How to find a job in the health administration

How to find a job in the health administration
How to find a job in the health administration

Health administration is a rapidly expanding field which offers many job opportunities to qualified people. If you have recently completed a training program in healthcare facility administration and obtained a professional license or are considering doing so, you may be wondering how to find a job. There are many ways to find a job in health administration, including networking, volunteering, and doing entry-level employment.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare to apply

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 1

Step 1. Look for jobs

One of the best ways to prepare to apply is to start doing some research. Use the job search databases to find out what types of health administration jobs are available in your area (or areas where you would like to live). As you do your research, think about the types of jobs that best match your qualifications. Save data on the jobs that interest you and write down which ones you like the most and why you like them.

Jobs in the administration of health care facilities are available in hospitals, nursing and nursing homes, research centers, insurance companies and in the private sector. Think about the types of institutions you would like to work in as you research available jobs

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 2

Step 2. Join a professional association

You may consider joining the French Association of Private Health Institutions of Collective Interest (ESPIC) or the National Association for Continuing Education of Hospital Staff (ANFH) to improve your qualifications. Joining these associations will allow you to improve your curriculum vitae (CV), which will also allow you to build a network of personal connections, access to employment opportunities open only to members and webinars.

Also look for organizations offering scholarships, which can be a good way to gain experience

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 3

Step 3. Find out if you need certification for the job you are targeting

Most positions in healthcare facility administration do not require certification, but there are some exceptions. If a special permit is required for a given position, the job posting should include this information. You can also check your country's requirements as they may vary from state to state.

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 4

Step 4. Design your resume

The CV is the first document employers will look at, so it's important to make sure that your CV presents you as the best candidate for a job. It should include your address, a short paragraph that summarizes your qualifications, a listing of your professional experience, education and degrees, any special certifications and licenses you have obtained, and the names of professional associations you have joined.

  • Look at the resume templates to get an idea of ​​how you're going to present your resume.
  • If you have just obtained your bachelor's degree in health administration, contact your university's career center for help on how to write a good CV.
Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 5

Step 5. Extend your knowledge network as much as possible

Talk to people who are already working in medical facility administration to expand your network. Ask your former professors for information about events affecting health facility administrators and attend conferences that relate to the profession you are considering. For example, if you live in France, you could attend one of the conferences organized by the French Association of Private Health Institutions of Collective Interest (ESPIC).

  • Another way to expand your network of acquaintances is to ask friends or family if they know people who work in health administration. If so, ask them to introduce them to you so that you can get to know them and discuss their profession more fully.
  • When expanding your network, don't ask the people you meet to help you find a job, your goal should be to get to know them better. Ask them how they find their job, how long they have been working in the field, and what advice they could give to someone who would like to embark on this career. Be kind, polite, and cordial when speaking to these people.
  • Be aware that getting in touch with these people will not immediately guarantee you getting a job, but later on, these relationships can be one of the most important factors in getting a job.

Part 2 of 3: Finding a job in medical institutions

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 6

Step 1. Find out about the different jobs available for managers of medical facilities

Although it is mostly hospitals that offer many positions for managers of health care facilities, you can also seek employment in other health care facilities in your area. Health managers can be found in any of the following medical departments:

  • medical offices,
  • clinics,
  • infirmaries and retirement homes,
  • home health care institutions,
  • ambulatory care establishments,
  • institutions specializing in mental health,
  • rehabilitation centers.
Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 7

Step 2. Look for a job

There are thousands of vacancies for health facility managers available across the country, but it can sometimes be difficult to find one in your area. Look at the jobs section in your local newspaper for information on local jobs and the addresses of local health centers, such as hospitals and clinics. You should also search daily job search sites to see what jobs are available in your locality.

  • Check the websites of health facilities. Some companies are so large that they post a “Jobs” or “Careers” section on their websites. You can sometimes apply for these jobs by sending your CV and cover letter directly to the hiring manager of these companies. If you can't find any vacancies, come back to this page in a week or two.
  • Visit the biggest job search sites. Even though the jobs posted on sites like "Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired, and Craigslist" are very competitive, these sites will at least show you the high paying jobs in your area. On some of these sites, you can request to receive email or SMS alerts for interesting jobs so that you can apply there as soon as possible.
Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 8

Step 3. Apply for entry-level health administration employment

If you've just graduated in health administration, you can start by working in an entry-level position to gain additional experience and skills before you land your dream job. Keep in mind that starting from an entry-level position is part of a normal career path. These jobs are often the easiest to find and you can advance quickly according to your abilities.

  • To find entry-level employment, look at job postings that contain terms like "assistant" in the job posting title.
  • You can also look for scholarships, which will allow you to get experience.
Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 9

Step 4. Seek promotions and a raise

Once you are employed in an institution, you may be able to seek promotions within that institution if there are sufficient opportunities. If there aren't enough opportunities for advancement and you feel you don't have enough willpower anymore, you can look for higher-level positions in other companies after spending a few years in an entry-level position. Consult the job posting description to determine whether or not you are qualified for a higher level position.

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 10

Step 5. Look for jobs in the private sector

If you prefer to work in a non-traditional medical environment or have difficulty finding employment in conventional institutions, consider applying for a job at a private institution. Depending on your personal ambitions, you can focus on business administration or conduct scientific research on the effectiveness of certain drugs. Graduates in health administration are qualified to find employment in the following institutions:

  • health center management companies,
  • pharmaceutical companies,
  • biotechnology companies.
Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 11

Step 6. Enlist the help of a healthcare manager recruiting firm

Recruiters who work in healthcare can help managers of healthcare facilities find good jobs, but this option is not suitable for everyone. It is best for entry-level managers to research their jobs on their own, but experienced medical facility managers can benefit from the help of a medical manager recruiting firm. If you are an experienced medical facility manager looking for a managerial position or have just graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and are looking for a senior level job in healthcare facility administration, a health personnel recruiting firm could be of great help to you.

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 12

Step 7. Consider providing counseling services

Once you have established yourself well in the field of health administration, you might consider the possibility of becoming a consultant in the field. You can use your expertise to provide advice to the promoters of medical centers, advice on management techniques and advanced training of their staff members. This job opportunity will get you to work project by project, which can be exciting. But be aware that you should also seek out your clients on your own, which can be stressful for some people.

Part 3 of 3: Undertake health administration training

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 13

Step 1. Seek a professional license in healthcare facility administration or a related field

To pursue a career as a manager of medical facilities, you must obtain a professional license in healthcare facility administration or a related field. Students in the administration of medical institutions take courses in public health, health services and administration of health institutions. Depending on the position you want to occupy in the health administration, you may seek additional training.

Look for a program certified by the Continuing Professional Development Management Organization (OGDPC). The OGDPC has certified programs and rigorous standards, including the requirement that their students complete a 120-hour internship at a healthcare facility

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 14

Step 2. Begin an internship during your college years

Doing an internship is essential to gain experience in your field and find a job later after graduation. Some training programs require students to complete an internship before graduating. Discuss all your internship possibilities with your academic advisor or the internship manager at your university.

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 15

Step 3. Seek to obtain a graduate degree

While there are many entry-level employment opportunities for managers of licensed medical facilities, managers with a master's degree can land higher-level positions, such as director. of a medical establishment. Some senior-level positions may even require applicants to have a master's degree to advance through the ranks.

Keep in mind that a higher degree cannot replace hands-on experience. Even with a Masters, you should always start with an entry-level position if you don't have enough practical experience. Therefore, you may consider waiting until you obtain your master's degree until you have 5 or more years of experience in the administration of health facilities

Find a Job in Healthcare Administration Step 16

Step 4. Work as a volunteer

A good way to get into an institution you would like to work in is to offer volunteer services after your years of study. Setting aside a few hours in the week to volunteer at a hospital or long-term care facility where you would like to work someday will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and get to know people who are already working in the area. this institute. The good impressions you leave and the contacts you have will help you land a job later in this company.

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