4 ways to reheat French fries

4 ways to reheat French fries
4 ways to reheat French fries

If you've ever thrown away leftover fries, you may have wished there was a way to reheat them while still tasting good. Fortunately, you can easily reheat them and end up with hot, crispy fries as long as you don't put them in the microwave. Put them in a pan on the gas stove, in the oven on a plate or in an air fryer and leave them for a few minutes. You will soon find yourself with tasty fries that will look like they've been taken out of the deep fryer!


Method 1 of 4: Reheat French fries on the stove

Step 1. Heat a skillet over medium heat for two minutes

Place the pan on the stove and turn on the burner so that the pan is hot before putting the fries in it. For crispier fries, use a cast iron skillet, as it will retain heat better than a non-stick skillet.

If you don't have a cast iron pan, use the thickest pan you have

Step 2. Pour in 2 teaspoons of oil and heat for 30 seconds

To prevent the oil from burning, use one with a high smoke point such as vegetable, rapeseed or peanut oil. Heat it before putting the fries in the pan.

If you are reheating a large portion, add two teaspoons

Step 3. Pour 100 g of French fries into the pan

Try to arrange them so that they lie in a single layer, which will make them crispier on the sides. If you want to heat more, you can do it several times so as not to pile them up in the pan.


To reheat more fries, you should consider the oven method, as it allows you to reheat more fries at one time.

Reheat French Fries Step 4

Step 4. Cook them for two to five minutes, turning them over

Let them cook for one to two minutes before turning them over with a spatula. Then cook them for another minute and turn them again so that they are hot on all sides.

If you are reheating stick apples, you should leave them for only two to three minutes while the thicker fries should stay for about five minutes

Step 5. Place the fries on a paper towel and serve

Place one or two sheets of paper towels on a plate. Then use a slotted spoon to remove the fries from the pan and place them on the paper towel. Serve them right away while they are still crisp.

The paper towel will soak up excess oil on the fries

Method 2 of 4: Using the oven

Bake a Totino's Party Pizza Step 1

Step 1. Preheat the oven to 230 ° C and prepare a baking sheet

Take a baking sheet with raised edges and cover it with aluminum foil. It will prevent the fries from sticking to the plate.

It's important to use a baking sheet with raised edges so that the fries don't slip and fall off the baking sheet as you put them in the oven

Step 2. Spread the fries on the baking sheet

Try to spread them evenly so that they don't stick together or become soft. For crispier fries, spread them out in a single layer.


if you reheat a lot of fries, you can divide them on two different baking sheets to maintain the best possible texture.

Reheat French Fries Step 8

Step 3. Bake the fries for two to three minutes

Put the baking sheet in the preheated oven and let them warm up. If you're reheating stick apples, check them after two minutes in the oven, but leave the fries thicker for an extra minute.

Step 4. Take out the fries once they are hot and crispy

Open the oven door and use a spatula to pull out a fries. Cut it in half to see if the core is warm. The fries are ready when they are completely hot and a little crispy.

If it is still cold inside, leave the fries for one more minute in the oven before checking them again. Remember, it won't take long for them to warm up

Method 3 of 4: Try the air fryer

Use a Nuwave Air Fryer Step 7

Step 1. Turn on the air fryer to 180 ° C

Plug in the appliance and heat for about two minutes before placing the fries in the basket. You will heat the fries more evenly by preheating the fryer.

Reheat French Fries Step 11

Step 2. Place the fries in the basket

Put one or two handfuls of fries in the deep fryer basket and spread them out well. Do not try to fill the basket more than half full or the fries will not be crispy when you reheat them.

If you want to reheat a lot of French fries, you should do this in batches


you can reheat other foods in the air fryer along with the fries, for example other potato sides or pizza.

Step 3. Heat for three to four minutes

Place the basket in the air fryer and heat for two to three minutes. Then turn off the appliance and take out the basket to shake the fries a little. Replace the basket and finish heating them for another minute or two.

If you're reheating thick fries, consider leaving them an extra minute

Reheat French Fries Step 13

Step 4. Place the fries on a paper towel before serving

Place paper towels on a plate and turn off the air fryer. Carefully pour the fries into the basket on the paper towel which will absorb the fat. Then, enjoy your hot and crispy fries.

Method 4 of 4: Get the best flavor and texture

Make Turnip Fries Step 20

Step 1. Add seasoning to fries before serving

Even if your fries were already salty, you can give them more flavor after reheating them. Buy or prepare a seasoning that will make them tastier as if they came from the restaurant. To prepare a small container of seasoning, combine the following ingredients:

  • 70 g of salt;
  • 2 tablespoons of paprika;
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder;
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic salt;
  • 1 half tablespoon of cumin;
  • 1 half tablespoon of ground black pepper;
  • 1 half tablespoon of dried basil;
  • 1 half tablespoon of dried parsley;
  • 1 teaspoon of chili powder;
  • 1 half teaspoon of celery salt.
Reheat French Fries Step 15

Step 2. Avoid reheating fries in the microwave

If you don't have a stove, oven, or air fryer, you can microwave them, but they're going to be much softer. To warm them up, pour a little vegetable oil over the fries and spread them out on a plate covered with paper towel. Microwave them in 20 second intervals until heated through.


some paper towels are not designed to be microwave-safe, especially if they contain recycled materials, so you should check your own first.

Reheat French Fries Step 16

Step 3. Serve warmed fries with sauces

Make your fries from the day before more interesting by serving them with sauces. You can offer classics like ketchup, mayonnaise or barbecue sauce, but also steak sauce or spicy mustard. Try the following suggestions for a unique dish:

  • a chorizo ​​and cheese sauce;
  • a cream, garlic and fine herb sauce;
  • aioli;
  • a curry sauce.

Step 4. Prepare a new meal with the fries

If you prefer to reuse them instead of eating them as they are, you can reheat them on the stove, in the oven or in the air fryer. Then put them in a dish and pour meat sauce over them to make a poutine. You can also melt cheese on warmed fries and serve them with a sauce and guacamole to make nachos.

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