How to use Google Calendar: 15 steps (with pictures)

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How to use Google Calendar: 15 steps (with pictures)
How to use Google Calendar: 15 steps (with pictures)

Google Calendar is a free web and mobile application used for better time management. It gives you an overview of all your activities and allows you to manage all your important events from one place. The application can be viewed in Schedule mode, Month mode, Week mode, or custom mode. Most importantly, all events are recorded online, which means you can view them from any location with an internet connection.


Method 1 of 2: Use Google Calendar on a computer

Use Google Calendar Step 1

Step 1. Go to Google Calendar

Open a new tab or browser window and go to Gmail.

  • Type your Gmail email address and password in the dedicated fields. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can easily create one by clicking on the link Create an account under the login window.
  • Click on the applications icon (the square consisting of 3 out of 3 dots) at the top right of the page.
  • You will see a pop-up window with many Google apps, including Google+, Google Drive, Maps, News, YouTube, and Calendar. To open the Google Calendar application, click Agenda.
Use Google Calendar Step 2

Step 2. Create an event

To create an event, click on the button To create on the left of the page. You will be taken to a page asking you to fill in the details of the event.

  • In the first field, enter the name of the event. Click on Add a title then type the name you want to give to your event.
  • Under the title field, you will see the start date as well as the end date of the event. Select the dates and times in the dedicated fields.
  • In the field Add a place under the date and time, enter the location of the event.
  • If you want, you can add more details about the event in the field Add a description.
  • If you want Google Calendar to send you an email reminder (for example, by reminding you of the event 1 day before), set up a notification using the option Add notification. You will see 3 fields with drop-down menus displayed. In the first field, select how you want to be notified (for example, by email or with a pop-up window that appears when your computer is on and connected to the Internet). The second and third fields also contain a drop-down menu with which you can select the minutes, hours, days or weeks to set the precise date and time of the notification.
  • You can also choose to invite friends to the event by entering their email address in the field Add guests. If you choose this option, you will need to specify the rights of the guests. For example, they can invite other people, view the guest list, or edit the event.
  • Click on the button Save to complete the event creation process. This button is at the top of the form. If you don't want to create this event, click on Ignore.
Use Google Calendar Step 3

Step 3. View the events

All created events can be viewed in the Planning tab at the top right of the page.

Use Google Calendar Step 4

Step 4. Search for events

If there is a particular event that you want to view without having to scroll through days, weeks, or months, you can search for it directly in the calendar.

Click the magnifying glass icon to display a search field, then type the name of the event you want to find. Click the search button to search your calendar and the Internet. Scroll through the results and click on the event that interests you to view its details

Use Google Calendar Step 5

Step 5. Modify an existing event

On the calendar page, select an event to display a pop-up window above it. Click on the link Edit the event at the top left to open the edit window and edit all or part of the event details. Click on Save at the top of the page when you're done.

Use Google Calendar Step 6

Step 6. Delete an event

If the event has already passed or has been canceled and you want to make space on your calendar, you can delete it. Switch to Planning mode and click on the name of the event you want to delete to display it in detail.

  • Click on Delete the event at the top of the window to permanently delete the event from your calendar.
  • Note that deleted events cannot be recovered.
Use Google Calendar Step 7

Step 7. Change the calendar view

Google Calendar can be viewed in Day, Week, Month, 4 Day, and Schedule view.

  • You can change the display using the dedicated button at the top right of the page.

    • Day displays all the events of the current day.
    • Week displays columns for the whole week, from Sunday to Saturday.
    • Month displays the current month and all events scheduled for that month will be displayed on their respective date.
    • 4 days displays the current day and the events of the next 4 days.
    • Planning displays all the calendars and all the events of the month as a list.
  • Add more calendars to your display. Look for the section New agenda in the left column. Scroll through other calendars (such as football team game dates) and add them to your current calendar to avoid conflicts between different events.
Use Google Calendar Step 8

Step 8. Create a group agenda

A group calendar can be useful if you want to share an entire calendar rather than a single event with other people. First of all, create your agenda using the settings you want, then adjust your preferences.

  • Click on the cogwheel icon at the top right, then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the calendar that you want to share with other people.
  • Choose Share with specific people. Individually enter the emails you want to add and then select the permissions (modify or display) that you give to the person.
  • Repeat for everyone you want to share a calendar with. If you allow someone to make changes, they can add events and share this calendar with others.
  • Click on Save before returning to the main screen.
  • Encourage others to accept your invitation so that they can see when they are busy or available for an event.
  • You can also use this function the first time you create a new calendar. It is usually found at the bottom of the page.
Use Google Calendar Step 9

Step 9. Be more productive

You can use Google Calendar on other devices and with other programs to improve your productivity.

  • Show only working hours in the calendar. From an administrator account, click on the settings icon, select Labs then activate the option that removes mornings and evenings from your calendar. Scroll through the list of available options to find open source improvements to your calendar structure.
  • Respond to an event using the Gmail address.

    When you are invited to an event, click the button Yes to participate. Your agenda will be automatically updated.

  • Download the Google Calendar app on your Android device.

    You can easily sync your devices to an easily accessible calendar. Changes made online or over the phone will automatically apply to the calendar.

  • Combine Google Calendar with iCal by exporting your iCal calendar.

    Go to Google Calendar then click on Settings. Instead of creating a new calendar, select the option Import then import the iCal file.

Method 2 of 2: Use Google Calendar on mobile devices

Use Google Calendar Step 10

Step 1. Launch Google Calendar

Tap the blue icon with a 31 on it to open Google Calendar. The app should be on your Home screen or in the app drawer.

If you don't already have the Google Calendar app, you can download it for free from the App Store (if you're using an iOS device), Google Play (if you're using an Android), and the Windows App Store (if you're using a device running Windows mobile)

Use Google Calendar Step 11

Step 2. Log in

If you're using Google Calendar on a desktop computer and want to sync events with the app, you'll just need to sign in with your Google Account email address and password. The application will automatically sync all the events and calendars you have.

Use Google Calendar Step 12

Step 3. Create an event

At the bottom right of the Google Calendar app, you'll find a red circle with a + icon. Tap on it to create an event. In the first field, type the title of your event. Select a date in the field below then add the location under the heading Add a place.

  • Once your event has been created, press the button Save at the top right of the screen.
Use Google Calendar Step 13

Step 4. Search for an event

Use the search function to locate an event on your calendar more quickly. Press the 3 horizontal bars at the top left of the main screen to open the menu then press To research. Enter the name of the event in the search field that appears to display it in the results. Tap the event to view its details.

Use Google Calendar Step 14

Step 5. Edit an event

Open an event and then tap the pencil icon at the bottom left to open the edit window. Edit your event then press Save to save them.

Use Google Calendar Step 15

Step 6. Delete an event

If you need to delete an event, open its details page and then tap the pencil icon. At the very bottom of the screen that appears, you will find the option To delete. Tap it to delete the event.

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