How to click quickly in a video game: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to click quickly in a video game: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to click quickly in a video game: 7 steps (with pictures)

You want to click faster because you are not fast enough at the games you are playing. Be aware that it is possible to increase its speed by making a few changes.


Click Faster when Playing Games Step 1

Step 1. Practice clicking

Go to websites like Jitterclick or Kohi click to practice clicking as quickly as possible. The goal is to use the muscle spasms to achieve faster clicks. You will find several tutorials on the internet, some of which are videos.

Click Faster when Playing Games Step 2

Step 2. Choose a mouse

To be able to click quickly, note that a laptop's touchpad is less powerful than a mouse. In addition, the ergonomics of the mouse allow better positioning of the hand and fingers for faster clicking.

Click Faster when Playing Games Step 3

Step 3. Use the keys correctly

Memorize the location of the keys you need. Be careful not to press the right mouse button when you wanted to click the left button. Note that depending on the computer, it may be possible to adjust the sensitivity which will allow you to click faster.

Click Faster when Playing Games Step 4

Step 4. Position your hand

Place the mouse and put your hand on it. Position your finger on the left or right button according to your choice and your settings. The latter must be well inclined or straight, but directed downwards or upwards.

  • Always have your finger close to your mouse. When you stop clicking, keep your finger closest to the button. The ideal is to leave it idle on the mouse button.
  • Gently press the button. No need to press too hard, you could cause the mouse to move and possibly slow down the click rate.
  • Make sure you have your mouse securely in your hand to prevent it slipping out of your hands while you are using it.
  • Don't try to do something else at the same time like use the scroll function.
  • Note that if your other hand is free, you can use it to increase the frequency of your clicks. To do this, place your two index fingers next to each other on the right button of your mouse, then press alternately with each finger. Try to imagine the movement and then reproduce it with your fingers.
  • If your click speed is still insufficient, try using software that increases click speed. However, the game in which you want to use it must authorize its use. There are some game servers that do not accept them. If possible, download one of these software and follow the instructions given with it to configure and use it correctly.
Click Faster when Playing Games Step 5

Step 5. Choose a suitable mouse

There are many brands that offer mice made for gaming so you can click quickly. The Razer mouse brand is a good example, but Mad Catz, Logitech, Cyborg and many others also offer mice that also make it easy to achieve high click rates.

Don't stop playing games that require a high click rate. Sometimes do tests on the internet to check your click speed

Click Faster when Playing Games Step 6

Step 6. Choose games

Play games that allow you to practice making quick and frequent clicks.

  • Play the Osu game! on computer. It will allow you to train your ability to click faster and thus improve your abilities beyond normal. This is typically a game for people who enjoy playing and especially games that require a high click rate.
  • Play first-person shooters (FPS games), for example Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to take your reaction times to the next level.
  • Look to play games on the internet that require a good reaction capacity. You can try the Copter game on the internet.
Click Faster when Playing Games Step 7

Step 7. Practice

Play games that require you to click quickly.

  • Get software that clicks for you. There are several software that, once configured, will perform clicks for you. For example the GS auto clicker software, or if you have a Razer mouse, you can download the Razer synapse software and thus configure the automation of your clicks and dedicate a key on your keyboard for this operation.
  • Create a macro to automate your clicks. Some mice may not be able to integrate this type of macro. However, gaming mice do accept it.


  • Note that by using a mouse with a laptop, you can double your clicks by using the touchpad and mouse at the same time.
  • If you don't want to do the clicks yourself, you can use a bot that will do the clicks for you.
  • Always have your hand relaxed.
  • Remember to have the palm of your hand on the table, this will help stabilize it better when you click quickly.
  • By using two fingers, you will be able to click faster.
  • Take a mouse intended for games which will help you increase your click rate.
  • Practice and improve your click speed.
  • Place your fingers in different positions to see which one allows you to click the fastest.
  • Try clicking with the hand you don't use for writing. You will thus preserve the latter against possible cramps or muscle pain.
  • If you are playing with a laptop, you will be able to click with both hands. For example, your right hand on the mouse and your left hand on the touchpad. By using two means in this way, you will easily increase your click speed.


  • Take breaks! If you click for too long, you could injure yourself.
  • Note that for some games the click speed is capped. So you won't need to go after your mouse.
  • Sometimes servers refuse people who use auto-clicker software. So check that you can use at least one.
  • Be aware that there are games like Counter strike: global offensive (CS: GO) that slow down clicks if you click too fast.
  • Watch out for your mouse! By clicking quickly, you could end up breaking your mouse or knocking it out of place.
  • Try to position your mouse furthest in the center of the stand you want to use it on. Make sure you have enough space so that it doesn't fall down while you're clicking quickly.

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