3 ways to be really pretty (woman)

3 ways to be really pretty (woman)
3 ways to be really pretty (woman)

Many women strive to be beautiful. It's a great way to gain confidence and self-esteem! However, it takes an effort to get there, and you must remember that appearance is not the only criterion of beauty. The way you treat other people also contributes to the quality of your image with them. So learn how to improve your appearance, boost your self-confidence, and treat others well. So soon everyone will succumb to your charm!


Method 1 of 3: Look after your appearance

Be Pretty Step 1

Step 1. Get enough sleep

Getting some rest will greatly improve your appearance. Unlike adults who typically need 8 hours of sleep per night, teens often need 10 hours. If you constantly feel tired, try going to bed slightly earlier every night until you are well rested the next day.

Be Pretty Step 2

Step 2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water (2 liters) per day

Hydrating properly will make you look better, as the water will help brighten your complexion. You will also strengthen the health of your nails and hair, and keep your body in good shape. If you drink a lot of soda, coffee, or juice, replace a lot of these drinks with water until you reach the goal of 8 glasses of water per day.

Caffeine and alcohol are extremely bad for your appearance. Avoid consuming it if you are trying to look prettier

Be Pretty Step 3

Step 3. Wash daily

Take a shower daily, washing yourself thoroughly with soap. How often you wash your hair depends on its nature, but for your body care should be daily.

Be Pretty Step 4

Step 4. Use moisturizer

The use of this cream should also be daily. Put it on your body and on your face. If your skin is oily, it more easily regulates sebum production. You can choose any of the creams available on the market, but read the label to make sure it is right for your skin type.

You can be pretty even if you have acne! Just drink plenty of water and apply benzoyl peroxide medicine to your pimples. Don't be too disappointed if you can't get rid of it completely. Either way, a lot of people have acne

Be Pretty Step 5

Step 5. Have your nails clean and well cut

There is no need to change your nail color daily, but your nails should always be clean and well-groomed. Cut them and file them so that they are even. Clean under your fingernails daily, and if you wear polish, check regularly that it isn't chipping.

Be Pretty Step 6

Step 6. Make sure your hair is clean and well-groomed

Brush and comb them every day. Check that they are not tangled, that they have no knots and that they are well washed and neat.

  • If needed, they may need to be washed daily, especially if they are still flat and greasy at the end of the day.
  • Your hairstyle doesn't have to be fancy. You can simply straighten your hair to the side, wear a ponytail, bun or braids.
  • If you don't know how to style your hair, ask a friend for advice, or go to a hair salon.
Be Pretty Step 7

Step 7. Put on perfume or deodorant

If you smell good, those around you will find you pretty more easily. This is an essential factor in enhancing the image that others have of you. Put on deodorant every morning. You can also perfume yourself. Many people wear the same perfume every day, as a sort of signature. If you are new to this practice, try a light fragrance of flowers or fruits.

  • Do not use perfume or deodorant as an alternative to showering. People will find out.
  • Put on very little perfume, and spray it only in strategic places, such as the neck or wrists. You want your scent to be subtle so that people will only notice it when they are near you. In fact, you won't have to drag it in your wake.
Be Pretty Step 8

Step 8. Brush your teeth at least twice a day

Also use dental floss. Pretty people have very clean teeth. Use a mouthwash or mint lozenges to keep breath fresh. Take dental floss with you and use it after every meal or snack.

It doesn't matter if you have braces or have crooked teeth. The most important thing is that your teeth are clean

Be Pretty Step 9

Step 9. Improve your posture

It is difficult to imagine a pretty slumped person! Practice walking with your chin parallel to the floor, and keeping your back straight when sitting in a chair. This will make you look more attractive and more confident.

Be Pretty Step 10

Step 10. Apply light makeup

If you're not happy with the way you look, try putting on some makeup. A light makeup will accentuate your assets. Plus, it's a much easier technique to master than full makeup. Practice applying makeup simply and naturally.

  • At first, try mascara and lip gloss.
  • Choose blushes and eyeshadows in light, neutral colors, like beige or a light pink.
  • If you want to put on foundation, check with a cosmetic store to make sure it matches your natural skin tone.
Be Pretty Step 11

Step 11. Wear clean, ironed clothes

If your clothes are stained or wrinkled, you will look messy, unappealing, or even dirty. Iron them and make sure they are clean before wearing them.

  • Follow the instructions on the label, as some clothes should be ironed at a low temperature and others should not be ironed at all.
  • If you don't want to iron them, hang them immediately after drying, or put them in a dryer using an anti-crease cycle.
Be Pretty Step 12

Step 12. Wear well-fitting clothing

You don't have to follow the latest fashion trends to look beautiful. The most important thing is that all of your clothes fit well. They should not be too loose or too tight. Avoid clothing that is tight enough to compress your muscles, reveal your underwear, or be difficult to put on and take off. Don't let them hang casually over your shoulders or hips. Try to put on comfortable clothes that you won't need to readjust during the day.

Be Pretty Step 13

Step 13. Consider changing your style

If you're not always happy with the way you look, you might need someone else's advice. Contact your hair salon, makeup shop or beautician, and make an appointment for a makeover. They will teach you new techniques and give you tips that you don't know. So you will look great when you get home.

  • If you can't afford to see a professional, ask a friend or family member who knows makeup techniques for help.
  • Don't be intimidated by the thought of going to a hair salon or makeup store. They have seen it all and their role is to help you.

Method 2 of 3: Gain insurance

Be Pretty Step 14

Step 1. Tell yourself one positive thing every day

Take the time to try, because it is a great way to feel beautiful and have more confidence. In order not to forget, you can schedule a reminder at a specific time of the day. You can also practice saying one encouraging thing whenever you doubt your ability.

Think of phrases like "my eyes are a great color", "I chose my outfit very well today", or "I did really well on my algebra test."

Be Pretty Step 15

Step 2. Learn to accept compliments

If you ignore or refuse those others make to you, your admirers will think you don't want them. When someone expresses their admiration for you, resist the urge to respond with a phrase like "no, that's wrong." Instead, say “thank you, this touches me a lot”.

Be Pretty Step 16

Step 3. Avoid comparing yourself to others

You are unique. Each individual has a different life, and no other person has an identical experience. Don't be overly concerned about the actions of others, or the things people have more than you. If you persist in comparing, remember that you have your own qualities.

  • It might be helpful to list them so you can refer to them when you compare yourself to someone else.
  • Learn about the criteria of beauty. This will allow you to understand the strength of physical appearance and beauty, and the usefulness of avoiding frequent comparisons with others.
Be Pretty Step 17

Step 4. Try something new every day

Expand your experiences and discover new things whenever you can. This is another great way to gain confidence. You don't have to do anything great. You can just put on a new hat, or take a different route to school. Aim to try something new every day.

  • If your clothes are usually dark or neutral in color, try wearing a bright blue top one day.
  • Sign up for a new activity at school.
  • Order an unusual dish at your favorite restaurant.
Be Pretty Step 18

Step 5. Take selfies often

Selfies are a great way to improve your self-confidence. For example, take ten photos. Take a look at them and choose the one you like best. You don't have to display it. You can enhance it by using a filter, or decorate it with a sticker.

It is normal that some of these photos do not please you! Even the biggest models have pictures of themselves they don't want to show to anyone

Be Pretty Step 19

Step 6. Learn to feign confidence

It is true that its acquisition takes some time. If you're trying to improve your confidence but fail to do so, pretend! It might sound silly, but if you act confidently your brain will eventually adjust, and you will end up having real confidence in yourself.

Method 3 of 3: Cultivate your inner beauty

Be Pretty Step 20

Step 1. Smile

Also, try to catch the eyes of others during your day. Despite a very ordinary physique, many people have an inner beauty that radiates and attracts those around them. Show yours by smiling to people you meet, and make eye contact with them. It doesn't matter whether you know them or not, everyone loves smiles!

Many people interpret a smile and eye contact as an invitation to talk. If you're in a rush or don't feel like talking, have a quick look

Be Pretty Step 21

Step 2. Be polite and friendly to everyone

You just need to be kind to the people you meet. If you don't know them, introduce yourself and address them by calling them by name. Ask them how they are doing, and take an active interest in what they are doing.

That doesn't mean you should let people treat you badly. If someone is bothering you, be clear and firm by asking them to leave you alone, or by telling them that they are crossing the line

Love Your Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Show your love to your loved ones

If you care about someone, let them know. You can just use a phrase like "I love you" or "I care about you," but you don't have to be so blunt. You can also show your feelings to those close to you by being caring, listening to them when they have problems, and spending time with them.

  • Show your parents your gratitude for all the things they do for you.
  • Send a message to your best friend to let her know that she is admirable, and that she is the most awesome friend you could dream of.
Be Pretty Step 23

Step 4. Offer to help others

People will find you more attractive if you are helpful. In addition, your company will certainly seem more pleasant to them. If you can help anyone, do it! Offer to open a door, carry a package, or help a classmate with homework.

Don't exceed your limits. You should refrain from offering to help when you are tired. Likewise, don't get into things you don't know. If you offer your assistance too often, it can lead to overwork. You will also risk being exploited

Be Pretty Step 24

Step 5. Express your admiration to others

Beautiful people don't just admire their own beauty. They also look for it in others! Take a look at the people you care about and those you hang out with, and find a kind word to say about their appearance. When you get into the habit of looking for beauty in others, you will be able to find it in yourself.

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