How to train a dachshund to relieve itself in the right place

How to train a dachshund to relieve itself in the right place
How to train a dachshund to relieve itself in the right place

Dachshunds, also known as sausage dogs, are notorious for being difficult to train to use the toilet in the right place. They are smart, but usually have their own ideas. However, if you are persistent, you can convince him to go to the bathroom where he needs to.


Part 1 of 2: Using a cage to train it

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 1

Step 1. Choose a cage

Pick one that's small, but not too big. Your dachshund should be able to stand on it and turn around comfortably. You must avoid taking a very large one from him, otherwise, he will have more room to go to the bathroom.

  • The cage is the best way to train him. The majority of dogs, including sausage dogs, do not like to relieve themselves in the place they sleep. Therefore, the likelihood is high that it won't if you train it in a tight spot.
  • If you don't feel like buying a crate specifically for the occasion, you can create a small space in a small room using baby gates.
Potty Train a Dachshund Step 2

Step 2. Designate the cage for him

In other words, put it in an area where there is activity. Put something soft inside like a blanket or pillow. In some cases, you will even have to open the door for him. It is possible that it enters naturally to sleep there.

Put a toy he likes there to get him in

Potty Train a Dachshund Step 3

Step 3. Try some snacks if he needs more encouragement

Lead him into the cage with treats. Then put some inside to invite him in.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 4

Step 4. Feed him inside the cage

Put his bowl (with food) at the bottom of the cage. If it doesn't fit, move it closer so it gets used to eating inside.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 5

Step 5. Close the cage

If he comes in to eat, gently close the door behind him. Don't push it to get in. When he's finished eating, open the door for him again. Gradually increase the time he will spend indoors.

Potty Train a Dachshund Step 6

Step 6. Give it a verbal command

Pick a keyword. It could be “go to sleep”. Say it and toss a snack in the crate while he watches you do it. If he comes in, congratulate him and let him know he has done a good job. You can give him another snack if you want. As soon as you feel it's time to go out, you might say something like "come" or "come out".

Potty Train a Dachshund Step 7

Step 7. Increase the time he spends indoors

If this is your first time training him, try not to leave the house when he is in the crate. Instead, stay with him in the room. Then go to another place in the house and try not to make too much noise. Then come back after 5-10 minutes.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 8

Step 8. Try to leave it in the cage overnight

If he can stay there for about 30 minutes without being in the same room as you and without crying, try leaving him in the crate overnight. You can also leave the house for a fixed period of time after you put it inside.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 9

Step 9. Keep it in the cage

When you are away from home and cannot supervise him, keep him indoors, so that he will not be tempted to urinate when you are not looking at him.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 10

Step 10. Do not leave it in the cage for more than four hours

Your dachshund is still learning to restrain itself, so you will need to take it out at least every four hours.

Very young dogs should not stay there for four hours. For example, dogs 2 months or younger can stay there for an hour, while those 2 to 3 months old can stay there for up to 1 and 3 hours. If your puppy is 4 months old, he can stay in the crate for up to 4 hours

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 11

Step 11. Try not to put him in the crate if he is sick

If he is vomiting or has diarrhea, you should not put him inside. In doing so, he will likely end up defecating in the cage and will have to stay there (in his own feces or vomit). If this persists, you should take him to the vet.

Part 2 of 2: Train her to go outside to relieve herself

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 12

Step 1. Learn to recognize the signs that he wants relief

Your dachshund is likely to signal to you that he wants to go defecate. He might suddenly get excited or run around the house.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 13

Step 2. Put it outside regularly

The best way to teach him to use the bathroom is to give him the opportunity to go out. Take him on a leash and always go to the same place with him, so that he can associate it with "his bathroom". Try to squeeze it out every 1 to 2 hours.

If it is a puppy, you will need to take them out more often, even every 20 minutes

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 14

Step 3. Use a verbal command

Choose a phrase to mean that now is the time to go defecate. It could be "pee hour". Use this expression only when you take him outside, as well as when he needs to associate it with going out to urinate or defecate.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 15

Step 4. Give him rewards

When he defecates outside, give him a lot of praise and give him a material reward, which is a snack. Give it to him if he stops relieving himself.

Potty Train to Dachshund Step 16

Step 5. Stop him if you catch him urinating

Indeed, if you see him defecating inside the house, scare him a little with a "no" or with a slightly high-pitched noise. This reaction on your part should stop it in its tracks. After that, take him outside to finish. If he does, give him a snack.

Thoroughly clean the area where he has his needs. This is because you need to use a cleanser with special enzymes to completely eliminate the smell of urine. Your dog will continue to relieve himself in the same spot, if he still feels it

Potty Train a Dachshund Step 17

Step 6. Don't Punish Him

He may be afraid of you if you punish him. In other words, he might avoid you and defecate inside the house when you are not there. Also, under these conditions, you won't be able to catch him for a done deal and he is unlikely to associate your anger with the fact that he has defecated inside the house.

Potty Train a Dachshund Step 18

Step 7. Be patient

Dachshunds in particular need a little more time to train. You should therefore continue to train your dog so that he knows where he should relieve himself.

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