How to malt corn (with pictures)

How to malt corn (with pictures)
How to malt corn (with pictures)

During malting, grains like corn or barley begin to sprout and develop. This process releases enzymes that interact with the yeasts during distillation or brewing. Once the grains have sprouted, these are dried and stored until they are reused as corn malt for alcohol. Corn can be malted at home in a week or two, which is not possible with oats or rye.


Part 1 of 4: Dosing the ingredients

Malt Corn Step 1

Step 1. Buy white corn for malting

Yellow corn is too rich in oil.

Malt Corn Step 2

Step 2. Buy between 2, 5 and 9 kg of white corn

Most distillers suggest working 9kg of corn each time in order to have enough to get a good batch of corn malt. However, the amount of malt you choose will depend on your equipment and the surface area you have available for drying.

Malt Corn Step 3

Step 3. Buy a 20 L bucket of food for 2.5 kg of corn to be malted

Malt Corn Step 4

Step 4. Purchase a sterilizing solution to thoroughly clean your buckets before you begin

Part 2 of 4: let the corn sprout

Malt Corn Step 5

Step 1. Fill your 20 L food bucket with water at a temperature of 17-30 ° C

You can use hot water from the tap. Use a thermometer to take the temperature.

Malt Corn Step 6

Step 2. Pour 2.5 kg of white corn into each bucket

Submerge it completely. Leave to soak for 24 hours.

Malt Corn Step 7

Step 3. Eliminate the water completely

Remove any kernels of corn that floated on the surface of the water during soaking.

Malt Corn Step 8

Step 4. Fill the buckets again with hot tap water

Leave to soak for an additional 18-24 hours.

Malt Corn Step 9

Step 5. Remove the water

Part 3 of 4: let the germs grow

Malt Corn Step 10

Step 1. Distribute the corn on large baking sheets

Spread them out in a thin layer 2 to 5 cm high. The room temperature should remain between 17 and 30 ° C.

Malt Corn Step 11

Step 2. Spread damp paper towels over the corn-lined baking sheets

Malt Corn Step 12

Step 3. Spray hot tap water on the paper towels to keep them moist and the corn to sprout

Malt Corn Step 13

Step 4. Lift the paper towels to mix the corn every eight hours

Malt Corn Step 14

Step 5. Continue for another 5-10 days or until most of the corn kernels have sprouts 5mm in length

Part 4 of 4: drying the malt

Malt Corn Step 15

Step 1. Remove the paper towels

Spread the corn. The corn layer formed must be as thin as possible.

Malt Corn Step 16

Step 2. Use fans to dry the corn kernels

During the first two or three hours, the temperature should not exceed 50 ° C. The corn should not heat up too quickly, at the risk of destroying the enzymes generated during malting.

Malt Corn Step 17

Step 3. Increase the temperature of the greenhouse or oven until it reaches 55 ° C within an hour

Continue to circulate air around the corn using the fans.

Malt Corn Step 18

Step 4. During the next hour, continue to increase the temperature until it reaches 66 ° C

Malt Corn Step 19

Step 5. Once dry, place the corn in large bags

Hit the bags against a hard surface to break up the germs.

Step 6. Shake and sift the corn to completely remove the germs

Store the resulting malt in a cool, dry place and use it within two months at most.

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