3 ways to fax a document

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3 ways to fax a document
3 ways to fax a document

Nowadays, with the ability to scan documents digitally, faxes are used less and less. However, there are still many good reasons to send a fax, especially if you don't have the technology or equipment to send documents in any other way. You can fax documents using a fax machine, computer, or smartphone.


Method 1 of 3: Use a fax machine

Fax Step 1

Step 1. Gather all the pages or documents you want to fax

Use the originals to send the fax as clear as possible to the recipient.

Fax Step 2

Step 2. Place a cover page on top of the pages you are going to fax

The cover page must contain various information such as the name and fax number of the sender, the name and fax number of the recipient, the date of sending and the number of pages sent.

Fax Step 3

Step 3. Determine whether you need to place the documents face up or face down in the fax machine

Usually the documents are placed face down, but you need to verify that this is the case with your fax machine where your recipient will receive blank pages.

Fax Step 4

Step 4. Enter the fax number into the fax machine, including the area code

It's the same principle as making a call.

Fax Step 5

Step 5. Click the Submit button

After a few seconds you will hear the machine start to send the fax and the papers will begin to pass through the fax machine.

Fax Step 6

Step 6. Look on the fax machine for a message indicating that the fax has been sent

Some fax machines print a confirmation page.

Fax Step 7

Step 7. Collect the original documents you faxed and put them away

Method 2 of 3: Send a fax using a computer

Fax Step 8

Step 1. Use fax software that you have installed on your computer

For example, Windows 7 has a tool called "Fax and Scan" that allows you to send a fax without owning a fax machine.

  • Make sure you have a phone line connected to your computer so that you can transmit the fax.
  • Type your message in the allotted space on the screen, as you would an email. Instead of the email address, you will send this text to a fax number.
  • Attach the documents you want to fax and press the button. Send. If your documents are not saved on your computer, you will need to attach them here or scan and save them for faxing.
Fax Step 9

Step 2. Send a fax using an online service

There are many such services, such as MyFax, eFax and FaxZero.

  • Upload the documents you want to fax to the site of the service you have decided to use.
  • Enter your information and the recipient's fax number. The scanned documents will arrive at your recipient's fax machine.
  • Check the rates charged by websites offering this service. Some are free, others will require you to register or subscribe, and still others will require you to pay for each fax you send.
Fax Step 10

Step 3. Invest in a multifunction printer if you want to be able to fax from your home or office without downloading documents or purchasing a separate fax machine

Many printers come with a fax option.

Method 3 of 3: Use a mobile phone

Fax Step 11

Step 1. Log in to your mailbox from your smartphone

Fax Step 12

Step 2. Choose the document you want to fax

You can use Microsoft Word documents, PDFs or any type of digital document stored in your mailbox, in your cloud storage space or on your smartphone.

Fax Step 13

Step 3. If the document you want to fax is not stored in your cloud, smartphone, or mailbox, take a photo of the physical document

All smartphones are equipped with a camera. So you can take a picture and send it by fax.

Fax Step 14

Step 4. You can send faxes to your recipients from anywhere

Using your smartphone, you can fax from home, work, school, grocery store or while traveling.

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