5 ways to dress well for a job interview

5 ways to dress well for a job interview
5 ways to dress well for a job interview

You only have to make a good impression once, and having the right clothing is key to a successful job interview. Your employers will quickly be impressed with your appearance if you are properly undermined, and they will not hesitate to see you as the ideal candidate. The way you dress for an interview indicates how precise, clean and professional you are. If you want to impress with your clothing and land the job of your dreams, read on.


Method 1 of 5: Practice good hygiene

Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 01

Step 1. Be as clean as possible

Poor hygiene would ruin even the best outfit in the world. It is therefore very important that you take the time to keep your body clean and fresh before going for an interview. Otherwise you will pass in the eyes of your potential employers as a careless individual with little care.

  • Always take a shower on the day of the interview. Even if you were busy before the interview, try to wash your hair and body as close to interview time as possible. This will not only keep your skin feeling fresh and clean, but you will also feel more comfortable now that your body is more refreshed.
  • Wash your hands just before the interview. The first thing you'll probably do in an interview is shake hands, so it's important that yours are clean, smell good, and not sticky or just dirty.
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 02

Step 2. Put on a nice, subtle scent

Smelling good when going for an interview is also part of hygiene. It's important to put on a good, fresh scent while being careful not to overwhelm your potential employer.

  • Men should avoid too much cologne or aftershave lotion. A little touch will do.
  • Women can use a little scent lotion or perfume, but more importantly, avoid anything with an unbreathable smell. Try not to switch on perfume right before the interview or it may smell too strong.
  • Go to the interview with fresh breath. Avoid sucking on peppermint or walking on chewing gum during the interview.

Method 2 of 5: Be well groomed

Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 03

Step 1. Pay attention to your hair

It is important to come to a clean interview, with the hair well brushed in order to have the best harmonious appearance. Dry your hair well and avoid too many hair products.

  • Have a fresh haircut. If your hair is too long or limp, you might look loose or like someone showing lack of professional care. Men should remove all facial hair.
  • Have a light cut. Men should avoid curling their hair or putting gel on it in a fancy way. Women, on the other hand, should avoid large barrettes or other hair accessories and keep their hair down.
  • Check your shoulders for dandruff before the interview, especially when wearing a dark colored one.
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 04

Step 2. Have well-groomed nails

Your employers will notice your hands the moment you squeeze them, so you should have fingernails ready for the job at all times. The way you take care of your nails might show your employer the extra attention you pay to detail.

  • Check if you have any waste under your fingernails and remove it.
  • Women should have their nails manicured. These can be clear or a faint pink, but bright colors should be avoided.
  • Men should trim their nails so that they look pretty and evenly sized.

Method 3 of 5: Adopt a dress code that conforms to the work culture

Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 05

Step 1. Dress professionally

If you are interviewing for a job that is practiced in a professional setting such as Commerce, Finance or anything that has to do with traditional administration, it is important to dress professionally in order to show the employer that you have your place among the workers of his company. If you come to the interview dressed very plainly, you will be singled out and looked scruffy or come off as someone who doesn't know how to follow the rules. Here are a few tips:

  • for men, professional attire includes a black jacket, long-sleeved shirt, formal shoes and a briefcase
  • for women, professional attire includes a jacket with a skirt and tights with conservative-style shoes
  • remember the way people dress in business and make it even better. As much being too well dressed as very poorly dressed
  • if you are unsure of how to dress, seek advice from the person who scheduled your interview
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 06

Step 2. Dress for a relaxed workplace

Work attire is defined between business attire and casual attire, and it is important to know the requirements of each type of job. Jobs that are done on construction sites that require special equipment or involve dust tend to accept business casual wear. These jobs include working in a laboratory, construction sites, or maintaining lawns. Here are some tips on dress code for a relaxed workplace:

  • for men, khaki or cotton pants and a khaki long sleeve shirt or sweater would be fine
  • for women, you need pants or skirts in velvet or khaki and a cardigan
  • if you are unsure of what dress code to adopt, dress professionally as a precaution
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 07

Step 3. Dress for a casual setting

Some workplaces, especially those that are still in their infancy, are more accepting of casual attire. You will recognize the work environment by the type of company or even by visiting their website. If you wear a full suit for an interview in an informal business, you'll look boring and too bulky to blend in. Here are a few tips:

  • for men, a pair of clean and simple khaki and a cute short-sleeved shirt would do the trick
  • for women, a nice top and a simple mini-skirt would work
  • even if the company allows you to dress casually, you can adopt a professional style so as not to appear too relaxed for the interview

Method 4 of 5: For men

Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 08

Step 1. Put on the correct shirt

To convey the right impression, men should put on a clean, simple, well-ironed shirt. A shirt that fits snugly over your shoulders, with a fairly long sleeve and torso, without stains or creases is a key asset for a successful interview.

  • For a professional setting, wear a solid-colored long-sleeved shirt and a matching tie. Avoid ties that are too big and protruding and go for something subtle, simple in color, or an unremarkable pattern.
  • For a relaxed work environment, try a khaki shirt, sweater, or well-ironed short-sleeved shirt. Your tie should also be professional, but you can choose a brightly colored or patterned tie.
  • For a casual setting, a well-fitting cotton shirt will do the trick, but skip your favorite shirt.
  • Avoid necklaces or jewelry from all walks of life. You might sound too flashy.
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 09

Step 2. Wear the correct pants

Wearing the right pants is a great example of showing that you will be proficient in the workforce. Here are a few tips:

  • for a relaxed work or business environment, your pants should match your shirt or sweater
  • make sure your pants are properly ironed and tailored. No pants jumped
  • avoid wearing jeans, even if it is a casual work environment. You can wear jeans once engaged
  • avoid shorts at all costs. You will appear to be on vacation and not for an interview
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 10

Step 3. Put on the perfect pair of shoes

Those who interview you will certainly notice your feet and the shoe you wear can make or spoil your clothing. Here are a few tips:

  • preferably wear shiny, clean and new shoes
  • make sure your pair of shoes matches the rest of your outfit
  • for a professional environment, wear shoes of a solid color, preferably black. Leather street shoes are your best bet
  • put on culturally appropriate shoes. You can wear closed-toe shoes for interviews in informal settings, but never wear sandals
  • put on subtle socks. They should be a solid color, preferably black. They should be high enough to cover your ankles
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 11

Step 4. Have the appropriate accessories with you

Men should bring as few accessories as possible. However, the right accessories can add a nice touch to a good outfit. Here are a few tips:

  • put on a pretty gold or silver watch. Make sure it is tasteful and not too flashy
  • a solid color leather belt with a silver buckle would keep your clothing balanced. Don't go to the interview without one or the other
  • a wallet or briefcase. Even if you don't need it to give those interviewing you copies of paperwork or other information, bringing a wallet or briefcase is a sign that you're ready to go.. You can forget this element for informal interviews, especially for positions where you will never need to use a portfolio

Method 5 of 5: For women

Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 12

Step 1. Have a radiant face

Your face is the first thing your employers will see, so you need to look professional, approachable, and radiant. Here are a few tips:

  • lightly make up your eyes. Put on black eyeliner, subtle eye shadow, and black mascara to show your employers that you are spending time on your appearance
  • lightly apply lipstick
  • avoid too much makeup. Use just enough to make a pleasant impression, but avoid pink lipsticks, too much rouge, or bright green eye shadow. You should look like you're going to work, not a nightclub
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 13

Step 2. Wear the perfect shirt

The perfect shirt is important in your clothing. Don't overlook the fact that it can determine your chances of getting hired. Here are some tips to help you look the best you need in your upper half:

  • for a professional environment, put on a jacket top or a matching blouse. Your top must be blue or black
  • for a simple business or a casual environment, put on a nice sweater or cardigan
  • do not wear a neckline. Unless you are applying for a position where appearance is a major factor, try to keep as little cleavage as possible. Your employers will be more busy looking at your chest than listening to you, and you will just look stupid and vulgar. Even if you are applying for a position in an informal environment, these assets will not really be an asset.
  • do not wear transparent clothes. What interests your potential employers isn't your pretty belly button, bra, or chest. Even the straps of your bra should be hidden all the time
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 14

Step 3. Wear the perfect skirt. A black or navy blue sheath skirt that barely exceeds your knees would be ideal.. It should match your shirt nicely and be clean, well-ironed and tasteful. Here are a few tips:

  • for a professional environment, wear a dropped shirt or a matching skirt
  • for informal settings, a cotton or khaki skirt will be acceptable
  • No matter what material your skirt is made of, it should be long enough to allow you to sit comfortably and cover yourself well. Avoid dropping your skirt indecently during an interview
  • if you wear underpants under your skirt, try not to leave it on view
  • put on neutral tights. Avoid fishnet tights, trendy or those with fancy colors. You will look vulgar. Remember that tights can tear easily, so you need to bring another one in your purse in case the other one gets ripped along the way. Nothing can distract your recruiter faster than a huge tear in your pantyhose
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 15

Step 4. Wear high-end shoes

The ideal shoe can match your clothing. Those who interview you will notice your foot when you sit down, so it's important to have the perfect look.

  • Wear a solid pair of shoes, preferably black.
  • Avoid showing your toes.
  • Wear a nice, reasonably high heel. Do not put on platforms or high heels. Make sure you are used to wearing them before wearing them to the interview. Check to see if your heels are wearing out or getting litter behind.
Dress to Impress at Your Interview Step 16

Step 5. Put on the correct accessories

While you shouldn't take too much, the most appropriate ones might impress your recruiter and match your attire. Here are a few tips:

  • put on simple and tasteful jewelry. An unremarkable necklace, silver ring or bracelet could help your chic look. Don’t wear too much jewelry, as it can take a toll on your appearance and show that you are trying too much to be fashionable. Do not wear more than one ring or bracelet
  • avoid having fewer piercings. No matter how much you puncture your ears eight times, you will only put on one earring. If you have a ring in your nose, take it off
  • bring a simple wallet or briefcase. Show you're ready for work even if you don't need a briefcase that day
  • for less professional environments, a nice solid color handbag would be nice


  • Switch off your phone before going for an interview.
  • Do not bring anything that is not necessary for the interview, such as a bottle of water or a cup of coffee. It will make you feel too comfortable.
  • Dress for a Skype interview. Even if your recruiter doesn't mention this, they'll be impressed if you look well prepared for your discussion. Even if he can't see your butt, put on nice pants or a skirt to be more formal.
  • Keep up to date with the latest style trends. Items such as the length of the cuffs or the fit of your jacket may vary seasonally. Take a look at what professionals in your industry are wearing right now.
  • Dress professionally even if it's a phone interview. This will allow you to take the interview more seriously.

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