How to have beautiful, clean hair: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to have beautiful, clean hair: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to have beautiful, clean hair: 13 steps (with pictures)

Every day, without us even realizing it, our hair is put to the test. Hairdryers, hair straighteners, styling products, hats, and other styling items can damage the hair over time. However, by learning to take good care of it, you will regain beautiful, healthy hair.


Part 1 of 3: washing your hair

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 1

Step 1. Choose the shampoo that best suits your hair type

With so many brands and choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a shampoo. When choosing your shampoo, consider what your hair needs the most. If you are bleaching or dyeing your hair, choose a shampoo that will protect your color. Most shampoos can also add volume or shine to the hair. Shampoos can be stored for a long time, so you can buy several shampoos with different properties.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 2

Step 2. Wash your hair from roots to ends

The hair is younger at the scalp than at the ends. By washing your hair from roots to ends, you will spread the natural oils produced by the scalp to the lower part of the hair, which is often the most dry. This method helps to keep long hair healthy and prevent split ends.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 3

Step 3. Wash your hair at the correct temperature

Hair washing is divided into two stages: lather and rinse. To lather the shampoo, lukewarm water generates a good amount of foam while detaching the soap particles from the hair fiber. For the final rinse, cool water fixes the ingredients on the hair.

  • Avoid using water that is too hot or you risk damaging your hair and drying out your scalp.
  • Rinse off the shampoo. How much shampoo you need to use will be up to you, just be careful not to get any product on your scalp.
Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 4

Step 4. Apply conditioner

Shampoo will not be enough to heal your hair. By applying a conditioner, your hair will be easier to comb, more hydrated and healthier. After rinsing off the shampoo, apply a good conditioner. When you shower, let the conditioner sit for a while before rinsing it off and rinse it off with less application than your shampoo.

To determine which conditioner will work best for your hair, you may need to try several. A good conditioner should allow you to achieve manageable hair

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 5

Step 5. Dry your hair properly

Your hair is most vulnerable when you get out of the shower. After washing, the hair can be easily damaged if it is dried too aggressively. You will then need to leave your scalp somewhat damp and carefully dry your ends. Try to use a microfiber towel: its softness and lightness will allow it to glide better on your hair. For an equally effective and less expensive solution, use a t-shirt to dry your hair. A t-shirt will not be as rough as a towel, it will smooth the hair fiber and will not remove the natural oils from the scalp. In addition, it will prevent frizz.

Part 2 of 3: combing your hair properly

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 6

Step 1. Brush or comb your hair properly

If your hair is long, the knots might prevent you from getting the style you are looking for. Regularly brushing or combing your lengths will help you maintain clean hair. Nonetheless, you will need to make sure that you comb your hair properly. For best results, comb your hair when it is dry, because combing your hair while still wet can damage it and promote frizz. If you want to detangle hair that is still wet, use a wide-toothed comb, which will separate the fibers without damaging them.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 7

Step 2. Keep hair well-groomed throughout the day

To be well presented, it is essential to have a good hair. However, to stay well-groomed from morning to night, you will need to use the right products and adopt the right gestures. Choose a hairstyle that matches your hair type and occasionally, such as voluminous locks, super-sleek hair, waves, chunky curls, or lifted hair. Use the right products, depending on the tools you use, such as a hair dryer or straightener, or curlers or a simple brush.

Lacquer will become one of your best friends. A good hairspray should not only fix your hairstyle, but also add volume to your hair or allow you to achieve well-rounded curls

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 8

Step 3. Tame flyaways

Frizz and flyaways will be to your hairstyle what stains are to your clothes. Even if you've dried your hair properly and used conditioner, the heat and humidity could still cause frizz to appear that will spoil your style. To combat static electricity and flyaways, keep styling product in your purse. A product such as an anti-frizz serum will allow you to redump your hair.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 9

Step 4. Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase

If you've done your styling or hair treatment in the evening and want your hair to look its best the next day, sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. On a classic pillowcase, the friction between your hair and the fabric will mess your hair and damage your hair. The softness of satin or silk helps prevent this, but also prevents split ends, while the textile will adapt to hot or cold to keep your hair at the right temperature.

Part 3 of 3: Prevent Hair Problems

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 10

Step 1. Fight dandruff

When dandruff starts to fall on your shoulders, your hair clearly needs help. A dry scalp is a sign that the hair scales are suffocating. It can lead to hair loss, dry hair, split ends. Use a shampoo specifically designed for dandruff. Most shampoos of this type can be used twice a week. Get into the habit of using this product regularly. Do not wait for your dandruff to get worse before using such shampoo, as it will only damage your hair.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 11

Step 2. Cut your ends regularly

We often hear that cutting the ends is good for the hair and allows it to grow back faster. However, hair does not grow at the same rate depending on the season. In any case, by trimming your ends regularly, you will avoid the development of split ends and you will keep hair strong and healthy. Then take a trip to the hairdresser every month or every month and a half, to get rid of your split ends.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 12

Step 3. Apply oil to your hair

Due to heated tools and other treatments, hair tends to dry out quickly. If scalp oils nourish the hair, be aware that you could apply other oils to get even healthier and shinier hair. Try different types of oils, such as jojoba, argan, coconut, olive, or grape seed oil. Try to apply your oil at least once a week.

Have Nice and Clean Hair Step 13

Step 4. Eat healthy

We are what we eat. The bad foods you eat will permeate your cells and take a toll on your hair. For healthy hair, eat healthy. Eat foods rich in healthy fats, oils and vitamins - your skin and hair will thank you for it. By eating a healthy diet, your hair will be healthier, making it easier to wash and style.


  • Try to limit the heat to which you expose your hair as much as possible, for example once a week. Hairdryers and straighteners really damage the hair.
  • Work with your hair type. Kiss your curls, straight hair or waves. This will help you take good care of your hair. Keep in mind that all types of hair are beautiful.


  • Don't obsess over your hair.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself with hot tools.

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