How to exchange messages through Command Prompt

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How to exchange messages through Command Prompt
How to exchange messages through Command Prompt

Have you ever wondered what you can do with the command prompt, for example to discuss within your school network or talk to a friend without having to download sophisticated chat software? By following these few simple steps, it is possible!


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Step 1. Open Notepad and type:

@ echo off: A Cls echo MESSENGER set / p n = User: set / p m = Message: net send% n%% m% Pause Goto A

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Step 2. When done, click File

Then do Save as and save the file as follows:



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Step 3. Go to the Control Panel (in Classic View)

Click on Administrative tools, then on Services.

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Step 4. Find and open the Messenger service from the list on the right

The Startup Type column should read Disabled. Click on it and select Manual.

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Step 5. Click Start at the bottom right of the window

Be careful, this is not the green Start button on your taskbar. Then click on OK.

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Step 6. Repeat on the other computer

As long as this service is not activated on this PC, you will not be able to use it!

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Step 7. Click on the messenger file you created

Since this is a batch file, it will open with cmd (the command prompt). MESSENGER should appear at the top and User: below. Type the IP address of the other computer. If it's in the same network as you, when you type your message, it will be sent to them. And vice versa on the other computer. And There you go !


  • Another easier way to do this would be to go to the Start menu and click on Execute or press the buttons Windows and R the same time. Then type conf, which will allow you to open netmeeting, a similar chat program.


  • This technique does not work on Windows Vista and later versions.
  • If someone catches you doing this at school, you could be in trouble.

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