How to play for free on Xbox Live: 3 steps (with pictures)

How to play for free on Xbox Live: 3 steps (with pictures)
How to play for free on Xbox Live: 3 steps (with pictures)

The Xbox 360 is great for playing online, but in order to access the servers you must have an Xbox Live Gold membership. If you cannot afford to pay for this subscription, there are ways to acquire codes on the internet. If you prefer, you can also play on free alternative servers.


Method 1 of 3: Find free codes on the internet

Step 1. Find a site that gives out codes

There are a lot of sites that, in exchange for just signing up or filling out a quiz, give you Xbox Live codes. Not all sites are in order… Pay particular attention to downloadable programs that claim to create free codes.

Step 2. Answer the questionnaires

Most of these sites require you to take a few questionnaires and sign up for a few email address lists. To avoid having your email inbox swamped with spam, create another email address just for answering questionnaires. This will allow you to keep your personal information safe and prevent a massive influx of spam.

Step 3. Enter your code

Once you have done the required tasks to get the code, you should receive it by email or directly on the site. Enter the code into your Xbox to take advantage of the subscription.

Method 2 of 3: Using Bing Rewards

Step 1. How to get a real Xbox Live subscription

All you have to do is use Bing every day, earn points by following research directions, and / or take advantage of Microsoft promotions and you'll quickly have racked up enough points to purchase an Xbox Live subscription on Bing Awards.

Method 3 of 3: Connect to a third-party service

Step 1. Download a connection program to your computer

One of the best known is XLink Kai. With this program, you will be able to play System-link or LAN games without having to connect to Xbox Live. You will just have to change your connection settings on your computer before connecting.

  • You will need to create an XTag account and register on the XLink servers. This will also be your player name that other players will see.
  • XLink Kai is free.

Step 2. Set up your router

To be able to connect to XLink Kai, you will need to create an open port on your router. To do this, open the settings page of your router on an internet browser. Normally you can access it by typing in your search bar.

  • Connect your Xbox to your router using an Ethernet cable. A wireless connection will not work.
  • Open the "Open a port" section. It can also be called "Applications" or something like that.
  • Open port 30000 to your computer's IP. Make sure to choose UPD or TCP / UDP protocol.
  • Open the XLink Kai Configuration Tool. In the "Port configuration" section, put 30000 to "Kai Port". "Kai Deep Port" must always be 0.

Step 3. Start XLink Kai on your computer

Log in with the XTag you created earlier.

Step 4. Insert a system-link / LAN game into your Xbox

Open the LAN / Multiplayer menu and start searching for a game. You need to search for a game for the Xbox to connect to the Kai servers.

Open the "Diagnostics" tab in Kai click on "Metrics". You should see a message telling you that your Xbox has been recognized by XLink Kai

Step 5. Find a part

Once logged into Kai, you can start searching for games from your computer. Find players who are playing the same game as you and join the game you want. Once connected, your Xbox will find the game and join it automatically.

Due to the Xbox 360's LAN card, you will not be able to play with players who have ping over 35ms. This means that you have to find games with players who are near you


  • Not all parties have a host.
  • You can use Xbox Live to download content, it's free.

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