How to create an online business plan: 7 steps

How to create an online business plan: 7 steps
How to create an online business plan: 7 steps

To make a business plan, the entrepreneur has different options. He can if he wishes to create his own business plan model. For the textual part, he can get a sample plan from a business friend or online. For the quantified part, it becomes a little more complicated. He can indeed create his own Excel file with his spreadsheets. However, this requires knowing the different formulas that make up the 3 financial tables and having a solid foundation in accounting. To make things easier, there are online solutions that allow you to carry out your business plan.


Part 1 of 3: Create a business plan

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Step 1. Learn what a business plan is

This document is the formalization in writing of your business plan. It will be essential to convince the various financial partners to support you in the creation of your business. The business plan must make it possible to answer several questions.

  • 1 - Who is behind this project?
  • 2 - Where is the business going?
  • 3 - What means do you plan to put in place to achieve this?
  • 4 - How will this strategy be applied over time?

Part 2 of 3: files / templates to download

Write a Business Plan Using a Business Plan Template Step 1

Step 1. Take a model

Just type in the search bar of your favorite search engine the expression "business plan model" to quickly see that the results are legion. Many companies offer business plan templates for download. These models often correspond to two types of documents.

Write a Business Plan for a Small Business Step 14

Step 2. Use a PDF file

You have the possibility to download business plan models which serve as an example to prepare your financial file. They usually do not offer the ability to edit the file. This serves only as a "witness" model to guide you in your writing. The numbers you find there do not necessarily correspond to your project. You will therefore need to be inspired by it and be imaginative to design your own business plan.

Create a Gradebook on Microsoft Excel Step 8

Step 3. Use an Excel file

You can also find Excel format templates online. This type of file offers the advantage of giving you the calculation formulas, modifiable or not, allowing you to edit the various financial tables. They are often suitable for seasoned entrepreneurs who have mastered accounting and financial concepts.

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Step 4. Consider using a SAAS service

To make your choice, everything will depend on your level of knowledge in accounting. If you master all the elements of the development of a business plan, these models constitute a good basis for your project. If, on the other hand, you are a novice or need support on one or more points, a SAAS (software as a service) tool will be of better use to you.

Part 3 of 3: Use a SAAS application

Step 1. Use a SAAS application

A SAAS application such as is an online application that does not require any installation. It therefore has several advantages:

  • no investment. You don't have to invest in purchasing software. You just need to register on the platform free online (sometimes paying on certain platforms) to access all of the tool's functionalities,
  • a simplified handling. The tools are generally designed to make the software as user-friendly as possible. By including in particular tutorial elements,
  • professional quality rendering. The different tables are generated automatically. The same goes for the layout or the insertion of images or graphics. Thus, at the end of its drafting, the creator is left with a finalized document that meets the standards in terms of professional business plan.
Write a Business Plan Using a Business Plan Template Step 9

Step 2. Create your folder

These free SAAS software allow you to create your “ready-to-print” financial file. They are particularly useful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. They have access to instructional videos that explain, step by step, the construction of each element of the business plan. Seasoned designers in a hurry will also benefit from its ease of use and the time saving it allows.

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