How to deal with having a big butt as a teenager

How to deal with having a big butt as a teenager
How to deal with having a big butt as a teenager

Some teens will notice that their buttocks grow faster than other parts of their body. Sometimes this is because they started puberty earlier. Others, on the other hand, could simply be gratified by genetics. Whether or not it's early growth, the attention it attracts could be troublesome. Avoid giving up on yourself! You just need to make some clothing choices and adjust your attitude to live happily.


Part 1 of 4: dress with your figure in mind (for girls)

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 1

Step 1. Create a balance between the top and the bottom

Drawing attention to your bust is essential for dressing when you have a wider butt. You'll also need to find tops that add weight and shape to your chest and shoulders. By doing both, you'll distract from your rear end while using your outfits to add proportion for a more balanced silhouette.

  • Go for vivid colors and patterns. Don't overdo it to the point of being flashy, but prefer bright colors and trendy patterns to draw all the attention to the top.
  • Search for horizontal necklines. These help attract attention while also slimming the waist.
  • Try on the bell sleeves. These widen your shoulder line to form a straight line with your broad posterior, thus balancing your figure.
  • Buy scarves and necklaces. These are the two most valuable accessories you need to have to deal with having a big butt. Necklaces (especially the bigger ones) will draw attention to both your top and cleavage, while scarves add thickness to your shoulders.
Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 2

Step 2. Hide your butt

If the method you have chosen to overcome the complex you feel with your butt is to reduce their presence, then you will have to opt for dark colors (especially when it comes to pants). Make an effort to have tops (especially jackets and sweaters) in your wardrobe that reach the lower part of your body, just past the buttocks. The gaze is focused on the part of the body where the garment ends, which means that you have to completely conceal your buttocks.

  • The A-line dress is recognized for its ability to hide any posterior. Identify a few models of the kind that you like and if you can integrate them into your dress style you will find that they will be your best asset.
  • Buy slimming underwear. These kinds of clothes will slim down your waist, buttocks and thighs for an overall slimmer figure.
  • Vertical features such as pleats and zippers make the back and chest appear slimmer. It is advisable to look for tops that exhibit these characteristics.
Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 3

Step 3. Be picky about the pants

Opt for wide back pockets, wide legs and low-rise waist belts. The pockets serve as a distraction for the eyes, the fitted sashes will make your butt look slimmer, and the flared legs allow you to better balance your figure. If what you're looking for is to distract from your hips, then you should avoid wearing skinny jeans that shrink at the ankle.

  • Wear high waisted pants or shorts for a classic look. High-waisted accessories connect your posterior to your chest to make it a seamless line, reducing the appearance of your posterior.
  • When shopping for jeans, you should make sure to look for booties or wide leg ones. Avoid anything that is faded or that has particularly heavy patterns, especially at the rear. You will be wise to choose jeans to show off your butt and not to draw attention to it.
Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 4

Step 4. Buy skirts

Make sure more than any other outfit that your skirts fit really well. You should avoid attracting unwanted attention by wearing a poorly made skirt that puckers or traps at the waist. Pencil skirts are the best option for people with wide hips because they even out the figure. Fluted skirts are best for hiding your buttocks and diverting attention to your legs.

Part 2 of 4: dress with your figure in mind (for boys)

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 5

Step 1. Buy underwear that suits your body size

Cycling shorts and skinny underpants will tighten the area around your buttocks and upper thighs to give a smaller, tighter appearance. Either way, you have to make sure that no matter what underwear you have, it fits you well enough not to wrinkle. The puckering can be seen through the pants and can even make your bottom look bad.

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 6

Step 2. Choose suitable pants

Probably the most important aspect for anyone with a large posterior is that the right pants will improve the build and conceal the buttocks. The general advice to follow is to have pants that are suitable for the size (models that are too high will make your butt look big) and also to avoid wearing anything called "skinny".

  • When it comes to jeans, choose the bootie, carpenter style and relaxed fit models. These will be looser at the waist and around the legs, which gives a straighter vertical line to your figure.
  • As for more chic pants, it is better to avoid those with pleats. These actually draw attention to your hip and can make your butt look more voluminous than it actually is. Pants without darts are the best option, as they have a slimming effect around your waist.
Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 7

Step 3. Buy t-shirts that suit you

Some people might make the mistake of buying plus size t-shirts in the hopes that they will make their upper part appear larger and fit their buttocks better. Unfortunately, it ends up being embarrassing and making you look like you are overweight. So remember to have good pants that suit your size and buy t-shirts that come up to the intersection between your back and your buttocks to have a homogeneous vertical line.

Avoid confusing a tight garment with a well-fitting one. A shirt that is too tight will make your butt seem overflowing. It is best to wear a shirt that does not puff up, but lies flat in the front and back

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 8

Step 4. Avoid tucking whenever possible

For shirts with collars and open ones, try not to tuck where appropriate. Unfortunately, this will not be possible in professional and official situations. Tucking shrinks your shirt and pulls it closer to your torso, which in turn can make your butt look like it's overflowing. Instead, make sure these shirts are loose around your waist to have a seamless line with your wide bottom.

Once again, avoid all shirts with “slim” or “tight” buttons. These models will eventually hug your torso, making your butt look wider

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 9

Step 5. Invest in the shoes

Unlike girls, boys won't have a lot of opportunities to distract from their fat buttocks. However, flashy shoes are best suited for younger boys. In fact, pretty shoes will quickly grab attention down, away from your butt. All that matters is that they fit your clothes.

Part 3 of 4: get a new figure

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 10

Step 1. Start engaging in physical activity

Whether it's aerobics or weight training, walking or jogging, you can train to improve your buttocks and your body in general. It is much better to have a big, muscular and fit buttocks than a simple broad posterior. You can do additional physical exercises to strengthen your buttocks even more.

  • Bending is the most suitable exercise for building your posterior muscles. Fortunately, they are like several firm butt exercises and do not require any equipment.
  • You will have to make movements with your waist, your legs and your buttocks to have a balanced silhouette. Seeks to do physical activities that target muscle groups for increased efficiency.
Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 11

Step 2. Try yoga

If you have time, you can try yoga. This type of exercise actually tones your whole body and makes you more flexible. Adopt positions that emphasize your buttocks, thighs and lower back. Yoga is relatively easier to practice and it can be done at home for people who are a little embarrassed about going to a gym.

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 12

Step 3. Eat healthy

The other way you can control your figure is to eat a healthy diet, which will lead to a slimmer waist and lighter curves. For the most part, this state of affairs will be to have smaller, better built buttocks. Of course, eating healthy doesn't mean the same thing for everyone, so it is best to consult your family doctor for the best advice on adopting a weight loss diet. With a healthy diet and a consistent, solid exercise program, you should have a pretty attractive bottom.

Part 4 of 4: Living with your body

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 13

Step 1. Stay Confident

Unfortunately, no one chooses his silhouette. We all have to do with what we have and should never hesitate to be proud of it. Even though your generous butt may embarrass you, keep in mind that you are not alone and that there are also millions of people around the world who find it attractive. What an idiot would use to make fun of you might entice or convince someone else to invite you on a date. Don't let anyone define your attitude, rather allow it to be the other way around.

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 14

Step 2. Try to be objective

Adolescence is a stage of life during which everything is exaggerated and overvalued, the body more than anything else. You might think you have a big butt, but in reality it's just your anxiety and your surroundings that make you uncomfortable. If this is a concern that you are trying to resolve, make an effort to discuss it with a neutral person, such as your family doctor.

Deal With Having a Big Butt As a Teenager Step 15

Step 3. Keep an eye on the future

Obviously, you haven't finished growing up. Your body continues to develop at its own pace and needs time to adjust. What seems embarrassing or unattractive at the moment could turn sexy and attractive. Make the effort to accept your current appearance, but don't count on future changes so as not to be proactive right now. Now is the time to be proactive if you want to make lasting changes.

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