How to open an Xbox 360: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to open an Xbox 360: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to open an Xbox 360: 13 steps (with pictures)

The procedure for dismantling an XBOX 360 classic case is different from that of the XBOX 360 Slim or the XBOX 360 E. Do not forget that disassembling the case of an XBOX 360 console will make you lose the warranty of the device.


Open an Xbox 360 Step 1

Step 1. Gather the tools you will need

You will need the following tools to disassemble your XBOX 360:

  • a flat screwdriver;
  • a T12 Torx bit screwdriver.
Open an Xbox 360 Step 2

Step 2. Disconnect your XBOX 360 from all input and output sources

The device must be completely disconnected from all its power cables and other accesses. This includes cables for external data storage equipment, HDMI audio and video connection cables and power cables.

If a disc is in the console, eject it and place it in a safe place before unplugging the unit

Open an Xbox 360 Step 3

Step 3. Connect to earth before disassembling the device

Static electricity can permanently damage the electronic circuitry of the console. First of all, use an antistatic bracelet or a similar means to carry out your disassembly or remember to touch at regular intervals a metal surface which is itself connected to the earth of the place where you are.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 4

Step 4. Remove the front bezel from the console

Insert one of your fingers into the part of the USB sockets to the right of the power button and tilt the front of the device towards you. You can force it moderately, there is nothing fragile or sensitive to the touch behind this part.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 5

Step 5. Remove the vent plates from the ends

They are held in place by gray clips on the right and left of the Xbox 360 case. You have two options for removing these ventilation plates.

  • Insert a fairly large and bent desktop paperclip into each of the upper ventilation openings in the case of your XBOX 360 and tilt them upward in small bursts; this will release the clips holding the vent plate in place.
  • Insert a flat screwdriver into the junction between the ventilation plate and the rest of the console box and pass the tool around the grille, holding it in this position and tilting it upwards along its path; this method will take less time than the previous one, but you must be very careful not to break one of the fixing clips of the aeration plate.
  • If your Xbox has a hard drive, you'll need to unmount it before doing anything else.
Open an Xbox 360 Step 6

Step 6. Pull out the aeration plates

These being released from their attachment points, simply remove them from the device case and set them aside.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 7

Step 7. Unclip the front of the case

You will find four clips on the front of your Xbox 360 whose role is to hold the upper and lower half-shells of the case assembled. Pull the upper shell towards you while holding the lower part to disengage the clips. You will find them in the following places:

  • one on each side of the disc holder;
  • one to the right of the power button;
  • the last is placed at the right end of the front of the device case.
Open an Xbox 360 Step 8

Step 8. Release the back of the case

Turn the console over so that the back of the console is facing you. Slide your hand into the empty space that is now to your right, where the vent plate used to be, and turn upward and downward pressure on the two joined halves of the case while inserting the end of a flat screwdriver into the small slots in the rear part.

There are a total of seven small slits along the back of the console

Open an Xbox 360 Step 9

Step 9. Disassemble the underside of the case

Turn the console box over so that the top is at the bottom. Spread the lower part of the case by pulling it upwards and set it aside. You should now see the metal part of the Xbox 360 case.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 10

Step 10. Remove the fixing screws from the top of the case

Use your Torx head screwdriver. If one of the screw heads does not match the Torx recess, do not attempt to unscrew it; it has no relation to the fixing of the case itself. You will have a total of six screws to remove:

  • two to the right;
  • two more on the left;
  • one in each of the circular shapes stamped in the center of the plate.
  • Take care to place the screws that you will remove in a plastic bag that you will store safely so as not to lose them.
Open an Xbox 360 Step 11

Step 11. Turn your console over again

The metal plate is now at the bottom and you should have the front part of the console in front of you.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 12

Step 12. Disassemble the eject button

You will find it to the left of the front of the console. Use your flat screwdriver as a lever by inserting it carefully behind the green nylon bar on the left of the case to expel the button.

Open an Xbox 360 Step 13

Step 13. Lift the top shell off the case

It should lift unhindered, and you should now see the electronic components that make up your Xbox 360.

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