How to surround a house with toilet paper

How to surround a house with toilet paper
How to surround a house with toilet paper

Ever wanted to prank a friend? Take revenge on someone? Surrounding your house with toilet paper is a fun, safe, exciting experience that you will remember for a long time! The night gets a lot funnier when you add a splash of toilet paper… Take care to assess the risks and learn to stay safe and play smart to make sure your joke stays safe and risk-free!


Part 1 of 5: planning the joke

Toilet Paper a House Step 1

Step 1. Choose your target

Maybe a friend of yours took it a bit too far lately. Maybe your neighbor has woken you up once too often this month? Maybe your basketball coach just deserves it? Find someone who deserves it and who will appreciate a good roll-up of toilet paper, then give a sadistic little sneer.

  • Find the ideal target, but not too obvious. It would be easy to surround your neighbor's house with toilet paper after he steals your basketball, but wouldn't you make an obvious suspect? If you want revenge, wait a few weeks for the doubts to vanish.
  • Surrounding someone's house and yard with toilet paper can be a great joke, but only if you know the person well enough that you can afford to do that sort of thing to them. To a stranger, this might be seen as in bad taste. Make sure you choose someone who will take it well, as giving it to someone you don't know can get you into trouble. Do silly things without cruelty.
Toilet Paper a House Step 2

Step 2. Gather your team

Toilet paper team, in position! You need enough people to have fun and wreak havoc, but not too many to not attract attention. A good group consists of between two and six people so as not to take too many risks.

  • A "toilet paper" operation can be a good opportunity to develop team spirit and share a fun experience. Childhood friends or the buddies of a sports team make great allies. Staying up late in nature builds camaraderie!
  • Plan your outing for a night with friends so everyone can be in the same place at the same time. If this is not possible, assemble your group from people who live in the same neighborhood and find a target that is part of that neighborhood as well.
  • No traitors. Do not invite anyone who could block the mood, bring bad energy or make innuendo. If you want to invite a good friend, but they're not a joker, leave them at home.
Toilet Paper a House Step 3

Step 3. Assemble an arsenal of premium toilet paper

The point is not to save money or try to reuse second-hand equipment. Make it big! Aim for at least the two-ply range or stay at home! You will probably need at least a few rolls per person. The more ammunition, the better!

  • Large rolls of toilet paper are better suited because they last longer. You can usually do 4-5 laps around an average tree, while with a cheap roll you could only wrap 2 or 3. Also, heavier toilet paper is easier to throw.
  • Buy your stock well before making the move and gather it ideally from several stores. It may seem suspicious to buy dozens of rolls of toilet paper at ten o'clock in the evening in the company of ten young people wearing hooded tracksuits. It is best if everyone buys their own ammunition separately.
Toilet Paper a House Step 4

Step 4. Set a meeting time to get the hang of it

It should be late enough to avoid suspicion, but not too late so as not to take too many risks. Avoid around 7:30 a.m., when neighbors wake up to walk their dogs. Find out about neighborhood habits and find out around what time people go to bed. This can be very useful, as it can be embarrassing to show up armed with rolls of toilet paper at the wrong time. The midnight thirty - one hour slot is a good time to play with toilet paper!

  • Some villages impose a one hour curfew for minors. If you are in this class of the population, educate yourself and try not to pass the time limit or you risk additional problems. This is usually how the police get involved in what was supposed to be a simple joke.
  • If you are doing your shot in the summer, choose a weekday, when the adults go to bed early. During the rest of the year, it's best to take a day when you don't have class the next day.
Toilet Paper a House Step 5

Step 5. Recognize

During daylight hours, patrol the house you plan to strike. Make sure there are no visible security cameras or dogs. If that sounds too harsh, you better consider not finding yourself there armed with rolls of toilet paper. Give yourself enough time to find another target.

Toilet Paper a House Step 6

Step 6. Get ready to turn it all upside down, but don't do anything permanent

Rolling up a toilet paper house is a joke, not an act of vandalism or a crime. There are limits, it is important to know them and not to exceed them at the risk of having serious problems. This means that you should leave the eggs and spray paint at home.

Do not write cruel or derisive words on the house. A good toilet paper house roll is funny and can be embarrassing to the victim, but not mean

Toilet Paper a House Step 7

Step 7. Understand the risks and potential problems

Although no law specifically prohibits this kind of action, damage to property, rape of private land, and vandalism are illegal, and taking the wrong house can cause problems for you, both with the landlord and with the police.

Sneaking into someone's backyard in the middle of the night armed with rolls of toilet paper can wake up sleepy cranky gun holders and make them look like they're being robbed. Entering someone else's field comes with risk

Part 2 of 5: Sneak Like a Pro

Toilet Paper a House Step 8

Step 1. Make a pact to remain discreet

Before making your move, divide the roles according to the parts of the ground to take care of, the objects to take away and the time you give yourself before spinning. Be as meticulous as possible in your preparation to avoid having to talk to you once on the pitch. Once there, stay calm and be quick to avoid attracting attention.

  • If you must speak, use code names. Pranksters have been caught talking to each other using their real names. Of course, jokers and victim often know each other. You can take original names, like Sam the snake or Sheamus the wrestler.
  • Put your cellphones in vibrate mode and do not take them out of your pocket while you are operating. You don't want an alarm to go off at an inconvenient time or light up the house with your iPhone. If possible, don't take your cellphones at all.
  • If someone sniffs or you stumble over something, don't beat yourself up. No one is going out or middle of the night for such a thin noise. If the noise persists, however, people will be looking out the window. Don't make repetitive noises and only leave if there is a good reason to flee.
Toilet Paper a House Step 9

Step 2. Wear dark tracksuits with light colors underneath

A hooded tracksuit is perfect for sneaking around without being seen, but think beyond the tip of your nose. If you have to run away, you can run past a street corner and remove your black clothing, revealing a light t-shirt. People will see you wearing a different color and might not make the connection and continue their chase.

Instead of black, wear navy blue shoes and clothing. You can also try dark green, brown and gray to change the pure black a bit. Anyone dressed only in black tends to appear suspicious, so don't dress like you're going to rob a bank. Put down the ski masks, please

Toilet Paper a House Step 10

Step 3. Wear running shoes

We don't call them that for nothing. If you have to run on cobblestones, you will need comfortable, athletic shoes. In the cupboard the old shoes. Someone who comes out of a house in the middle of the night is likely to be barefoot, so if they decide to sue you you can get the upper hand if you have good running shoes on.

Toilet Paper a House Step 11

Step 4. Control your fear

Stay calm, walk normally, and move quickly. It is best to get to the scene of your crime on foot, but if you decide to get there by car park around the corner and approach by different paths. A group of teenagers dressed in black carrying loads of toilet paper may appear suspicious to someone looking out their window.

Part 3 of 5: learn the throwing technique

Toilet Paper a House Step 12

Step 1. Unroll a large load of toilet paper from the roll

Your goal isn't to throw a few sheets of toilet paper on the floor, is it? To be sure you are quick and efficient, remove a good yard of toilet paper from the roll and hold the free end firmly with your hand. In the other, hold the roll itself.

  • You can also hold the free end with your foot while stepping on it.
  • You can also hold the toilet roll at all, if that is your choice, but then you risk throwing the roll into the trees without unwinding.
Toilet Paper a House Step 13

Step 2. Spin the roller, don't just throw it away

You can waste a lot of precious time if your pitch is wrong. It must take place while flying. It must fly more like a football than a dead duck. Hold the scroll with the current unrolled paper to your other hand as you prepare to throw, then let it slip out of your fingers as you throw it at your target. The end you unrolled should remain in your hand or at your feet and the other end should unwind on the tree of your choice.

Toilet Paper a House Step 14

Step 3. Aim above your target

Start with a tree with good branches ready to accommodate your toilet paper. Throw the roll over the candidate branch so that it unwinds smoothly over it and falls to the other side.

  • Aim high on low branches. If the branch is too tall or too thin, the roller may get stuck. Don't worry too much, aim for a more accessible target the next time you hit.
  • If you only reach low branches, the toilet paper will be easy to remove. You want your victim to be able to enjoy your labor for several days, right? Be creative!
Toilet Paper a House Step 15

Step 4. Pick up the roll and throw it back in the other direction

Cover the tree until your roll is empty. Beautiful winding jobs are those that are inspired by a spider's web, going back between branches, between several trees, wrapping around cars and returning to the first tree. Use as many rolls as possible. Mummify the trees!

Toilet Paper a House Step 16

Step 5. Work as a team

You don't just have to throw your reels. If a friend's scroll lands at your feet, be a gentleman and throw it back over the branch. The result will be more chaotic and random, a positive point.

Part 4 of 5: grow big

Toilet Paper a House Step 17

Step 1. Vary your targets

Trees are the first and most obvious targets, but a good roll-up of house with toilet paper does not make a quarter! With just one roll of toilet paper, you can unleash your creativity and hit as many targets as possible or use multiple rolls to completely cover the same object.

Toilet Paper a House Step 18

Step 2. Don't spare the car

Finding a few rolls of toilet paper in a tree when you wake up is not very disturbing, it can be cleaned in a few minutes. Imagine waking up to find your car flooded with toilet paper. It is rather in this perspective that we must work.

If possible, bring a spray bottle or water bottle and moisten the car before rolling toilet paper all over the place. Water will improve the result without causing irreversible damage

Toilet Paper a House Step 19

Step 3. Roll up fences, garden ornaments and bushes

Tie one end of the roll to the start of the fence and unroll it, circling any object in your path. Do the same for the bushes that are within range.

Toilet Paper a House Step 20

Step 4. Tear off small pieces of toilet paper and spread them out on the lawn

Lots of small pieces are much more annoying to pick up than a large one.

Toilet Paper a House Step 21

Step 5. Write toilet paper messages

5 letters maximum. Party slogans like “lost” or silly words like “LOVE” are best.

Nothing mean or cruel. This is a joke, not vandalism. Leaving nasty or mean slogans is a good way to get into trouble with the police, if it is frowned upon

Toilet Paper a House Step 22

Step 6. Make a small final bouquet when you leave

A good way to complete a toilet paper transaction is to run a roll over the roof. This must absolutely be the last operation, because the sound of the roller on the roof can wake up the household and reveal you. You have to be very careful and put your best pitcher on the shot or do it all at the same time to see who is shooting the best. Flee immediately after.

Part 5 of 5: push the plug

Toilet Paper a House Step 23

Step 1. Play with shaving foam

Bring a few canisters or inexpensive shaving cream to spray on the lawn, or use it to stick toilet paper to trees. It can be risky, as foam bombs are loud, but if you do it quickly and crudely you can get away with it. Draw smiles on the lawn.

  • Make a strange pile of toilet paper in the middle of the garden and cover it with cream, like a little man of moss. No one is going to want to put their hands in there to clean up.
  • Never use cream on cars, houses, windows or driveways, as it may cause irreparable damage. It would turn your joke into a misdemeanor. Just don't do it.
Toilet Paper a House Step 24

Step 2. Bring an assortment of garbage

Instead of throwing out your trash the day before your move, save it. Place them in the middle of the garden. Banana peels, apple cores, candy wrappers… It will be a real chore to clean up.

Make sure you don't leave any clues, like a phone bill with your name on it, before you give it all to the enemy

Toilet Paper a House Step 25

Step 3. Rearrange the garden

Put the chairs in the lawn or line them up in the driveway. Put the garden gnomes and ceramic geese in front of the front door after wrapping them in toilet paper and giving them shaving cream mustaches.

Toilet Paper a House Step 26

Step 4. Leave forks

A common joke is to leave forks planted in the garden, as if they had grown at night under the influence of the moon. Plastic forks are fine or you can harvest inexpensive forks all over the place a few weeks before you get the hang of it.

If you want to set someone up, put the blame on someone else on the team, as it will be a long time before the truth is restored. Be as convincing as possible so that the effect is optimal

Toilet Paper a House Step 27

Step 5. Ring the bell and run away

Are you brave enough to ring the bell before you go? If so, leave all premises and let your bravest member climb the large steps to the front door to ring the bell. Do it right, it's the icing on the cake …


  • If you are planting forks in the garden, see if frost is announced the next day, so that the fork breaks when your victim tries to pull it out.
  • NEVER forget your ammunition. If someone comes out of the house to scare you, always take all your toilet rolls when you leave to get a second chance later. Assign someone to this task.
  • If there is snow, walk backwards so that they take the wrong direction trying to follow you.
  • Be careful with houses with large windows, as you will be more easily spotted.
  • Travel in two or more groups so that you don't have to go home alone afterwards.
  • Roll up the barrier, intertwine it, cover it!
  • Buy classic handkerchiefs and spread them all over the lawn. You can also use them to write letters.
  • Keep an eye on the house. Is there light inside? Open windows? If so, you can still take action, just be more careful.
  • Take a photo at the end to admire your fine work, then run away, as the flash may have woken the locals up. Do any questionable action at the end. Be careful, do not post these photos on the internet, people could use them against you.
  • Do not throw eggs, neither on houses nor on cars. Avoid peanut butter on the garage door, it leaves streaks and attacks the paint. This could be considered vandalism and result in a fine or ticket.
  • Be quick, but don't leave without admiring your work. Be careful not to let your guard down too much at this time.
  • Don't brag about your act in public. You could be caught if friends or family members of the victim hear you.
  • Don't hang around too much. Try to be as quick as possible, because if a third person sees you, they could warn the neighbors of what is going on.

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