How to remove an erection: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to remove an erection: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to remove an erection: 14 steps (with pictures)

Erections are perfectly healthy and a part of life. But if you end up with a tent while not camping, the situation is embarrassing. Learn how to avoid this by dressing properly, covering up that erection, and getting rid of it quickly.


Part 1 of 3: Avoiding an Embarrassing Situation

Suppress an Erection Step 1

Step 1. Wear pants and underwear that fit perfectly

If you wear clothes that suit your body type, your erections won't be very embarrassing. You can keep them inconspicuous, and even prevent them from happening if you wear the right clothes. Wear boxers and pants that fit you.

Loose panties or pants can cause an erection, as your member can rub against the tissue as it moves. It can also be more durable

Suppress an Erection Step 2

Step 2. Wear dark pants

They offer less contrast than the colored ones. If you have an erection and you are wearing white jeans, it will be much more noticeable than if you are wearing one that is black. If you're worried about having an uncontrollable erection, wear socks that are navy blue, black, or some other dark color.

Suppress an Erection Step 3

Step 3. Wear long tops

If you wear a t-shirt that falls a little lower than your waist, it will provide better camouflage in an emergency. Oversized shirts, jackets, or sweaters can be very helpful if your hormones are playing their part.

Suppress an Erection Step 4

Step 4. Avoid sexual stimuli

It's difficult, but the more you think about other things, the less unwanted erection you will encounter. If you don't want to end up with an awkward bump, avoid thinking about sex or looking at pornographic images.

It is sometimes difficult to avoid sexual stimulation and erections occasionally happen when you are not necessarily stimulated. It is that our body does not react correctly because of the hormones which panic. This is completely normal

Suppress an Erection Step 5

Step 5. Relax

Having erections is completely normal, even if it is embarrassing in public or in an awkward situation. If you feel that there is one coming, try not to think about it and not get too excited. The most important thing to keep in mind in this situation is that there is nothing wrong with you, and you better stay calm.

Part 2 of 3: Cover Up an Erection

Suppress an Erection Step 6

Step 1. Sit down

If you are standing and have an erection, it will be visible. If you want to cover it up, try to sit up and cross your legs if necessary. If your pants are too tight, this technique can give you a bit more room.

  • If you are in public, try to sit anywhere: a chair with armrests would be ideal. Any reclining seat you can sink into will be fine, but it's true that anything will do in an emergency.
  • If possible, run into a bathroom or bedroom to make some arrangements. They are two perfect places.
Suppress an Erection Step 7

Step 2. Move your penis

Depending on your body type, moving your penis to a less visible position will make you more comfortable. If possible, try to do this using your hand or turn your hips slightly as discreetly as possible.

  • Move your penis by pointing it up or down along your zipper. Either way, it forms a natural bump, if you can wedge your member in the same direction it will be less noticeable. Make sure the tassel doesn't come out of your pants!
  • If it is oriented sideways, it will be more visible and it will be uncomfortable.
  • Be careful though, because by touching your penis, if people see you, they might think that you are giving yourself pleasure… You could even ejaculate!
Suppress an Erection Step 8

Step 3. Put a book or your backpack in your lap

If your erection is still visible and you want to cover it, just put something on or in front of your knees.

  • If you are at school or somewhere similar, check the time. How long do you have before you have to move?
  • If you are at the pool, use your towel. Lie down in the sun or on the sand until the erection is gone.
Suppress an Erection Step 9

Step 4. Wait for it to pass

Try to think of something other than what's happening below and wait for the erection to go away. Even the most stubborn erections eventually go away after a few minutes without you having to do anything.

If yours doesn't go away, move on to the next part to learn more techniques

Part 3 of 3: get rid of an erection

Suppress an Erection Step 10

Step 1. Exercise

If you want your erection to go away, start by exercising. Go out and do some sport: your erection will go away faster than if you wait for it to go away. This is because you will need blood to run another part of your body: your muscles.

  • Lower yourself and do ten quick push-ups, then try to do 30 to 40 sit-ups. Usually that will do. Otherwise, take a jog if you prefer.
  • Sometimes the simple act of focusing on sports can do the trick. Keep exercising to keep your body moving and get rid of any frustration.
  • Swimsuit erections are the most embarrassing. If this happens to you in the water, do a few laps.
  • Try to squeeze your leg muscles to draw blood away from your penis. This can be useful in the classroom.
Suppress an Erection Step 11

Step 2. Eat

Eating will help your body focus on something else. This causes blood to flow to your digestive system and help you digest food and convert it into energy. Try eating seeds, oats, or citrus fruits to improve blood circulation and keep your body busy.

Suppress an Erection Step 12

Step 3. Take a hot shower or bath

Although it is generally advisable to take a "cold shower", in reality, cold temperatures can promote sperm production, while hot ones can make you less fertile for a while. While this won't necessarily impact your erection, it can be useful in the long run. Any bath is a good idea.

Suppress an Erection Step 13

Step 4. Think of something gross or complicated

There is an old joke that says a man only has enough blood to feed either his brain or his penis, but not both. This is partially true. If you can't move or wait for your erection to pass, try the following.

  • Think about the deeper meaning of life. Ask yourself what happens when you die.
  • Do this head operation: (1567 x 34) (143 - 56).
  • Imagine elderly people having their meals in their retirement home.
  • Try to write a sonnet.
  • Imagine you are eating a raw jellyfish.
  • Read Aristotle.
  • Do a sudoku or crossword puzzle.
  • Remember the time you walked in dog poop with bare feet?
Suppress an Erection Step 14

Step 5. Pinch your legs

If there is really nothing you can do to get rid of this erection, you can try causing physical pain. Squeeze your thigh firmly to create a feeling that will distract you and keep your attention focused on something else. Only do this for a second or two, then stop if it doesn't work and move on to another method.

  • Under no circumstances should you try to hurt or injure your genitals to make an erection stop. It's a perfectly normal and natural thing and it will go away eventually.
  • If you have to provide sensation to your body to get rid of an erection, there is nothing wrong with occasional masturbation. It always makes an erection go away.


  • Wear long tops that fall under your belt to hide your "bump".
  • Don't think about it too much and don't make a big deal out of it.
  • Read a book or an article, play online games to clear your mind!

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