How to look fresh: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to look fresh: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to look fresh: 14 steps (with pictures)

Simply put, looking fresh means being the best version of yourself. People look their best when they are well rested and when they have the most energy. Of course, you still want to look this way even if you are missing a few items. To look good you need to look fresh and have time to take care of the basics or are just looking for a quick little nudge to make fatigue go away, there are ways to maximize the potential of your body. your appearance.


Part 1 of 3: Take care of your body

Look Fresh Step 01

Step 1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is unequivocally the most important thing in order to look fresh. After all, when people think of someone who looks fresh, they probably imagine someone starting their day after a good, long night's sleep. People who get at least eight hours of sleep feel more attractive, and they tend to be, too. Prolonged sleep deprivation produces a list of negative characteristics including dark circles around the eyes and red eyes.

  • If you have trouble falling asleep at a normal time, try going to bed at the same time every night. It might be difficult to adjust at first, but eventually your body will develop a habit of feeling tired at the same time every night.
  • Sleep abuse also puts people at risk, but it's something you want to be aware of. If you sleep too much you are going to feel as lethargic as if you did not get enough sleep and you will also have wasted precious morning hours.
Look Fresh Step 02

Step 2. Wash your hair regularly

The appearance of your hair will help you look fresh or not. Oily hair is not a look that makes a person stand out. While it is recommended that you wash your hair every morning to feel good, you shouldn't shampoo as often as you might think. Everyone has hair that needs special care, which is why it would be better if you listen to your body and do what feels best to you instead of following general advice.

  • The amount of shampoo you put in your hair depends on your lifestyle, especially your activity level. The more active you are, the more often you should wash your hair.
  • You shouldn't shampoo your hair too often. While no one will ever blame you for taking too much care of your hair, you could inadvertently wash off the natural oils in your hair (and on your skin) by shampooing too often.
Look Fresh Step 03

Step 3. Eat well

Everyone knows they need to eat well, but it's unfortunate how few people do. Even so, you have to make it your priority if you want to look fresh. A healthy diet will impact all parts of your body, from hair to skin to your internal organs. While everyone's diet should be tailored to their specific body needs, there are probably some things you eat regularly that you shouldn't.

  • Eliminate empty calories (like soda) and transform your appearance in the space of a month by replacing them with healthier options.
  • Eating a balanced diet will have a huge effect on your mood as well as your appearance. By being in great shape, others will see you fresher than usual.
Look Fresh Step 04

Step 4. Do regular cardio exercises

Cardio exercise involves exercises like swimming and running that work the lungs and heart. There are many benefits to these exercises. Your lungs and heart will get stronger, your skin will look tighter, and you will lose weight if you have a few extra pounds.

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to exercise, remember that it is only the beginning that is difficult. Once you get used to it, the subtly addictive properties of endorphins will help you keep exercising without realizing it

Part 2 of 3: Refresh yourself with cosmetics

Look Fresh Step 05

Step 1. Try putting on some white eyeliner

The black eyeliner frames your eyes and the white eyeliner opens them up. By drawing a line along the lower eyelid, you will make your eyes more awake.

Look Fresh Step 06

Step 2. Apply a skin moisturizer

Moisturizers help make your eyes look more vibrant. This is especially important if you don't get enough sleep regularly, as your body depends on a good night's sleep to fully rehydrate. Get into the habit of hydrating your skin and you should see the results in your skin's appearance shortly.

It is not yet clearly proven that eye moisturizers are really worth it, but they are recommended if you want to achieve the best effect for your eyes. Eye moisturizers have delicate properties specially designed for the area around the eyes

Look Fresh Step 07

Step 3. Get a manicure and pedicure

Everyone has the right to be pampered from time to time. If your hands and feet look worn out, treat them to a treatment that will improve their look. Although it can be a bit pricey if you go there regularly, the way it transforms your look can affect your self-confidence and the way you see yourself.

You can get a manicure at home if you can't afford it in a salon. You can use a nail clipper, nail file, and polish to take care of your hands and feet at home. You could be able to achieve the perfect look as if you had gone to a professional salon and you will save money on top of that

Look Fresh Step 08

Step 4. Curl your eyelashes

When you feel tired, your eyes are the first part of your body to suffer. With that in mind, using makeup to look fresher will mostly help make your eyes look more alert. Since the lashes frame the eyes, you can make them look wider by curling the lashes upward. Use an eyelash curler and hold it in place for five seconds.

You can achieve a similar effect with mascara that curls the eyelashes

Look Fresh Step 09

Step 5. Use some eye shadow

A light eye shadow can help you open your eye just like curled eyelashes. While eye shadow is less suited to certain events and situations than eyeliner or mascara, it's still a solution you should consider to look fresher.

Look Fresh Step 10

Step 6. Put on some lightening powder

Highlighting powder is useful for looking fresh because it takes your surroundings into account. A dab of powder on your face will make it easier for the light to linger there, which in turn will make you look fresher. This powder is all the more effective when you go to take pictures.

Part 3 of 3: dress and act cool

Look Fresh Step 11

Step 1. Wash your clothes regularly

Even if you've had the best night's sleep of your life and a good shower to start the day, you won't look fresh if your clothes aren't. You aren't going to get there most of the time just by sniffing them. You're going to have to treat different clothes differently. For example, in the case of jeans and most pants, you can wear them for several days before they start to look too worn. You should wash the tops more frequently, as the natural body odor is more concentrated on the torso.

You also need to think about your linens if you want to look fresh. Perspiration in the sheets can leave odors and dirt behind. If you tend to sweat or smell, it would be best if you wash them at least once a week. Pillows and duvets should be washed several times a year

Look Fresh Step 12

Step 2. Observe the fashion trends

Ultimately, you have to find yourself a unique and personal look. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a clue of styles that vary over time. This is especially true if it is important to you to look fresh. You will look more contemporary and fashionable by keeping up with the trends and it is rather easy to get there.

  • Subscribe to fashion magazines or go window shopping to see the trends that are displayed.
  • If you are feeling an adventurous heart, you can use these current trends to create your own style. So, as time goes by, you keep reinventing your personal style with the new looks that fashion brings.
Look Fresh Step 13

Step 3. Dress according to your body type

The clothes that fit you well will help you look fresher. If you wear clothes that are too loose (or too tight), you won't look like you've thought much before getting dressed. The best thing to do is to research what clothes are best suited for certain body types. It goes without saying that your body type is not better or worse than any other. What matters is how you work it.

At the same time, don't get caught up in your body type. Your fashion sense should set you free and if you think you look good in a certain item of clothing despite what fashion tells you, you should definitely give it a try

Look Fresh Step 14

Step 4. Look perky

If you keep your head up high and your mind involved in what you are doing, people will inevitably see you differently than if you looked gloomy and hate the whole world. Of course, sometimes it's hard to be in a good mood. Knowing how to bring out the best in you is essential. Be aware of how you are feeling and don't be afraid to laugh. If you are in a good mood, you will have a positive impact on how others are feeling around you.

  • Laughter is a beautiful thing, and it's probably the easiest thing you can do to improve your mood. If there's no one around to make you laugh, try watching a comedy. Seeing the lighter side of life for once will have an impact that will transform how you feel for the rest of the week.
  • Dark chocolate has been shown to relieve stress hormones in the body. A few squares of chocolate should be enough to have an observable effect.


  • While makeup can help you in an instant, the fact remains that nothing beats true freshness. Instead of trying to look awake, you'd better be awake.
  • You should not underestimate the importance of your attitude in this case. Even if you look fresh, no one is going to believe it if you keep it dark.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water to combat dry skin and lips.


  • Don't put too much stress on your quest to look fresh. Stress will degrade your natural look and you will look tired even if you are not. Relax and take things as they come, this is the best way to look fresh once you have enough sleep and energy.
  • It is important to never overdo it. This applies to sleep, diet, and exercise as much as it does to makeup. If you overdo it to look fresh, you will end up with the opposite result.

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