How to install Gran Theft Auto San Andreas: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to install Gran Theft Auto San Andreas: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to install Gran Theft Auto San Andreas: 12 steps (with pictures)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the second sequel to the flagship Grand Theft Auto III. In GTA San Andreas, players take on the role of Carl "CJ" Johnson, an arrogant young gangster mercilessly trying to explore the world of San Andreas, a satirical state modeled on California in the early 90s. Originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2004, GTA San Andreas was ported to PC less than a year later. Here's how to install GTA San Andreas on PC!


Method 1 of 2: Install from CD

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 1

Step 1. Insert the GTA San Andreas CD into your computer's CD drive

To begin the installation process, put the San Andreas disc in your computer's drive. Most of the time, this will automatically bring up a window prompting you to start the installation process.

San Andreas is a ten year old game, so it doesn't require too much setup. Most newer computers are powerful enough to run it. On the other hand, if you are not sure whether your computer is suitable, check out the official Rockstar Games system requirements

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 2

Step 2. If the AutoPlay window does not appear, open the installation folder manually

For various reasons (for example, the game is not made for modern hardware), the AutoPlay window may not open immediately when you insert the San Andreas CD. if so, try to open the game disc by clicking on "My Computer" and launching the installer executable (.exe) file.

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 3

Step 3. Choose the directory where you will install the game

Follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Subsequently, it will ask you to choose the destination where the game will be installed. Most users will choose the default destination, but if you would prefer to put the game in another location, specify it in the text box.

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 4

Step 4. Choose between the “Complete” installation and the “Custom” installation

The wizard will then ask you to choose between a full installation and a custom installation. Most users will want to opt for the “Full” installation which is preselected, as it is simpler and easier. However, if you want to save space on your hard drive by choosing specific game items to install, choose “Custom” Installation and follow the additional instructions.

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 5

Step 5. Wait for the game to install

When you are done with your setup, the game will start installing. This process may take several minutes.

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 6

Step 6. After the installation is complete, insert the game CD

Once the installation is complete. Insert the game CD and launch it using the menu that should automatically appear on the screen.

If the AutoPlay window does not appear, try manually running the game's ".exe" file with the CD inserted

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 7

Step 7. Consult Rockstar Games online technical support resources if you are unable to get your copy of the game to work

As stated at the beginning of the article, San Andreas is a game that is quite old. For this reason, you may encounter difficulties while trying to launch it, even if its installation was successful. If you have a problem, feel free to visit the Rockstar Games Help Forums.

Method 2 of 2: Install from a downloaded copy

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 8

Step 1. Download San Andreas from a trusted source

For starters, it's best to get a copy of the game that works perfectly and is virus-free. Download only from reliable and reputable sources or from reliable torrent sites. Never download sites that you don't know about, that look questionable, or have intrusive ads.

If you are not sure how reliable a site is, you can download and use any of the free or paid security software that is available online by doing a simple Google search

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 9

Step 2. Unzip the downloaded file

Usually, copies downloaded or shared through a torrent site are compressed, so they must be unzipped (or “unzipped”) before they can be used. Find the location of the compressed file you downloaded, right-click it, and choose "Extract" or an equivalent option (which may vary depending on which unzip utilities you have installed). Then, specify the destination of the file you are going to decompress as indicated.

To decompress a file, you will need specific software for this operation. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of free and paid software available for download. For example, 7zip, a free utility, which should meet most decompression needs

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 10

Step 3. Launch the installation file

After unzipping the installer (.exe) file, find it in the location you chose. You should see a window appear offering you to install the game.

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 11

Step 4. Follow the installation instructions

“Pirated” or “cracked” versions of games, by their nature, are not official or identical, so the process of installing your downloaded game may differ from that of another. Usually, all you have to do is follow the unzipped file installation instructions just like you would with a normal version of the game.

You "may" need to "mount" an ISO image of the game disc to a virtual drive in order to run the installed game. In short, it is a process by which the computer believes the game disc is inserted when it is not. For more information, read wikiHow's guide on how to mount an ISO image

Install Grand Theft Auto_ San Andreas Step 12

Step 5. Avoid hacking games

Hacking computer games is illegal in most countries. Although anti-piracy measures are often poorly enforced (especially for old games like San Andreas), piracy is still considered a crime. On top of that, there is no way to determine the quality of the pirated game. Not only can hacking a game like San Andreas put you at risk for legal action, you can also end up with a buggy or non-working version. Finally, pirated games are known to be vulnerable to viruses and malware.

If you voluntarily choose to download pirated games, it is at your own risk

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