How to become a teenage hacker (with pictures)

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How to become a teenage hacker (with pictures)
How to become a teenage hacker (with pictures)

The term "hacker" or "hacker" has become very glamorous and has been influenced a lot by the popular media. In reality, a hacker is only someone who looks for vulnerabilities in a system that can be explored and exploited. Most real hackers hack systems for their own curiosity or passion, not for profit. You can get started in the field by learning as much as possible during your teenage years. This knowledge will help you propel your pirate career and you might even find yourself a good school or job.


Part 1 of 4: take courses

Become a Teen Hacker Step 1

Step 1. Join computer classes

Many high schools offer computer courses that will teach you the basics of programming languages ​​and networks. This kind of free course can be very useful to you in the future and give you a head start in your studies. Talk to an advisor to find out which course to take.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 2

Step 2. Check with community centers

Concentrate on courses that teach you knowledge about operating systems and networks. You might find more classes there than at your school, but you're probably going to have to pay to take them. However, these courses will provide you with more professional material than what you would find in school.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 3

Step 3. Join a computer club at school

It's a great way to meet like-minded people and spend some time with a computer teacher. If there is no computer club in your school, you might consider starting one. This stuff is always a plus on your resume and you can learn more about computers.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 4

Step 4. Take courses in logic and critical thinking

Hacking is not just a knowledge of programming languages. You need to be able to approach problems from a unique perspective and exploit vulnerabilities that the programmer didn't think of. Knowing how to apply your creativity to problem solving will definitely benefit you.

Part 2 of 4: Learn About Computers and Networks

Become a Teen Hacker Step 5

Step 1. Learn more about operating systems

Use the computers in your school to learn about the layout and flow of as many operating systems as possible. To be an accomplished hacker, you need to be equally comfortable with Windows, Linux, and OS X. You need to be able to do things and find locations without even having to think about it.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 6

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the command line

A hacker spends a lot of time looking at the command line and entering commands there. Familiarize yourself with the Windows command prompt and the Linux and OS X terminal.

  • There is a lot of information online to learn more about the Command Prompt in Windows.
  • Likewise, do some research on the Internet to find out about the Linux distributions terminal.
Become a Teen Hacker Step 7

Step 3. Learn about the arrangement of the components

You will be doing a lot of hardware hacking when you have to fiddle with network cards, routers, and memory. By knowing the basics of how a computer works and how its components work with each other, you will come to know more about systems. Check out How to Assemble a Computer to get a better idea of ​​how they work. You can get a lot of computer knowledge by taking courses in school.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 8

Step 4. Learn about networks

Knowing how data is transferred over the Internet is essential to be successful in your business. Learn to recognize the different layers of network models. This will let you know where to find the data, how to intercept and change it. You will find many tutorials on the web that will invite you to explore network models and layers. It is essential to have a basic knowledge of networks to become a seasoned hacker.

You could also take courses on the networks at your school or at a faculty

Become a Teen Hacker Step 9

Step 5. Read as many books as possible

You're not just going to learn in the classes you take. You should also actively engage as much as possible in this search for knowledge. Buy books that cover the topic of piracy or subscribe to magazines. All the knowledge that you can consume will help you increase your knowledge.

Part 3 of 4: learn basic languages

Become a Teen Hacker Step 10

Step 1. Learn HTML

HTML is a basic language of which all web pages are composed. By learning the basics of HTML, you could identify weaknesses in websites as well as in the code of your own sites. See How to Learn HTML to get started.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 11

Step 2. Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the main ways to display content on websites. By learning how it works, you will be able to identify exploitable parts of websites and inject your own scripts into them. Find JavaScript injection lessons online to find out how it works.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 12

Step 3. Learn SQL

SQL is the primary database language for sites and online services. Hackers spend a lot of time trying to gain access to databases, which is why it is essential that you have some knowledge of SQL. See How to Create an SQL Server Database to learn how to create an SQL database for your tests.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 13

Step 4. Learn PHP

PHP is a server-side language that is often used for secure connections. This makes knowledge of PHP essential for hacking sites. See How to Learn PHP and MySQL for more details on this programming language, one of the main languages ​​used by hackers.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 14

Step 5. Learn Python

Python is a high-level language that allows you to quickly write programs and scripts. It is essential for writing your own programs. See How to Start Programming in Python for where to start.

Part 4 of 4: Safe Hacking

Become a Teen Hacker Step 15

Step 1. Hack into a virtual machine on your own network

The safest way to practice hacking is to hack your own equipment. By setting up a private network with virtual machines, you will be able to test and deploy attacks without causing damage or bringing you legal trouble.

You can use virtual machines that you install on your computer's operating system. This allows you to test attacks designed for specific systems. See How to install VirtualBox to learn how to install virtual machines for free

Become a Teen Hacker Step 16

Step 2. Use training sites

If you want to put your hacking skills to the test, there are websites with vulnerabilities designed to be legally hacked. These sites will let you test your scripts and attacks without worrying about criminal consequences. Here are some of the more popular sites:

  • Bricks
  • bWAPP
  • DVWA
  • Google Gruyere
  • McAfee HackMe sites
Become a Teen Hacker Step 17

Step 3. Join hacker communities

There are many hacker communities online, some are on forums that you can easily find, others in hidden corners. Find a group of hackers who can help you become a better hacker and who will give you advice when you get stuck. These kind of communities can also give you resources to help you get started safely.

Become a Teen Hacker Step 18

Step 4. Avoid illegal behavior

Even though this might sound very tempting to you, don't start doing illegal things with your new acquaintances. It only takes once to get you in big trouble, which could nip your hacking career in the bud. Don't be fooled by the stories of professional hackers who have become trusted employees after getting caught. There are many more who go straight to jail.

Also, avoid associating with illegal behavior. If your hacker community starts carrying out illegal attacks, you could be seen as an accomplice. If you don't feel comfortable with what other people are doing, you need to distance yourself from it as much as possible

Become a Teen Hacker Step 19

Step 5. Become a well-meaning hacker

This kind of hacker is passionate about finding vulnerabilities in systems, but who does not exploit them to his own advantage. Rather, it will flag these vulnerabilities to prevent future attacks by less well-intentioned hackers. This kind of hacker can make a lot of money in a security company.

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