How to train a French Bulldog (with pictures)

How to train a French Bulldog (with pictures)
How to train a French Bulldog (with pictures)

Training your dog is essential, whatever its breed. If you are a French Bulldog owner, you should know that this task can have many facets. Indeed, the fact that he is intelligent can make training easier, but you might find that he is a bit stubborn. Fortunately, with a little kindness, patience, and practice, your loyal friend will soon become a well-trained companion dog.


Part 1 of 4: Train a French Bulldog to defecate in the right place

Train French Bulldogs Step 1

Step 1. Define a place where you want him to go to defecate

If you want him to defecate outside, you need to prevent him from being used to doing so indoors. Indeed, if you have a place in the yard where he could do it, take him straight away, even before he enters the house (at the time of his first coming). Let him sniff the area until he relieves himself.

As soon as he does, praise him for associating going to the outside bathroom with being rewarded

Train French Bulldogs Step 2

Step 2. Start by training it as soon as possible

To make your French Bulldog a well-trained family member, be sure to start teaching him to defecate in the right place as soon as you bring him home. Indeed, if you take time before you start by teaching him and allow him to do it on sanitary napkins for puppies, it will take more time and may even confuse him.

You need to be very consistent and motivated during training

Train French Bulldogs Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to the signs he is showing

You have to watch out for the signs he is showing if he wants to go to defecate. Indeed, the majority of dogs manifest at one time or another, signs that will show that they want to go to do their need. So keep an eye on yours to know them. In addition, you must give him frequent opportunity to go to the bathroom. He could:

  • gasp;
  • turn around several times or start to sniff the house;
  • to bark;
  • isolate yourself in a quiet place.
Train French Bulldogs Step 4

Step 4. Immediately clean off the dirt

If you hadn't noticed the signs mentioned above, which should tell you that he wants to go to his bathroom and that he does so indoors, immediately clean the area to prevent him from going (again) do it. For this, it is preferable to use an enzymatic cleaner which will be able to completely eliminate the odor.

Avoid hitting him and yelling at him. He won't be able to associate punishment with action (defecating inside the house) and will learn not to trust you

Part 2 of 4: Teaching a French Bulldog to Stay in a Cage

Train French Bulldogs Step 5

Step 1. Choose a cage that is comfortable for him

Choose a cage large enough to allow it to stand on all fours without having its back arched inside. The cage should have enough space for him to stay there as he grows. It should also be able to turn around easily.

Training your puppy to stay in a cage is one of the best ways to prevent it from causing damage to the house (defecating in inappropriate places). The crate can also allow him to have a safe place where he can relax or allow him to stay if you have to leave him alone for a while

Train French Bulldogs Step 6

Step 2. Install the cage

Mount it if necessary and put a mat or soft blanket on it. To encourage her to use it, put some healthy treats in it, but don't put food or water. The cage should allow her (simply) to feel comfortable and secure.

Put the cage in a quiet area of ​​the house where he will have the opportunity to interact with people. He shouldn't feel isolated or punished when inside

Train French Bulldogs Step 7

Step 3. Show him his cage

Leave the door open and encourage him to enter on his own. Repeat the exercise for several days, then close the door. Leave it inside for about 10 minutes, but stay by its side during this time. Let him out when he is calm.

Avoid letting him out when he starts to cry or if he scratches the door with his paws

Train French Bulldogs Step 8

Step 4. Gradually increase the time spent indoors

You need to increase the time he spends in the cage as he gets used to it. If you can train it to stay there for at least 30 minutes, you can start by leaving it indoors for a long time. An adult dog can stay there for 4 hours at a stretch (the maximum time for him to refrain from urinating).

Never leave it indoors for too long (more than 4 hours) or use it as a punishment. Otherwise, he may start refusing to enter

Train French Bulldogs Step 9

Step 5. Teach him how to spend the night there

Make sure that the cage is in a quiet place and that it cannot be disturbed by the movements of people. To let him rest, you must first play with him during the day so that he gets exhausted. Put him a treat inside. Once he goes in, close the door and walk away. Stay away from the cage while he is crying.

Keep in mind that you have to get him out to go to defecate. If he's less than 4 months old, you should let him go out every 2 to 3 hours. If he's older, take him out every 4 hours

Part 3 of 4: Socializing a French Bulldog

Train French Bulldogs Step 10

Step 1. Introduce it to other family members

As soon as you bring him home, make sure he feels like family right away. Don't feel like you need to protect it from loud activities or energetic ones around the house. Just make sure that nothing is seen as a threat to him.

For example, don't tease him by chasing him with a broom or vacuum cleaner, otherwise he will end up dreading that noise or being afraid of you

Train French Bulldogs Step 11

Step 2. Take him for a walk

The animal should feel comfortable in cars. So, it won't be a traumatic experience for him if you have to take him to the vet. In addition, getting used to traveling by car is a way to familiarize yourself with the sight of roads and the noises that you perceive through the window. To be on the safe side (both of you), be sure to wear a harness or put him in a cage.

Keep in mind not to take her for a drive if the weather is too humid or if it is hot. This is because these animals can die if they stay in a hot car, even if only for a few minutes

Train French Bulldogs Step 12

Step 3. Take him to the park

Dog parks are great places for him to socialize with other dogs and people. An added benefit is that it will surely burn some energy. However, make sure he has received his first two booster shots for distemper before going.

Keep him on a leash to prevent him from fighting with other dogs and to be able to control him

Train French Bulldogs Step 13

Step 4. Allow her to have other experiences

You should expose it to as many people, dogs, sounds, and landscapes as possible. If you think he needs a lot of stimulation and a lot of interaction, you need to enroll him in a socialization class. This way, he will spend more time with other people and other dogs, while benefiting from a lot of training.

You can find kindergarten puppy lessons at pet stores. You can also ask the vet to recommend someone particularly qualified

Part 4 of 4: Teaching a French Bulldog to Execute Voice Commands

Train French Bulldogs Step 14

Step 1. Keep the sessions short

If your dog is still young, you should keep the sessions at around 5 minutes, so that this time is increased as he gets older. Plan 3 to 5 sessions per day. Preferably choose times when he is not hungry or tired, so that he can concentrate more on learning. Be consistent and patient.

Each command should be built on the basis of the next. So you need to start by teaching it simple commands and then move on to the more complicated ones

Train French Bulldogs Step 15

Step 2. Teach him the command "no" or "stop"

This is a very useful command if you want to teach him not to bite or chew on things that he shouldn't (a natural tendency in puppies). If he bites (or tries) or tends to chew you, gently tap his muzzle and say “no” or “stop”. Remove your hand from its mouth and replace it with a toy.

The chew toy you give him will distract him and teach him what to chew on

Train French Bulldogs Step 16

Step 3. Teach him to sit

Put it in front of you and grab its attention with a treat in your hands. Then say "sit" in a firm tone and lower his bottom slightly so that he can sit up. As soon as his bottom hits the ground, immediately give him the treat and praise him. Repeat the exercise, but move away from him this time. Then come back to him and tell him to sit down.

Keep pushing his butt and praise him like you did before until he learns to sit up on his own

Train French Bulldogs Step 17

Step 4. Train him to lie down

Put him in a seated position while holding a treat in your hand so that you can show it to him. Then say "fold" or "down" while moving your hand (with the treat) down to the floor. Under these conditions, he will follow your hand to the ground and will begin to fold. As soon as he goes to do it (or tries), give him the treat and praise him. Repeat the exercise until he learns to lie down on command.

If your puppy jumps on you to get your attention or to play, keep him on a leash to correct this behavior. If he starts doing this, say "sit" and reward him. Thus, he will learn not to jump on people anymore

Train French Bulldogs Step 18

Step 5. Teach him the “stay” command

First, let him sit and reward him when he will obey. Put one hand in front of its muzzle as if it represents a stop sign and say firmly "stay" while backing slowly. If he starts following you, repeat the “sit” command. Then repeat the command "stay" so that it remains still and take a few steps back. Repeat the exercise until he obeys regularly.

Always keep him on a leash until he learns the command and follows it regularly

Train French Bulldogs Step 19

Step 6. Train him to come towards you

Start teaching him this command when he starts playing or sniffing a fenced area. Squat down, then pat your thighs and say "come" in a friendly tone. That way he'll think you want to play with him and he'll run towards you. Once he gets close, reward him with a treat and give him lots of praise.

  • Use this command when he is doing something potentially dangerous so he can get up quickly and come towards you.
  • Look for times when he will be distracted and randomly say "come" to him. This is a great way to check if it is responding correctly to the command.
Train French Bulldogs Step 20

Step 7. Teach him the command “silence”

Use this command, if he starts barking and you want to silence him. Keep a bag of treats handy when he starts barking. So, while he is about to start barking, get his attention by holding a treat in your hand that you are going to show him and say "silence". As soon as he's going to stop, give him the treat and praise him.

Immediately offering him a reward will help him associate the "silence" command with calm. It may take a while for him to understand that you expected him to calm down when you say "silence."

Train French Bulldogs Step 21

Step 8. Use a clicker to train it

Teach him to associate the sound of this instrument with a reward each time he obeys a command. To do this, press the clicker and give him (right after) a treat. Teach him commands and when he's going to obey, hit the clicker and give him the treat. Over time, it will associate the correct behavior with the sound of the clicker.

Once he gets to grips with this tool, you can gradually begin to stop feeding him any treats so that he responds to the command only at the sound of the clicker


  • Always keep a small bag with you with dog food. So you can train it whenever you have the chance.
  • Never scold him and never hit him. Also, you don't have to act impatiently with him. You shouldn't lose your cool if he doesn't obey or understand you during a workout. After all, this is just training. Instead, stop the session and try again later.
  • If he starts to get agitated or looks frustrated (growls or cries), stop the session and play with him to calm him down.
  • Do not train a French Bulldog (or any other dog with a squashed nose i.e. brachycephalic) outside if it is hot or humid. In fact, in such climatic conditions, the health of brachycephals is weakened by breathing difficulties.

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