How to cancel a penalty (with pictures)

How to cancel a penalty (with pictures)
How to cancel a penalty (with pictures)

Did your parents prevent you from going out? And now, are you missing out on a lot of funny things you could have done if you weren't punished? If you stick to it, you can show your parents that you understand the lesson and that you are ready to change your behavior.


Part 1 of 4: take responsibility at home

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Step 1. Change your behavior at home

You are probably angry that your parents punished you and maybe even that other things bother you. It's normal ! Everyone experiences anger and stress at one point or another. But if you want to prove to your parents that you've changed, that you're someone you can trust, and that from now on you'll act like an adult, you also need to show them that you can handle anger like an adult.

  • Don't show that you're angry and don't shout about it. Instead, use your time at home as best you can and keep a positive attitude.
  • Don't be indifferent, aggressive, or rude to your parents. Even if you think your punishment is unfair, behaving badly towards your parents will not convince them to lift the punishment, on the contrary.
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Step 2. Be respectful and kind to your parents

When talking to them, be polite by saying "please" or "thank you" or by seeing them if they prefer. When talking to your parents, your voice should be calm, soft, and friendly. When you can, help them out by clearing the table or helping them in the morning to be on time at work, for example.

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Step 3. Do some housework

Housework will show your parents that you are ready to take responsibility and become an adult. You can vacuum the house, clean the toilets, wash the windows, tidy your room, wash the dishes, and put away the things your younger (or older!) Siblings have left lying around on the floor.

  • You can also ask your parents if there is anything you can do for them.
  • Cleaning the garage, basement or attic will be very helpful to your parents as it takes a lot of time and they are not always able to do it on their own.
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Step 4. Help your family members

Be very kind to your family members, help them, and take the initiative to do kind things for them. This means, for example, playing cards with your little brother (or your little sister), helping him get ready in the morning (or even helping him with his schoolwork!). You could also prepare a special meal for your grandmother and take her to her house. You can also help your parents by ironing their work shirts (or blouses) or cooking lunch for them.

Be careful, always ask your family members if they agree before doing anything

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Step 5. Think about other ways to spend your free time

As you are deprived of an outing, you are surely forbidden to do what you usually do for fun. Instead of sulking and getting angry about being bored, try to find other things to do to occupy your time. This will show your parents that it is time to lift the punishment.

  • For example, you could read a book. This activity is also very relaxing because it allows to escape thanks to the imagination.
  • You can also use this time to learn a new skill. For example, learn how to throw a free throw, how to draw pictures, or whatever else you want and find fun.

Part 2 of 4: Taking responsibility at school

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Step 1. Respect your teachers

Behave with your teachers as if you were facing a military general. Be polite, attentive when they speak and never answer them. Also remember to ask them for advice or help and put them into practice. If you feel like a teacher doesn't like you, you can coax them up by being honest with them. You will find that your relationship is better than before.

Remember that if your behavior has been poor in the past, it may take time to gain their trust

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Step 2. Be kind to your classmates

Don't get into a fight, don't laugh at them, or manhandle them. If one of them is looking for a fight, tell an adult. If you are laughed at for asking an adult for help, it's just an excuse to be mean to you. So forget them: they are not real friends. In fact, they are idiots.

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Step 3. Do all of your homework correctly

Try to raise your average by studying really hard. Do your homework as soon as you get home from school, be prepared if you have tests the next day, and ask your teacher what you can do to get better grades.

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Step 4. Take private lessons, if needed

If you find some subjects difficult, ask your teacher if they know someone who teaches private lessons or if you can stay and study during your lunch break. Your friends can also help you if they are better than you at this subject.

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Step 5. Private lessons if you can

If you are good at a particular subject, ask your teacher if you can help other students in your class or in a lower grade class. Your parents will be impressed if they see that you take your responsibilities seriously and that you have a desire to help others.

Part 3 of 4: Talking with your parents

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Step 1. Ask to talk to your parents

When you have enough to show your parents your seriousness, ask them if it would be possible to have a serious conversation. You could say:

"Dad, Mum, I would have liked to tell you about my behavior after dinner." I would like us to find a solution to the problem so that things get better. "

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Step 2. Explain to your parents the reason for your behavior

Explain to your parents why you behaved badly. It's good that they understand how you feel and what you think. Your explanation should allow them to understand that you thought you were doing well or that you were struggling with negative feelings. You could say:

“I beg your pardon for arguing with Rachel. She took my diary and it made me very angry. I felt betrayed. "

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Step 3. Admit that what you did was wrong

Never try to justify yourself or blame someone else. Admit that your behavior was bad and that you are aware that it made them angry, even if you don't really agree. Then explain to them why you think what you did was wrong. Your parents will then realize that you have understood the lesson very well. You could say:

“I know it was wrong to hit Rachel. Beating her did not improve the situation. I should have come to see you. "

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Step 4. Apologize and ask for forgiveness

Make a sincere apology that will show your regrets. Ask them to forgive you and explain what you are doing to make things better.

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Step 5. You would be taking a big risk if you asked to have the punishment overturned

If your parents often have to punish you or if what you did really made them angry, it might not work and it might even make the situation worse. As a result of your good behavior, your parents might feel like you are trying to manipulate or cheat on them. Be very careful if you choose this solution.

You could say, “You were right. I made a mistake. But, I really understood the lesson and hoped that maybe you could undo the punishment. I promise you that from now on I will change and improve myself. "

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Step 6. You can also ask to shorten the time for the punishment

For example, if you've been banned from going out for a month and two weeks have already passed, you can ask to skip the last week.

You could say, “I hope I could show you that I want to change and improve. If you agree and if I continue to behave well, would it be possible to shorten the duration of my punishment a bit? "

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Step 7. See if you can change the conditions imposed by your parents

Try to negotiate better terms. For example, would your parents be willing to let you attend important events like the holiday season or a camping weekend? Ask if they can release you in exchange for an extra week or two of punishment. Your parents will surely prefer this option.

You can also ask to change the restrictions imposed by your parents. For example, you could ask to be kept private from going out, but with the option to watch certain TV shows or ask for permission to spend time (less than usual) on the computer

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Step 8. Consider asking nothing

This option is a bit risky, but it has a lot more advantages than it looks. If you are rarely punished, your parents may let you do some things when they see your good behavior even if you are still deprived of a date (as long as you ask very nicely). If you get punished often, this option will allow you to earn good points for the future because you are reacting like an adult.

Part 4 of 4: avoid getting punished again

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Step 1. Find other ways to deal with conflict

Most of the time, you are denied an outing because you fought at school, you argued with your siblings or because you answered your parents. It's normal to feel upset when you feel like you've been treated unfairly, but if we all reacted violently or viciously to every upset, what do you think the world would be like today? Acting violently or maliciously will not solve your problem. Instead, try to communicate with the other person or ask an adult for help.

Remember that sometimes in life, there are difficult and unpleasant moments. Some problems are intractable, but if you stay calm and kind, you will behave more like an adult and less like a child

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Step 2. Study at school

We are also very often punished because of bad grades or negative comments from our teachers. It might be fun to skip school and hang out with your friends, but it's important that you do well in school. Otherwise, later you will have a hard time finding a job and you will not have the money to buy the things you want. If you're having trouble in class, talk to your teacher. He might find a better way to explain things to you so that you understand them.

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Step 3. Review the people you spend time with

Sometimes it's your friends who influence you badly. Your friends might be cool and cool, but when you're together things get tough. If you have friends who push you to do things that get you into trouble or who try to put you in danger, they are not friends. They are selfish people. Find friends who care about you.

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Step 4. Find fun hobbies

If you are busy with interesting and fun hobbies, you won't have time to do the things your parents hate and you won't get punished. Why not use your time to learn to play a musical instrument, write short stories or poetry, learn to draw or go to the gym?

  • If you need some ideas, log onto the wikiHow site!
  • You can even make wikiHow your hobby. We are always very happy to receive help!
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Step 5. Set Goals

If you work hard to achieve a goal, it will be easier for you to stay on the right path. Set a goal and start working on it right away. Do you want to save for an Xbox? In that case, find yourself odd jobs in the neighborhood and start saving. You can even suggest that your parents give you some money every time you get a good grade.

Thanks to your continued efforts, things will improve and you will prove to your parents that you are mature. They will therefore be much more inclined to forgive you when you make mistakes

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Step 6. Relax

If our behavior gets us into trouble, it's often because we feel stressed, worried or angry. If you want to avoid these kinds of behaviors, try to find relaxing activities that will allow you to release your negative feelings and move away from problematic situations.

  • Going for a walk is a great way to get away from family problems and relax.
  • Reading in a quiet place is also a good source of relaxation.


  • Don't complain when your parents ask you to do something. It might make them even more angry.
  • Yelling at your parents or arguing with them will only make the problem worse.
  • Stay quiet about what you're doing or it won't work.
  • When you are told that you are deprived of a date, accept it without batting an eyelid. If you argue with your parents, the punishment could be worse.

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