How to mod an Xbox: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to mod an Xbox: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to mod an Xbox: 12 steps (with pictures)

During the early days of a console's existence, using "mods" (changes to a game or the console) is usually only possible by installing a new component, which can be a real embarrassment for the average user.. Fortunately, software mods are now available for both Xbox and Xbox 360.


Method 1 of 2: Modify an original Xbox

Mod an Xbox Step 1

Step 1. Download the All-in-One Exploit suite

This little gem of software completely unlocks the Xbox code and gives you full control. Due to the ambiguous legislation in which the modification of consoles is found, these files are not easily found on Internet sites. Instead, you will need to log into IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and download these files directly from the community through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.

  • Download an IRC client. mIRC is the most widely used client. After installation, it will ask you for a nickname and an alternative nickname when you launch it for the first time. Pick whatever name you want, but avoid using real names.
  • After choosing your name, you will see a white console appear. Type "/ server" and press Enter. This will connect you to the chat server. A list of rooms to join will open, close this window.
  • In the console, type "/ j #xbins" and press Enter. This will take you to a chat room for the Xbox mod community. On the right, there will be a list of all the users present in the channel. Near the top, you should see a user named "xbins".
  • Type "/ msg xbins! List" in the channel console. This will open a private chat with xbons, which is an auto responder. You will receive a private message containing credentials for the FTP server. Keep this window open.
Xbox Step 2 mod

Step 2. Open an FTP program

FlashFXP or FileZilla are two of the most popular clients. Once you are in an FTP program, click on the Connect or Quick Connect button.

  • Log in to with the username and password provided by xbins. The port should be set to 21 by default. The credentials only work once, so if you log out you will have to message xbins again.
  • You will see a list of folders on the right side of the software. Navigate to / XBOX / Console Based Applications / exploits / _Packages / Softmod Installer Deluxe /. Browsing these folders with FTP is quite similar to normal browsing on your computer.
  • Download the Softmod.Installer.Deluxe.v2.0.Xbox-Hq.rar file. Drag it from the right part to the left part to download it. Open the.rar file with WinRAR. The archive contains several different files. For this step, you will need and These are game save files that will act as an installer for the new dashboard.
Xbox Step 3 mod

Step 3. Use Pro Action Replay to move the savegame from the computer to the Xbox

Connect Pro Action Replay to your computer and install the necessary software. Insert your Xbox memory card into Pro Action Replay. You can now access the contents of the card from your computer.

  • Click on files and drag them to the Xbox memory card.
  • Remove the memory card from the Pro Action Replay and insert it into the Xbox. Copy the backups from the Xbox memory card to the Xbox internal hard drive. There should be two backup files to copy. One is 4 blocks and the other is 489 blocks. You will need both on your Xbox hard drive to continue with the installation.
Xbox Step 4 mod

Step 4. Start Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell is a playable game that allows corrupted software to be launched through it. This process will not work with Pandora Tomorrow or Chaos Theory, it must be the original version of the game.

  • From the main menu, select Start Game. From the Profiles screen, select “Linux”.
  • On the Load Save Point screen, select Save Points. Selecting Levels may crash the system.
  • The screen will turn black and a few seconds later you will see the UnleashX intro screen followed by the control panel.
Xbox Step 5 mod

Step 5. Select “Install Softmod”

This will install the modified system code. Do not turn off the console during this step, or your console will likely become useless. When the progress bar disappears, the installation will be complete.

Xbox Step 6 mod

Step 6. Install a new Dashboard

There are two different dashboards included in the installation of Softmod, Evox and UnleashX. Both have the same basic functions, so install the one you like the most.

There are other dashboards available online. Make sure you take them from reliable sources. The #xbins IRC channel you connected to earlier has a wide variety of home-made apps and dashboards

Xbox Step 7 mod

Step 7. Turn off the Xbox

Once the dashboard installation is complete, you will need to shut down and restart the Xbox. If the installation was successful, you should see your new tampered dashboard instead of the Xbox dashboard.

Method 2 of 2: Mod an Xbox 360

Xbox Step 8 mod

Step 1. Realize that modifying an Xbox 360 with software is a much more complex process

Due to the huge number of differences between models, it is highly recommended that you research the process specific to your model. These steps will give you the basic flow of the process.

Xbox Step 9 mod

Step 2. Flash your 360's DVD drive

To mod a 360, you will need to load a tampered software version into the DVD player that is installed in your console. Changing the software version of the DVD player is called "flashing". This allows the player to read the burned discs.

  • To flash the DVD drive, you need to identify which drive you are using. There are 4 different manufacturers for the 360 ​​DVD player: Samsung, Hitachi, Benq and Lite-on. Samsung disc players have long grooves cut into the center opening of the tray. Hitachi chainrings have several small holes and two separate small grooves in the center opening. Benq and Lite-on have the same tray with a smooth central opening.
  • To differentiate between Benq and Lite-on players, you must pop out the bezel located in the center of your console in front, just below the disc player. If you see white cables then it's a Benq, if you see yellow cables then it's a Lite-on. If the Xbox dates from before April 2008, then it's a Benq since Lite-on hadn't been introduced until then.
  • Of the 4 manufacturers, there are 12 different models of record players, each requiring small variations in the process. Samsungs are the easiest to flash, Lite-ons are generally the most complicated.
Xbox Step 10 mod

Step 3. Disassemble the Xbox 360

To be able to flash the reader, it must be connected to a PC. To access the drive and do this, you will need to disassemble the 360.

  • Remove the front panel first by flipping the 360 ​​vertically and removing the panel from below.
  • Remove the ventilation plates from both sides of the console. These are attached with notches which must be removed one at a time. Gently remove the plates by releasing the notches.
  • Once the plates have been removed, turn the 360 ​​over. Remove the underside by pressing the notches around the console.
  • Once the plate is removed, unscrew the screws from the steel frame. Turn the 360 ​​over again and remove the top plate. You can now access the DVD player.
Xbox Step 11 mod

Step 4. Connect the DVD drive to your computer using a SATA cable

Most SATA ports on computers are located in their cases, physically attached to the motherboard. You will need to open your computer to run a cable from your 360's DVD drive to your SATA port.

  • The DVD player will need to be powered in order to be flashed. Although you can power it from the 360, this is not recommended, as the 360 ​​reports every time the system turns on without a DVD player connected. This will most likely lead to your console being banned.
  • As the power supply connection is not standard, you will need an adapter which will allow you to connect the power supply of your PC to the DVD player of the 360.
Xbox Step 12 mod

Step 5. Flash the drive through Windows

There are several ways to flash a drive, including command lines. The easiest way is to download and launch JungleFlasher which combines all the different flashing methods into one program that launches under Windows.

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