How to dress when you're a rock fan (for girls)

How to dress when you're a rock fan (for girls)
How to dress when you're a rock fan (for girls)

A rock fan is a woman who lives and feels rock. Girls who see themselves as such enjoy life, love music, and are open-minded despite their somewhat nervous and tough side. To be considered a true rock fan, you must first master the attitude and appearance specific to this culture!


Part 1 of 4: find the right top

Be a Rock Chick Step 1

Step 1. Wear a band's t-shirt

True fans make no secret of their admiration for rock bands. A t-shirt with the effigy of your favorite artists, former hairy rockers or more recent rock bands, will be perfect as a top.

  • Original t-shirts sold in stands at concerts or on the band's official website are recommended.
  • Vintage classic band tees will make you look more authentic. You will find them in thrift stores and second-hand clothing stores, but you can also look for them on the Internet or in yard sales.
  • Most sellers offer t-shirts featuring bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Johnny Cash.
  • If you don't want to wear rock band tees all the time, you can try on other tops that reflect the sometimes rebellious nature of rockers. For example, guitars, drums and alcohol are inseparable from rock and its fans, so wear a top featuring Fender guitars or your favorite drink.
Be a Rock Chick Step 2

Step 2. Try on the plaid shirt

The plaid shirt is a versatile garment that can be worn with many outfits. You can tie it around your waist when you wear jeans with your favorite band's t-shirt. You can even wear it with a dress or a leather jacket and a scarf.

  • When choosing a plaid shirt, consider the colors. For example, red or black shirts are more rock than white or orange shirts. With the right attitude and the right accessories, however, any plaid shirt will look great in your wardrobe.
  • The major sellers of plaid shirts offer their designs in various shapes and sizes. You will find standard models, others with a straight and tight cut, fitted shirts and shirts specially designed for girls (which narrow at the chest and waist). Also consider looking in thrift stores, especially if you are looking for a used flannel shirt.
Be a Rock Chick Step 3

Step 3. Wear larger clothes

To avoid the elegant rock side, wear a loose shirt. Buy clothes a size or two above normal. You can even wear men's clothes as the ladies' clothes are tighter. You have to look sloppy, but not old-fashioned.

  • Shop for shirts and tank tops with irregular stitching. Many shirts are designed with asymmetric seams to give them a special shape. You can wear it to make your outfit look larger.
  • Uncover one of your shoulders for an "aggressive" look. Cut the neckline of your t-shirt so that it is wider and to make it easier to uncover your shoulder. Cut off the sleeves of your t-shirts to make them look aggressive and unkempt.
Be a Rock Chick Step 4

Step 4. Consider the colors

The appearance of rockers revolves around dark colors, namely black and gray. Light colors like red and pink, however, can also be part of a rock fan's wardrobe. For a more glam'rock style, you can even try silver or gold colors and use sparkles or sequins like stylist Tom Ford did for one of his rock culture inspired fashion collections.

Color blocks are commonly found on shirts, scarves, shoes, and accessories. The pants remain black

Be a Rock Chick Step 5

Step 5. Go for a grunge dress

The appearance of rock fans is not all about leather and band teeshirts. You can also buy a vintage checkered or floral pattern dress, and if you're in the mood for daring, you can try dresses in leather, velvet, or lace.

Instead of a dress, try a plaid or floral skirt that you wear with your t-shirt and a flannel shirt or denim jacket. You will look less aggressive

Be a Rock Chick Step 6

Step 6. Wear a biker jacket

A rock fan's outfit will hardly be complete without a biker jacket. For a successful outfit, wear a short, slightly tight jacket over a loose t-shirt. Try to find vintage leather jackets in thrift stores.

You don't have to look for real leather. Faux leather jackets are more affordable and available in most department stores. Some have studs, laces or other accessories that will easily complete your look

Be a Rock Chick Step 7

Step 7. Buy a denim jacket

Your wardrobe will be more complete with a denim jacket that you can wear alternately with the biker jacket. The denim jacket will give you a softer and more casual look.

  • Denim jackets are customizable at will. You can pin the crest of your favorite bands on it, sew scraps of fabric and personalize them to give them a more rock look.
  • Denim jackets are also a way to diversify your outfits. Short jackets are ideal, but any denim jacket that can be worn with a t-shirt or floral dress will do.

Part 2 of 4: find the bottom of the outfit

Be a Rock Chick Step 8

Step 1. Wear skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are essential for any self-respecting rock fan. Ripped and holed, with studs, laces or any other accessory, you can wear it however you want. The main thing is that it be black or gray.

  • You can also wear leggings. Wear black leggings with a loose t-shirt for a simple outfit.
  • Lift the hem of your jeans to reveal your shoes.
Be a Rock Chick Step 9

Step 2. Buy leather pants

Like the leather jacket, the leather pants are the classic outfit for rock fans. Leather is expensive, however, and you can buy faux leather pants or leggings instead. The leather outfit will reflect your rocker personality.

Be a Rock Chick Step 10

Step 3. Make your own denim shorts

Leather pants will not be very practical in summer. To preserve your rocker appearance despite the heat, wear shorts. You will find beautiful models in most department stores, however to give your outfit a more aggressive and personalized look, you can make your own. Buy denim pants from a thrift store and cut the legs to the desired length. You have the option of fraying as much as you want to make it look sloppy.

Denim shorts are perfect over black leggings or tights with tights. Wear them with combat boots or biker boots

Be a Rock Chick Step 11

Step 4. Don't forget the leather boots

Even more important than the leather jacket or the leather pants: the leather boots. If you want to add a sultry touch to your outfit, wear knee-high leather boots with a dress. Classic biker boots are the most durable and can be worn with everything in your wardrobe.

Be a Rock Chick Step 12

Step 5. Always have a wide selection of shoes to wear

Yes, biker boots are a must, but what is the fun of always wearing the same shoes? So buy other styles to wear with the rest of your wardrobe: combat boots, studded heeled ankle boots and canvas shoes.

Don't tie the laces of your combat boots to look more sloppy

Part 3 of 4: choosing the right accessories

Be a Rock Chick Step 13

Step 1. Do not turn your back on the nails

Studs are an inevitable accessory of the rocker look. You should have them on almost everything: boots, jackets, denim pants, jewelry or bags. The more, the better.

You will easily be able to put nails on the different pieces of your outfit. Buy some from a craft store and hang them on your pants, jackets or whatever

Be a Rock Chick Step 14

Step 2. Decorate your jewelry

Nails, quills, skulls, birds, hearts, stars, wings, you can put anything you want on your jewelry. The choice of colors is just as wide since you can wear black, silver, gold, pink or mixed colors with your rocker outfit. Put on a trendy necklace around your neck and wear zipper-shaped earrings. Also make a necklace with bottle caps and stack the bracelets on your wrist. Have fun wearing accessories that go with your outfit.

Be a Rock Chick Step 15

Step 3. Wear a hat and sunglasses

Last detail to complete your outfit: a hat and sunglasses that you must choose according to your outfit for a perfect combination.

  • Wear hoodies, Panama hats, bowler hats and beanies.
  • For glasses, opt for Raybans, aviators, cat-eyes or round glasses. You can wear classic black glasses knowing that most are available in black and white or black and pink, which will accentuate your rocker look.
  • Wear a headband. Instead of the hat, you can complete your outfit with a studded or tied headband.
Be a Rock Chick Step 16

Step 4. Don't forget the bag

Don't forget to bring a studded clutch or a fringed satchel. However, consider personalizing your bag. Add badges, buttons and studs to it to make it unique.

Part 4 of 4: complete the preparation

Be a Rock Chick Step 17

Step 1. Highlight your sloppy appearance

Whether you have long or short hair, messy hair is an inevitable part of the rocker look. Curly or frizzy, your hair plays an important role in the success of your outfit. Your hairstyle should accentuate your sloppy style, regardless of your hair texture.

Loose, unkempt clothes are enough to make you look sloppy. The hair only reinforces this image

Be a Rock Chick Step 18

Step 2. Color your hair

A bright or two tone hair color will go perfectly with your rocker look. In this case, use platinum blonde or jet black. You can also color a strand blue, purple or pink for a change. If you want to dye all of your hair, go for an extreme color like candy pink.

Be a Rock Chick Step 19

Step 3. Apply makeup

The makeup of a rock fan comes down to intense gaze and neutral colors. Feline eyes, smoky hues and lots of mascara with nothing on the lips are hallmarks of rock fans.

  • Apply black eyeliner to the top and bottom of your lash line and lightly smear the product to give a sloppy look. Then apply black and gray eye shadow and finish with black mascara. You can also use green and blue eye shadow.
  • Apply dark polish to your nails to go with the rest of your appearance.
Be a Rock Chick Step 20

Step 4. Get tattoos and body piercings

Rockers have always used tattoos as a form of expression. Some prefer piercings to adorn their body. So get nose piercings and tattoos in strategic places to emphasize your rocker appearance.

  • Tattoos are permanent, and although they can be removed, the operation is painful and expensive. Only get a tattoo if you really like tattoos. Avoid them if it's just to be like everyone else or if it's to impress someone.
  • Although piercings don't last forever like tattoos, only do one if you want to have some.
Be a Rock Chick Step 21

Step 5. Adopt the attitude of a rock fan

A rock fan must have confidence in herself. So wear your outfit and accessories with confidence. A rocker at heart seeks the thrill and loves to have fun, but she also knows how to stay calm.

  • Listen to the rock music you like and try to learn more about the bands you listen to. Go to concerts, buy CDs and vinyl records, because after all, that's what makes you who you are.
  • Stereotypes want rock fans to be rebellious and often get into trouble. You don't have to go that far though, as you can be a real rock fan, enjoy the music and the lifestyle, and even be a bit of a rebel, without necessarily looking for trouble or arguing with your friends and your family.
Be a Rock Chick Step 22

Step 6. Don't overdo it

Clothing, makeup and attitude are more than sufficient. A true rock fan doesn't need to exaggerate their appearance. When choosing your outfit, try to stick to the bare minimum. Don't wear everything all at once and avoid leather, studs, and tons of jewelry over your various clothes.

  • Stay true to who you are and what you love / hate. This article is only a guide, because your rocker character won't be complete without the personal touch you need to add.
  • Don't wear clothes that make you uncomfortable and don't do things you don't want to do. Be yourself and not just a character.
  • Don't brag about who you are or what you love. Just live your passion.

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