someone who is balanced, yet committed, and just seems expressive enough.

From your group of friends, your best bet is to pick someone who feels comfortable with you. You also need someone who reacts to ideas and things in an open manner and is generally fairly easy to probe. Someone who is calm, silent, and hard to communicate with won't make it easy for you

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 2

Step 2. Learn the answers to most people's questions

People, whether we like it or not, all function more or less the same. When asked, we often respond in the same way. Knowing what most people would say in a certain situation can make you sound like a telepath to those who don't know you. Here are some classics.

  • If asked to choose a number between 1 and 10, most people will choose 7.
  • If asked to quickly think of a color (in 3 seconds or less), most people choose red.
  • If given more time (about 4 seconds), they will say blue.
Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 3

Step 3. Imitate them

In order for people to open up to you and be honest, it is good to emulate them. It means imitating their positions and aspects of their personality. If they have their hands in their pockets and are a little shy, put your hand in your pocket and be a little shy. If they talk loudly and move in all directions, speak loudly and move in all directions. This puts you both on the same page.

If the person you are working with is someone you know, the problem is less. However, when you say that you are going to "read their minds," some people instantly shut down. It relaxes them and gives them a sense of security which makes things easier for you

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 4

Step 4. Learn how to spot lies

There is a simple way to use lies to read minds: ask someone a series of questions, in which you know one of the answers is a lie. Let's say you ask your friend how many they thought of, but tell them to always tell you "no". If you can detect when he is lying, you can bluff him because he will believe that you can read minds.

Suppose your friend answers you a series of "no" by answering your question about the number. All of his answers are the same, except for 6. That "no" sounded more tense, he blinked, he looked a little too categorical, and he moved a bit. It is likely that 6 was his number

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 5

Step 5. Search the muscles for answers

Just as the body can betray a lie, the body can also betray a thought. Gently place your hand on their back or shoulder (tell them it's to improve your connection, if needed) and start your number. When you reach the thought you want, you will surely feel her body stiffen slightly or straighten up.

Say you told your friend to think of a letter of the alphabet. You will sing the alphabet song to help you retrace his thoughts. When you reach his letter, you will notice a change in his body. Tell him his letter right after and watch him be amazed. Her mind didn't notice her body's automatic reaction

Part 2 of 2: Mastering the “telepathy” numbers

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 6

Step 1. Implant the answer in their minds

Many people say that reading minds is all about preparation. To get people to respond to what you want, you implant the ideas in their minds, announcing them in advance. Here is an example.

  • Want your friend to say “red” when you ask them what their favorite color is? Before asking the question, you say 5 other things: “Hey, what news ? What is this friend who accompanies you? Truly ? It is your friend ? This color looks good on him. Here, I go from rooster to donkey, I just saw my movie prefer. No luck, it was cut at the end, I'm not telling you … I saw Red. »
Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 7

Step 2. Learn divination numbers like “The Danish Gray Elephant”

If your friends don't know certain numbers, you can impress them with your magical powers and mind reading skills. Tell your friend to do the following things.

  • Choose a number between 1 and 10.
  • Multiply this number by 9.
  • Add the two digits together (if it's a digit, don't worry about it).
  • Subtract 5 from this number.
  • Associate this number with the corresponding letter: A = 1, B = 2, etc.
  • Tell him to think of a country that begins with this letter.
  • Take the 4th letter of the country and think of an animal that begins with this letter.
  • Finally, tell him to think about the color of this animal. Ask him if he thinks of a Dan gray elephantemark!
  • Most people will, but not all. It's a simple rule. You will choose 4, which gives you "D". From there you have very few options and most people will choose “elephant”.
Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 8

Step 3. Perform magic tricks

A convincing magic trick can make your friends believe that you have some kind of supernatural power. It can be with maps, small items, or nothing at all. Learn a few to wow your friends and maybe they'll think you can read minds!

There are also magic tricks for reading minds

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 9

Step 4. If you are good at math, mind reading math numbers may be right for you

You don't even need a piece of paper or a calculator. All you need to do is memorize a few equations!

This article alone gives you three different methods to try. If there's one you don't like, you have two more options. That being said, some are more difficult than others. Choose the level that suits you

Make People Think You Can Read Minds Step 10

Step 5. Learn how to read someone's mind through math

This article can help you surprise your friends with numbers. Out of all of these options, there must be one you can try!

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