4 ways to hide your diary

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4 ways to hide your diary
4 ways to hide your diary

A journal allows you to keep your most private and dark secrets, which is why you should hide it where no one can find it. If you keep it at home, hide it in unusual places that no one would think of looking for. If you want to take him to school, try to hide him in a book. You can also keep it on your computer if you want to protect it with a password. To avoid sounding suspicious, remember to stay calm if anyone sees your journal. It is only for you after all.


Method 1 of 4: Hide your newspaper at home

Hide Your Diary Step 1
Hide Your Diary Step 1

Step 1. Hollow out a book to hide your journal in a bookcase

By hiding your journal inside a book, it will blend in with the rest of the books in the library. Pick an old book that you no longer want, then apply glue to the edges of the pages on at least half of the book. Using a utility knife, cut out a rectangle inside the pages large enough to fit your journal.

  • You can also buy a used book from a bookstore if you don't want to ruin one of your own.
  • There are a lot of videos and tutorials online that you can check out on how to hollow out a book.
  • To make sure no one finds your journal, choose a book that your parents or siblings won't want to borrow or read.
Hide Your Diary Step 2
Hide Your Diary Step 2

Step 2. Put the newspaper in an empty box

Your room is probably full of things you could hide your journal in that no one will think of looking for. For example, you could put it in an empty tissue box with a few tissues on top, or in a shoebox that you store at the top of your shelf.

  • It is important that you choose a place where no one will look. For example, the bottom of a box of art supplies is a great choice if no one else is using it, but it's not a good idea if your sister is borrowing it from you. in time.
  • Choose a box that completely conceals your journal to prevent any part from being visible. Also make sure that your journal does not affect the appearance of its box. For example, if the tissue box has dents from the newspaper inside, your siblings might think you are hiding something there.
Hide Your Diary Step 3
Hide Your Diary Step 3

Step 3. Hide your journal under or behind other items

Think about places where family members will not go and see. For example, unless your siblings borrow clothes from you or your parents come to pick up your clothes to wash them, your dresser drawer can be a secret stash. Put your newspaper in the back of your drawer, then lay several layers of clothing on top of it until it's completely hidden.

Put your journal in one of the top drawers on your dresser or desk if you have younger siblings who have easy access to the bottom drawers

Other hiding places for a diary at home

Put it on under a pile of fluff.

Slip it in your pillowcase.

Hide it in an empty purse or backpack.

Tie it up at the back of a frame.

Slip it behind your television or computer.

Hide Your Diary Step 4
Hide Your Diary Step 4

Step 4. Hang it under a chair or table

Young children, especially if they are still of crawling age, might easily find what you hide under a chair, desk, or table. If you don't have any siblings or if yours are already big, this can be a safe hiding place. Use enough tape so that the newspaper will hold securely in place and will not fall out.

  • Use strong masking tape such as chatterton or wrapping tape if your newspaper is heavier.
  • Avoid hanging it under your bed. It’s an obvious hiding place and someone will definitely find it.
Hide Your Diary Step 5
Hide Your Diary Step 5

Step 5. Hide it under a wooden board in an old house

Older houses often have wooden floors where some boards move, allowing them to be lifted slightly. If you have one in your bedroom that you can lift up enough to slip your journal in, this is the perfect hiding place. However, first make sure you can pull it out.

  • For more protection, lay a mat on the floor.
  • Be careful not to pull too hard on the board when hiding the newspaper underneath. You don't want to ruin your floor.

Method 2 of 4: Protect the newspaper at school

Hide Your Diary Step 6
Hide Your Diary Step 6

Step 1. Keep the journal in a notebook for camouflage

Everyone will think that you are just writing down what the teacher says when you are actually writing in your diary. Choose a neutral notebook so it doesn't stand out in the middle of your other books.

  • If you have matching notebooks, use one for your journal. For example, if all of your notebooks are decorated with cats, don't choose one with neon stripes for your journal. Pick one that also has cats.
  • You can even fill the first few pages with wrong notes, if someone opens it they'll think it's your science notebook, for example.
Hide Your Diary Step 7
Hide Your Diary Step 7

Step 2. Disguise your journal as a monotonous cover

Pick the most monotonous and least interesting book you have with a removable cover. Remove the cover and slip your newspaper in it. Make sure your journal is the same size as the book so the cover fits snugly and doesn't look loose.

  • Among the good choices of boring covers, choose ones from old notebooks or classic novels that your classmates wouldn't want to read.
  • Pick a book that other people think you have in school. For example, your father's plumbing repair book might be very boring, but your friends are probably going to ask you why you brought it, which will direct attention to your journal.
Hide Your Diary Step 8
Hide Your Diary Step 8

Step 3. Make a fake journal to repel your friends

Trap your curious friends by making a fake newspaper. Keep it somewhere they can see it, for example on your desk, that way they'll believe they've found it and they won't look any further.

  • Design your fake journal as realistically as possible. You could even write “My Journal” on the cover.
  • Add a few entries to it to make it convincing if someone opens it. Obviously, don't put real secrets in it!

Method 3 of 4: Create a safe electronic journal

Hide Your Diary Step 9
Hide Your Diary Step 9

Step 1. Keep your journal on your personal laptop

Never put it on a public computer or online where other people can find it. The best place to hide it is your desktop or laptop computer.

If your parents or siblings use your laptop every now and then, create a different session for them. You can create a session for guests so they don't have access to your files

Hide Your Diary Step 10
Hide Your Diary Step 10

Step 2. Save your file with a false name in a special folder

Give your journal a name that hides its true function. Then save it in a folder that no one can see, for example in the system folder under the "My Computer" tab.

  • For example, instead of calling it "My Journal", call it "Biology Homework".
  • On some computers it is also possible to hide folders completely. Right click on the folder and choose Properties. You should see the box there Hidden or something similar that you can select. Now no one can see the file.
Hide Your Diary Step 11
Hide Your Diary Step 11

Step 3. Protect the journal with a strong password

Set the privacy controls to require a password from anyone who wants to log into your computer. If you type your journal in a Word document, you can also protect that file with a password.

  • To protect a document with a password, click Preferences in the main menu, then on Personal settings, followed by Security. Choose Password when opening to request a password from each user of the file.

How to choose a strong password

Choose one more than twelve characters.

Do not use personal information such as your name, date of birth or address.

Avoid common numbers and words like "1234" or the word "admin".

You can also change a sentence to a strong password. For example, "I like to eat cheese" becomes "jaimemangerdufromage".

Add special characters or numbers and capital letters.

Method 4 of 4: Keep your diary a secret

Hide Your Diary Step 12
Hide Your Diary Step 12

Step 1. Avoid writing in your journal when you are not alone

Try not to let anyone see you are writing in your journal. If they see you, they'll know you have a newspaper and they're probably going to want to read it or try to find it when your back is turned. Only take it out when you are completely alone so as not to take any risks.

  • If you have hidden your journal, for example in a notebook, you can use it when other people are present as long as no one is close enough to see what you are writing.
  • When you are home, wait until your parents are gone or everyone has gone to bed before you pull out your journal.
Hide Your Diary Step 13
Hide Your Diary Step 13

Step 2. Keep a natural demeanor if you are seen with your journal

If you get caught with your newspaper, don't panic. Pretend it is an old book like any other, such as a school notebook. Close it calmly, put it away, and change the subject.

  • If someone asks you what you're doing, tell them casually, “Oh nothing, I was just finishing my math homework for tomorrow. I love your shirt! Where did you buy it? "
  • Avoid looking nervous, stuttering, or shaking. These are signs that you are lying and people will probably suspect that you are hiding something from them.
Hide Your Diary Step 14
Hide Your Diary Step 14

Step 3. Write with a secret code that no one else knows

This will make writing your journal more complicated, but will add an extra layer of protection in case someone finds it. Make up your own code or language to write it by mixing letters or even including numbers. Keep a decryption key that explains how to read your code in a safe place, such as in a drawer with a key.

  • For example, you could use the alphabet backwards. “A” becomes “Z”, “B” becomes “Y”, “C” becomes “X”, and so on. For example, to write the word "girl" you write "uroov" and for "love" you write "znlfi".
  • If you are fluent in a language other than your native language, use it in your journal. For example, if all of your friends speak French, but you also speak Spanish, you can keep your journal in Spanish.

    However, keep in mind that some of your friends might use translation tools like Google Translate to find out what you've written

  • You can also hide the key in your cell phone's notes application. Do not write it in your journal, because if anyone found it, they could easily decipher it.

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