3 ways to pass a psychological exam for a job

3 ways to pass a psychological exam for a job
3 ways to pass a psychological exam for a job

Many jobs require you to take (and pass) a psychological exam before you start working. You will find that this is common practice in many professions, but it can still be very scary. So, to increase your chances of passing this exam, there are several things you can do.


Part 1 of 3: Preparing for the psychological exam

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 1

Step 1. Think about the job requirements

As the job market becomes very competitive, the recruitment process within companies also becomes more complex. Indeed, more and more companies are opting for psychological (or personality) tests to determine if the candidate has the right profile for the job. Think seriously about the skills required for the job in question that requires you to take the psychological exam.

  • For example, if you are looking for a job as a senior manager, interviewers will want to make sure that you have strong leadership skills and are a great communicator.
  • If you are applying for a police officer job, you will be expected to be able to demonstrate your ability to deal with high stress levels and to think quickly.
Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 2

Step 2. Consider your personal qualities

Psychological exams are essentially an assessment of your personality. Think about the reasons why you are applying for this job. This is probably because you feel like you are qualified and have the right disposition for this specific profession.

  • For example, if you apply for a salesperson job, you probably know that you will get a portion of your income from commissions. Therefore, you have to be very motivated. Does this match your personality? So think about your personality traits before the psychological exam. This will help you prepare to formulate the answers that match the job.
  • It is important that you are yourself when answering the questions, but you should also keep in mind that you are under evaluation. For example, if you were asked, "If you knew you wouldn't be successful, would you steal the business?" ", You would answer" no. Even though you know you might think you might be stealing, that's not the sort of thing you want to say in an interview anyway.
Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 3

Step 3. Determine the needs of the business

During the interview process, you should not only highlight your strengths, but also explain how you can put them to work for your future employer. Think about what you can do to improve the productivity of the business. If you are aware of the needs of the business, it will probably show up in your personality test.

Before taking the test, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter or the representative of the human resources department to find out about the qualities that are most important to them. So you can direct your answers in that direction

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 4

Step 4. Practice with a practice test

It is impossible to predict the content of the test, but you can prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the format. Keep in mind that most psychological exams involve an in-person interview and a written questionnaire.

  • You can search the internet for practice tests. Make sure you pick it up from a reputable site that has solid psychology credentials.
  • You can also hire a consultant to give you a practice test in person. This will then give you an analysis and give you useful advice.

Part 2 of 3: Take the psychological exam

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 5

Step 1. Prepare yourself

Use your professional common sense, be on time and well dressed. Make sure you keep all the requested materials. Plan your day so that you have enough time to take the exam. This will prevent you from getting pissed off if the process gets long.

Make sure you eat a light, balanced meal before the exam. Being hungry can be detrimental to your personality, which is why you should go there while being well nourished

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 6

Step 2. Ask questions

You can and should ask questions before and during the psychological exam. Make an effort to determine the format of the test you are going to take. You can also find out what the results will be used for. It's also best to know who will have access to your results.

While taking the psychological exam, be sure to ask for clarification in case a question seems misunderstood. The reviewer should be able to provide context or provide clarification

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 7

Step 3. Adopt an attitude of someone who is interviewing

Keep in mind that it is not only your answers that will be evaluated, your overall personality will also be taken into account. The test is part of the interview process, which means you need to make sure you stay professional and confident throughout the process.

If you are confused, take a few seconds to focus. You can also go out for a while under the pretext that you are going to the bathroom. This will give you time to take a deep breath and to collect yourself

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 8

Step 4. Be honest

Avoid portraying yourself as someone you are not. First of all, know that dishonesty will likely show up in your answers. It would not be considered an asset for a job. Next, you must avoid giving false expectations about your character to the employer. Any false information will likely be discovered after you start work.

Keep in mind that this exam does not contain right or wrong answers. There is therefore no advantage in being dishonest

Part 3 of 3: Understanding the Purpose of the Psychological Exam

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 9

Step 1. Think like an employer

Hiring managers won't force you to take a personality test just for their fun. The purpose of these tests is to help them make the best hiring decisions. In fact, employers use the results to better decide whether or not you have the right character for the job.

Try to think of the test as something that can benefit you, not just the employer. You can see this as a great way to determine if this is a job where you can reach your full potential

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 10

Step 2. Understand the rationale

Keep in mind that psychology is not an exact science. Therefore, remember that the results of any psychological examination are never entirely reliable. You should know that potential employers will use the results as one of the many factors in the recruiting process.

Do not hesitate to ask the representative of the human resources department how important the results of the psychological examination will be when choosing the successful candidate

Pass a Psychological Test for a Job Step 11

Step 3. Prepare for any outcome

You may or may not be hired, but keep in mind that just because you weren't the best fit for the job doesn't mean you “failed” the exam. The employer is looking for certain characteristics and if you do not have the best profile it means that you must continue your job search.


  • Try to be yourself during the psychological exam. Be calm and confident. You cannot fail at it.
  • Each exam is unique, and your results may vary if you apply (and take exams) for various jobs.
  • Life won't stop at this job, there are still plenty of them.

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