How to make a campfire: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to make a campfire: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to make a campfire: 12 steps (with pictures)

In summer, it is very pleasant to go camping. Arriving in the evening, a small outbreak is always welcome. Everyone gathers around the fire to have a good evening. Building a campfire is easy and requires only a little wood and a clear space.


Part 1 of 3: Organize the Home

Start a Bonfire Step 1

Step 1. Prepare the area

You must build your fire in a clear space. If you are in a campsite, therefore make your fire in the area provided for this purpose. On the other hand, if you are in nature, you will need to prepare the space to build your fire. Clean up within an 8m radius of where you plan to build your fire. Remove all twigs, branches, and other items that could catch fire.

Check above your chosen location for any branches or other vegetation that could catch fire

Start a Bonfire Step 2

Step 2. Make the pit

To better control your fire, it is important to dig a small pit in the ground. This hole in the ground will mark the area of ​​your fireplace. In addition, the fly ash should normally fall back into the pit you dug.

  • This hole will cause the wood that burns in the fireplace to fall inward and not outward.
  • Consider removing ashes from a previous fire, if you are using a pit that has already been used. Your future fire will thus have its own space.
Start a Bonfire Step 3

Step 3. Place stones

Once you have dug the pit, surround it with stones. You will thus better frame your fire. This demarcation will make it possible to clearly identify what is burning and what is nearby and which could burn.

Start a Bonfire Step 4

Step 4. Organize the means of extinction

When preparing a fire, it is important to have the possibility of extinguishing it quickly on hand. So place a fire extinguisher or 1 to 2 buckets of water next to the fireplace to be able to extinguish your fire very easily, if you see that it is becoming dangerous.

Part 2 of 3: light the fire

Start a Bonfire Step 5

Step 1. Prepare the materials for lighting

To start your fire, you are going to need the proper fuels. Tinder is great, but you may also find small, dry fuel around you, such as leaves, grass twigs, fir needles, etc. You can cover them with a few small dry branches. All of these little materials are great for starting a fire.

  • It is important to have fuel, such as tinder covered with kindling to be able to start the fire which will ignite wood of a larger diameter.
  • Be careful with the selection of your ignition material, it is imperative that it is dry so that it can ignite. If it is wet, it will hardly catch fire.
  • Note that if you are in a place where it has rained recently, it is good to have your own fuel with you to start the fire. You can use newspaper, pieces of cardboard, scraps of fabric. All of them are great for starting a fire, if they are dry of course.
Start a Bonfire Step 6

Step 2. Collect wood for your future fire

Look around your campfire and find wood. Choose branches that are similar in diameter and length to your arms. Select large pieces of wood and do not go pick up wet wood with growing moss. You need to choose well seasoned wood to fuel your campfire.

  • Note that if you put wet wood into your fire, it will hardly burn and produce a lot of smoke.
  • Gather between 20 to 25 branches of wood. This will allow you to maintain your fire long enough, if you wish.
Start a Bonfire Step 7

Step 3. Place the tinder

In the center of your future home, place the tinder on an area of ​​30 cm2. This is the epicenter of your future fire that you are going to light next.

Start a Bonfire Step 8

Step 4. Lay out the wood

Over the tinder, position your kindling in the shape of a teepee. You have to organize the wood in such a way as to obtain a sufficiently strong structure. Finally, complete your assembly by adding over the large pieces of wood.

  • To make a campfire, you can arrange the wood in different patterns. It all depends on the type of campfire you want to make, but you can structure the different pieces of wood in the shape of a lean-to, pyramid, cross-trench, etc. Every campfire is different and in general it is not intended for cooking. So, organizing the wooden branches to form a large teepee is the structure that best fits the idea of ​​building a campfire.
  • Remember to have openings at the base of the teepee-shaped stack of wood. These spaces will allow you to light your fire, then let the wind seep in to stir up the flames of your campfire.
Start a Bonfire Step 9

Step 5. Light the fire

Take a match or a lighter and light your tinder through one of the openings at the base of the wooden structure of your campfire.

Once your fire is blazing, add larger pieces of wood from time to time to keep the fire lively. Make sure you always place your logs correctly so that your fire burns well in the middle of your wooden structure and not on one side more than the other

Part 3 of 3: put out the campfire

Start a Bonfire Step 10

Step 1. Stop the fire

Slowly spray your fire with water, but don't throw a bucket of water on it to stop it. By sprinkling the fire, you will extinguish it gently. On the other hand, if you have fun throwing a bucket of water in the fireplace, you will stop it, but you won't be able to use your pit for a while to make a fire, because the area will be way too humid.

Start a Bonfire Step 11

Step 2. Stir the ashes

Take a stick and stir all the ashes well while you spray the fire. This will ensure that all ashes from the fire are well moistened to extinguish.

Start a Bonfire Step 12

Step 3. Check the temperature of the fire

Pass the palm of your hand over the ashes in the fireplace. If you feel heat in the palm of your hand rising from the ashes, the fire is not yet completely extinguished. Sprinkle the ashes again and mix them with a stick. When the ashes no longer emit heat, it means you are done putting out the fire.

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