4 ways to back up your Google Docs

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4 ways to back up your Google Docs
4 ways to back up your Google Docs

Google Drive allows you to create and save spreadsheets and text documents in the cloud. Google Documents (Docs) is now part of Google Drive. This service allows you to save files to the cloud, but it can also help you sync folders from your hard drive to avoid losing files. In addition, it is very easy to make the necessary backups with Google Docs!


Method 1 of 4: Download Google Docs on your computer

Backup Google Docs Step 1

Step 1. Log into your Google Drive account

You will need to use your email address and password associated with your Gmail account.

Backup Google Docs Step 2

Step 2. Click on the word My Drive at the top

You should land on a page with all of your active documents.

Backup Google Docs Step 3

Step 3. Click on the box to the left of Title

This will select all documents.

  • If you prefer to select only some, check the boxes to the left of each title, one at a time. This will allow you to download them individually.

    Backup Google Docs Step 3Bullet1
Backup Google Docs Step 4

Step 4. Create a “Google Drive” folder

Choose a location in the "Documents" section of your hard drive. You will be able to keep the files there each time you make a backup after removing them from the "Downloads" folder.

Backup Google Docs Step 5

Step 5. Right click on the first title

There you will see a menu.

Backup Google Docs Step 6

Step 6. Scroll down and click on Downloads

A dialog box should appear.

Backup Google Docs Step 7

Step 7. Click All Items

Do not click Selected items. You can download up to 2 Gb each time.

Backup Google Docs Step 8

Step 8. Choose the format of the backup

You can choose Microsoft Office, PDF, or Open Office.

Make sure you have a program that will allow you to open this kind of file. For example, you shouldn't save them in MS Office format if you don't have anything to open it after

Backup Google Docs Step 9

Step 9. Click the Download button

Your files will be compressed to reduce the size that you are going to download.

Backup Google Docs Step 10

Step 10. Find your documents in the Downloads folder

Put them in the Google Drive backup folder on your computer.

Step 11. Repeat these steps regularly

Replace old documents with new, updated copies. You should make a backup every week, if not more often.

Method 2 of 4: Sync Google Drive

Backup Google Docs Step 12

Step 1. Log into your Google account

Meet on the Drive.

Backup Google Docs Step 13

Step 2. Download the application for Windows or Mac

Google should recognize the type of computer you have and it will suggest the correct application at the top of the page.

Backup Google Docs Step 14

Step 3. Click on the program in the folder

Follow the instructions to install it on your computer. Keep the program from Google Drive in the applications folder for easy access.

  • Fill in your Google account information.

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Backup Google Docs Step 15

Step 4. Open the Google Drive app on your computer

This should automatically sync your account if you don't change your preferences.

  • From the Google Drive menu, select Preferences Where Settings. The name will be different on Windows and Mac. Make sure that the box indicating that you want to synchronize your documents with Google Drive is checked on the computer.

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Backup Google Docs Step 16

Step 5. Decide to sync some files

If you want to do this, select Synchronize only certain folders on this computer in the settings page.

  • Choose the folders you want to sync. Click on Apply the changes every time you change something in the settings.

    Backup Google Docs Step 16Bullet1

Method 3 of 4: Use Google Takeout

Step 1. Go to Google Takeout

Through this service, you can get a compressed folder with all the data from your Google Drive and you can save it securely to your computer or multiple storage devices.

Step 2. Click the Create Archive button

Check the box for the Drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3. Wait for the compressed file to download

Then use it as a backup when you need it.

Method 4 of 4: Use a separate backup service

Backup Google Docs Step 17

Step 1. Do your research

Find another service that backs up Docs files like Spanning, Syscloud, or Backupify. There are many services out there and they all vary depending on the features they offer, their level of security, access to trial periods or free accounts, and the price of paid features.

Backup Google Docs Step 18

Step 2. Choose the most suitable service

Sign up for a free trial period if possible. This will usually be the same service with reduced functionality or 100% service that expires after a certain period.

Backup Google Docs Step 19

Step 3. Try as many as you want

Then decide which one you want to keep. When you choose one, register to get full access.

  • Most of these services work with a small subscription, usually a few dollars a month.

    Backup Google Docs Step 19Bullet1

Step 4. Adjust the backup settings

Once you've signed up, you can automatically back up your Google Docs as often as you like and keep them in the cloud where you can access them, restore old data, or make location or device changes.


  • To save the files that we share with you, you must click on the link that says Go to shared files to sync them. Drag them into this section of the My Drive folder.

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