How to add video to PowerPoint presentation

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How to add video to PowerPoint presentation
How to add video to PowerPoint presentation

Videos can make a presentation look more professional and make a boring report more interesting. They also allow you to add additional content that you would not have been able to share otherwise. It is possible to add videos from your computer, whether they are your own or have found them on the Internet.


Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 1

Step 1. Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Go to the presentation and add a new slide by clicking New slide.

You can insert a video on any slide, but it's usually easier to do on a blank slide

Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 2

Step 2. Click Insert

The button Insertion is next to the other buttons Home, Creation, Transitions, etc., at the top of the screen. This is the menu bar and click on Insertion will display all the items that can be added to the slide.

  • In older versions of PowerPoint, this button does not open a menu, but a drop-down list. Look for the option Video Where Media selection to continue.
Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 3

Step 3. Click Video in the Media section

The available options will be displayed as a drop-down menu. You will have Online Video Where Video on my PC.

  • The option Online Video allows you to extract videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo. However, they will only work if your computer is connected to the Internet each time you view the presentation. If you don't have WiFi when using PowerPoint, you probably won't have a video.
  • The option Video on my PC allows you to select a video already saved on your computer. If you save the PowerPoint to another storage space (such as a USB stick), you will also need to transfer a copy of the video to the other location. Click on the tool Video and select the option Online Video opens a small window with 3 options.
Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 4

Step 4. Enter the URL of the video

If you are using an online video, enter the URL of the video you are interested in. There are 3 ways to add videos from the Internet.

  • Personal drive:

    the video is located on an online storage site, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Youtube:

    you are using the YouTube address or URL.

  • From a video website:

    click the share button on the video page then copy and paste the embed code for the video.

Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 5

Step 5. Find the video file on your computer

If you are using a video saved on your computer, find it in the small window that appears. Select it to insert it into your presentation.

Again, if you plan to transfer the presentation (for example using a USB drive to take with you or move it), consider transferring the video you added as well. PowerPoint must find the video to play it, and if you are using another computer that does not contain the video in question, PowerPoint will not be able to display anything

Put a Video on PowerPoint Step 6

Step 6. Edit and adjust the video

Once the video is added, you will be able to resize, move and adjust it to fit your presentation. You can also right click and adjust preferences or settings to automatically start playback, show video in full screen, adjust volume and many other things.

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