How to offer cleaning services

How to offer cleaning services
How to offer cleaning services

Cleaning work is the combination of a number of common household chores whether in a residential, commercial or private home. If you are considering offering cleaning services, then you will need to know what amount to charge. A few tips will help you …


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Step 1. Decide how to charge

You should opt for either hourly or per-job-done pricing. Each modality has its drawbacks and advantages. Think about the disadvantages and advantages of each modality.

  • Pricing by the hour. This process allows a certain flexibility to the customer who wishes to have various works carried out. This is all the more remarkable when the latter comes to hire you for cleaning work by offering to set an amount for cleaning work which will not necessarily be continuous. However, pricing by the hour may not allow you to accurately estimate how much you will be able to earn by doing regular and permanent cleaning work, since at certain times a home may need to be cleaned. more cleaning than others.
  • Rate per task accomplished. Invoicing a fixed amount lets you know exactly how much you can expect to earn at the end of each month and also allows the customer to forecast accordingly. However, you should expect that there will be times when your client will feel aggrieved because the job will take less time than they expected or when you happen to be working longer than expected. the same amount.
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Step 2. Determine your hourly rate

Even if there are times when you decide not to charge the client by the hour for the work, you will still need to know how much your time is worth so that you can quote a price that is neither excessive for the client nor too low on payroll. for you. Consider the following when determining your hourly rate.

  • The cost of living in your area. You can claim a higher amount for your benefit in an area with a relatively high average income.
  • Your competitors. Approach other cleaning services in the place and find out the price they charge for their service.
  • Decide if you will use your own cleaning materials. If you choose to use your own materials, you could include the cost of detergents, rags and paper towels in your price.
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Step 3. Carefully evaluate the cleaning job

Be sure to write down all of the ones you will need to get the job done. Keep a to-do list with you when going to appointments to assess the work to be done and go over all aspects of the cleaning with the potential client, making sure to take note of every job-specific detail.

  • The services to offer. Your quote should include the following services: cleaning, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning of furniture, cleaning of the refrigerator and other appliances, beds, garbage collection, changing litter boxes for pets, cleaning carpets or blankets, sanitizing bathrooms, washing mirrors and windows, tidying up and any other service a customer might ask of you.
  • Take into account the size and layout of the place. Take note of the area of ​​the room as well as the type of flooring that has been done, the number of bathrooms and the pools or terraces that there are.
  • Difficulties or special circumstances. If the cleaning job requires you to perform tasks other than what you are used to doing and which make the job more strenuous, uncomfortable or dangerous, consider increasing the amount of your service accordingly. For example, if the customer requests that you specially clean the grout from the tiles each month or if they want their dogs to follow you while you work, you should consider the extra effort it will take to set your price. Contact cleaning services that are not in competition with you and find out what exceptional circumstances they face and how they bill in these cases.
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Step 4. Determine the amount of the offer

Taking into account all the elements of the cleaning job, determine how long it will take you to do the job and apply your hourly rate to that time. Don't forget to add to the amount of your bid the amount to be compensated in case you have to face any difficult situation that the job might require.

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Step 5. Give your quote to the potential customer

The latter should include in a very detailed way the different services that the work encompasses, the frequency of cleaning and the amount of the service.


  • Download free printable forms online.
  • When you do the cleaning for the first time at a new customer, know that it will take you longer than the next few times since you would not yet have a better knowledge of the work to be done and will then have to do a thorough job. Make sure you receive compensation for this fact by increasing the price of your first intervention accordingly. The rule of thumb is that you increase your pay by 10 to 20 percent when you step into a room for the first time.
  • To give the impression that you are professional, be sure to include the necessary references with your offer. Do not forget to add a letter that gives the history of your cleaning service, its experience, its specialties and any other information you deem necessary to communicate a positive message about yourself and the service you offer.

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