10 ways to recycle your decorative toys

10 ways to recycle your decorative toys
10 ways to recycle your decorative toys

The observation is the same in many families: children today are overwhelmed with toys… and the whole house is invaded! They are everywhere, in all rooms. Toys of all sizes, shapes, colors and sounds imaginable … in the era of upcycling (called upcycling in French) whose objective is to transform an object intended to be thrown into an object of value here are 10 ideas for recycling toys to decorate, hang, sublimate, magnetize, tell the time, light, furnish … welcome to a world where nothing is thrown away, but where everything is transformed!


Method 1 of 10: Use toys to decorate

Make Toys Out of Recycled Objects Step 3

Step 1. Use small toys

Use small plastic toys that your child has accumulated, especially in pouches or Kinder surprise.

  • You just need to paint them using a spray can in the color of your choice. And once dry, glue them on a wooden or cardboard board, next to each other on a basic photo frame, an art board or even a mirror.
  • The imagination has no limit, you can also choose small cars or toy soldiers, in short any small toy will do. You can also simply attach a plastic toy to a cotton canvas frame and play with the contrasts of the background vs toy.

Method 2 of 10: Use toys for hanging

Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring Step 9

Step 1. Make a coat rack

Ideal for hanging keys, coats, jewelry, the toys can be used as a hook or as a coat hook. I offer you two DIY ideas to make a coat rack that is both practical and unique.

  • The material: a wooden board, a spray can (optional), stainless steel screws and two molly plugs with screws to secure the coat rack to the wall.
  • Use either Playmobil which you attach to the wooden plank with Serflex type necklaces or plastic Schleich or Pipo figurines which you cut in half with a hacksaw and then secure to the wooden plank with screws. And if you prefer to have a uniform result in the end, you just have to paint everything with an aerosol can.

Method 3 of 10: Use toys to enhance old furniture

Organize a Master Bedroom Closet Step 1

Step 1. Customize a cabinet

Based on the same principle as toys diverted into coat hooks, you can use all kinds of plastic figurines as furniture handles or knobs, ideal for bringing a touch of originality to the drawers of an old chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a closet or a desk.

For this, all you need is a drill and screws of the diameter corresponding to the already existing hole

Method 4 of 10: Make magnets

Make a Magnet Step 1

Step 1. Create magnets

In addition to decorating the fridge door, the magnet is especially very practical to affix your memos or photos. Nothing could be simpler to recycle once again your plastic figurines, Lego bricks, dominoes… it's very simple, all you need is a point of strong glue to attach the magnet to the back of the pieces.

  • For Lego bricks, choose 5mm round magnets that you glue inside the holes below.
  • For the more nostalgic among us, you can also use old badges to turn them into magnets by simply removing the clips using wire cutters to stick a round magnet instead.

Method 5 of 10: Use toys to tell the time

Build Legos Step 1

Step 1. Make a clock

For the more do-it-yourselfers among us, you can make a clock yourself using small toys like Legos or Playmobil that you will place as a graduation on a raw or painted wooden dial after having fixed the mechanism in the center. of the clock.

And for the less do-it-yourselfers among us, all you have to do is buy a cheap vinyl record type clock on which you stick the plastic figures

Method 6 of 10: Use toys for lighting

Make a Candle Step 1

Step 1. Make a candle

There is no shortage of ideas to turn your old plastic toys into candles, table lamps or even suspended. To make a candle, all you have to do is make a small hole above the plastic animal or the head of an old doll the size of the spike of the plastic bobèche or the candle holder that you then glue with a tip of strong glue.

  • If you want to put a touch of color in accordance with the decoration, a shot of aerosol can and you're done.
  • For a table lamp, let yourself be carried away by the superposition of the pieces that you glue all around the foot and a stroke of spray paint will suffice to harmonize the whole.
  • As a lantern-type suspension, here's a great idea: use an old globe by removing its support. Then carefully cut along the 60th parallel south to form the shade and make a small hole at the top of the size of the electric wire to insert the bulb inside.

Method 7 of 10: Turn toys into flowerpots

Do Crazy Stuff With You and Your Toy Final

Step 1. Make flower pots

Sealing plastic toys is ideal for turning them into flower pots. The easiest way is to use flexible plastic or vinyl “toot-toot” type figures.

Simply cut a hole in the top with a cutter to then place the soil and a pretty indoor or outdoor flower. Make sure that used plastic toys hold water like a vase

Method 8 of 10: Make jars

Step 1. Use jars

If you have old glass jars or jam jars that you do not know what to do with, do not hesitate to divert them to store whatever you want in them: candies, cookies or for the office, for example, with paperclips. And to transform your old jam jar into a decorative object, all you have to do is stick a plastic figurine of the theme of your choice (dinosaur, animals of the savannah, the farm, etc.) on the lid and repaint it. 'together with an aerosol can.

For those who like snow globes, this time just stick your figurine inside the lid, add water to ¾ of the pot and then glitter in the color and shape of your choice. Then close the jam jar with the lid tight (or glued), turn over, shake … it's magic it's snowing

Method 9 of 10: Use small storage toys

Make a Pencil Holder Final

Step 1. Make a pencil holder

Based on the same concept as glass jars, you can divert any other type of containers, cans, cans, etc. to make a nice pencil holder by personalizing it with figurines or even old colored pencils that you stick all around.

You can also use the Lego blocks to make your own pencil holder or kitchen utensil holder

Method 10 of 10: Use toys to furnish

Skateboard Step 1

Step 1. Make decorative items

For skateboard fans, the skateboard deck is ideal for furnishing and bringing a touch of decor, both design and urban to your home: a shelf, a bench, a footrest, a coat rack … DIY ideas with skateboard decks abound.

  • For a skateboard shelf, remove or not the wheels and secure it perpendicular to the wall with two brackets below.
  • For a skateboard bench or footrest, attach the skateboard deck to the salvaged legs of a small metal or wood chair.
  • For a skateboard coat rack, with a drill make 4 holes in the board to screw the 4 wheels recovered from your old skateboard, fix them with nut screws next to each other then install your new coat rack on the wall using of molly pegs.

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