3 ways to write symbols with a keyboard

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3 ways to write symbols with a keyboard
3 ways to write symbols with a keyboard

Sometimes it is fun to type symbols with the keyboard, but at certain times it is crucial to do this in more professional and academic circumstances. Whether you are playing with emoticons in a chat room or writing a report in a foreign language, knowing the different ways to write symbols on the keyboard will improve your communication skills. Your input method sometimes depends on what keyboard you have, but there are generic ways you can type symbols no matter what keyboard you are using.


Method 1 of 3: Use the alt = "Image" key and numbers on a computer keyboard

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 1

Step 1. Click the Start menu button

This is the menu through which you go to shut down your computer.

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 2

Step 2. Select the Programs option

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 3

Step 3. Go to Accessories

Then click on System tools and select Character table.

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 4

Step 4. Choose a character and see its typing pattern

When you click on a letter, you will see its typing pattern in the lower right corner of the window Character table. Likewise, at the lower left of the window, you will find the name of the selected letter.

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 5

Step 5. Get the desired result

To do this, use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter the four-digit code while holding down the key. Alt.

Method 2 of 3: Working with the Spanish language

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 6

Step 1. Use the Spanish symbols on a Mac

  • To accentuate a particular letter, press and hold Option and press the letter in question. To write for example a é, you should hold down Option and press the key E.
  • Use the Word program in Windows to type symbols with a keyboard. You can use your keyboard to make specific symbols by pressing the Ctrl key followed by the apostrophe to accent a letter.
  • Open WordPerfect in Windows, then find the option Insertion in the menu. Select Characters, then choose Multinational characters. So use whatever symbol you like.
Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 7

Step 2. Type Spanish symbols with your computer keyboard

  • Find the installation CD for your Windows system to use when setting up the keyboard.
  • Go to the control panel by clicking on the menu button To start up. It is at the bottom of This PC Where Computer.
  • Double click on the option Keyboard.
  • Click on the tab Languages.
  • Select option Add.
  • Choose Spanish from the list of options and specify the type of Spanish you want. The type Mexico is the one that corresponds to the generic Latin American keyboard.
  • Check the list of languages ​​on your keyboard to make sure Spanish is one of them. If not, repeat the previous steps.
  • Make sure that the box Activate the indicator on the taskbar is checked in the language window. You also have the option to configure the keyboard and all you have to do to use the symbols is press the key. Ctrl at the same time you press Shift to switch from French to Spanish without using the mouse.

Method 3 of 3: Use funny symbols to make emoticons

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 8

Step 1. Determine the type of emoticon you want to use

An emoticon is a short symbolic representation of an emotion.

Type Symbols on a Keyboard Step 9

Step 2. Use a character code to create a symbol

Search the Internet for character codes. For example, if you hold down alt = "Image" and type the number 1 on the numeric keypad of the keyboard, you will result in the emoticon of a smiley face. On the other hand, you will get the emoticon of a heart if you hold down the key. Alt and press the number

Step 3..

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