How to send a fax over the Internet: 4 steps

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How to send a fax over the Internet: 4 steps
How to send a fax over the Internet: 4 steps

You don't know when you will need to send a fax, until you are asked to do so. Of course, you can use the office fax machine to quickly send someone a document. But what if you don't have this machine? Even if you don't have a fax machine, you probably have the Internet! So even if the person you need to fax insists on doing it like 1997, you don't have to.


Fax over the Internet Step 1

Step 1. Look for a free internet fax service

Many services allow you to send a fax to a fax machine. Search for “Free Internet Fax Sending” in a known search engine. Find out how many faxes you can send in a given period.

  • Here's how a free Internet fax sending service works.
    • Provide your name, email address, the message or files you want to send, including the recipient's name and fax number.
    • Follow the instructions on the site. Enter all the information requested, including confirmation codes.
    • Your free Internet faxing service could limit the number of pages you fax and impose daily quotas.
Fax over the Internet Step 2

Step 2. Choose an “E-mail to Fax” service such as eFax

You will be able to send and receive faxes on your e-mail, without having to have a fax machine. The recipients of your faxes will never know that you haven't used the traditional fax machine.

  • You must install a file on your computer to make sending faxes possible. This code is provided by your fax service when you register.
  • Access your account from any computer to send someone a fax. All you need to do is grab the program, log in, and you're ready to send your fax.
  • Convert the file you want to send to.pdf or.txt format. There are other types of formats that work well. The fax service explains how to access the file, send it to be "printed" by the program, and finally enter the recipient's fax number.
Fax over the Internet Step 3

Step 3. Purchase a fax modem

Conexant Company sells fax modems, as do other online companies and stores. It's not as convenient as an online fax service, but it's easier to use. You only need to send the file directly to the chosen printer.

  • A fax modem is similar to a normal digital modem, but designed to send and receive data from a fax machine.
  • Many fax modems, with some exceptions, function as digital modems. These dual process modems can be either internal or external.
Fax over the Internet Step 4

Step 4. Send an already printed sheet of paper by scanning it

If you need to send a printed document and you don't have a printer or fax machine, you can try scanning the document and then sending it through one of the services listed above.

  • Scan the document in.pdf or.txt format, using a multifunction printer or scanner.
  • Use one of the above services to send the fax to a real fax machine.

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