3 ways to mince ginger

3 ways to mince ginger
3 ways to mince ginger

There are several ways to mince ginger. Depending on your preferences or your recipe, you can chop it quite coarsely or very finely by reducing it to a practically puree. With a little preparation and common kitchen tools, you can mince ginger easily, giving it various consistencies.


Method 1 of 3: Peel ginger

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Step 1. Prune the ginger

Usually it comes in a big lump with all kinds of bumps and parts sticking out. Depending on how much you need, you can take a piece from the more bulbous part or just use a small stick or two that stick out.

If you are using the whole piece, cut off the protruding parts so that you can peel them separately. If you don't mind that there is a bit of skin in the dish, leave those parts on the root. They won't stop you from chopping the ginger

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Step 2. Use a spoon

Most chefs recommend using a spoon to peel the ginger. It removes the thin skin from the root without losing too much flesh.

Take a very thin spoon. Place the ginger on a cutting board with the flattest side down. If the root is very crooked, simply cut one side to form a flat surface to lay. Quickly and firmly slide the edge of the spoon over the surface of the ginger to scrape it and remove the skin

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Step 3. Use a peeler

You will lose some flesh with this method, but not as much as if you were using a knife. Hold the piece of ginger at the bottom and slide the peeler over its surface outward.

Step 4. Use a knife

This method will cause you to lose a lot of flesh, but if you are in a rush, it will do the trick. Use a small, sharp knife.

Hold the ginger with your non-dominant hand and peel it with the knife like you would peel an apple. Slide the blade under the skin and put your thumb on the hidden edge. Push the blade towards your thumb and continue following it with your thumb down the length of the root. Use the other hand to guide the stab wounds

Method 2 of 3: Mince ginger by hand

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Step 1. Make washers

Start by cutting the piece of peeled ginger into very thin slices. Stack them in pairs and cut them into thin matches. Then cut these matches by making incisions perpendicular to their length to obtain tiny cubes.

If you want the dice to be even smaller, chop them by carving them off the board at random with the knife

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Step 2. Make bands

Some people prefer to start by cutting the ginger into thin strips lengthwise rather than slices. Then cut these strips into matches and then into small cubes.

Use this method if you don't mind having big enough pieces of ginger in the dish

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Step 3. Crush the ginger

Flatten it before slicing it. This method works best if you have a large, heavy knife like a chopper, but you can also use a large kitchen knife with a wide, flat blade.

Cut the ginger into thick slices. Place the flat of the knife blade on each and press it down. The washer should crush and break into small pieces that you can mince easily and quickly. If the knife is not heavy enough, lay the blade flat on the washers and hit it hard with your fist or the base of your palm

Method 3 of 3: Use other tools

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Step 1. Use a grater

If you have one, use a zest grater, which has very fine teeth. If you don't have one, a normal fine grater is fine for the job. Usually, this method produces a lot of ginger juice. Grate the root over a bowl or other container to catch the liquid.

Slide the peeled ginger on the grater, collecting the pulp that forms on the tool from time to time to put it in a bowl or a plate. This method can be quite lengthy, but the result will be a bunch of extremely thin pieces of ginger that are almost pulp-like and impossible to find in the cooked dish

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Step 2. Use a food processor

In general, this method works best for chopping a large amount of ginger. If there isn't enough of it, much of it will get stuck under the blades. Use a food processor to mince a whole ginger root.

If you don't need a whole root, but still want to use a food processor, chop the entire root and freeze any leftovers. Ginger freezes well when wrapped in plastic. When you cook frozen ginger, you won't even need to thaw it first. The frozen water will evaporate almost immediately when you add the ingredient to the hot dish

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Step 3. Try a blender

If you are making a dressing or marinade, you can use a small, powerful blender to chop the ginger. Since many blenders require a certain amount of liquid in the bowl to function properly, this method is only suitable for a liquid mix that contains ginger.

Roughly chop the ginger before putting it in the blender bowl with liquid. Mix the ingredients well. Remove the bowl from the base of the appliance and stir the mixture with a fork to make sure that no lumps remain


  • If there are any leftover minced ginger, put them in an airtight glass jar and refrigerate. Use them over the next few days.
  • Look for a piece of ginger that isn't too wrinkled or crooked and has a lot of smooth surface so you can cut it easily.
  • Choose a firm piece with no damaged part.

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