How to make a laser capable of burning objects

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How to make a laser capable of burning objects
How to make a laser capable of burning objects

Lasers have fascinated people for years. They are reminiscent of both science fact and science fiction, making them fun items you can play with. Low power laser pointers are tools commonly used in classrooms or as pet toys, but if you get the right diode, you can create and focus the laser power enough to burn. objects or ignite them. Nevertheless, this type of laser can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.


Part 1 of 3: get a diode

Make a Burning Laser Step 1

Step 1. Choose the intensity and color of the diode

Its intensity is indicated in microwatts (mW) and its color will be determined by its wavelength (measured in nanometers). A wavelength of 650 nm corresponds to a red diode, a wavelength of 405 nm to a blue, and a green diode has a wavelength of 520 nm. Blue and green diodes are the most expensive while red ones are cheaper.

You can get it on the Internet and sometimes in electronics stores. The price of diodes can vary from a few tens to thousands of dollars, depending on the model you choose

Make a Burning Laser Step 2

Step 2. Unmount an old DVD or Blu-Ray burner

If you're having trouble choosing a color, you can take an old DVD or Blu-Ray burner apart. In this one, you will see two diodes. Look for this on the burner side. The one on the disc reading side is not powerful enough to make a hot laser.

The diode will look like a small round lamp. You will probably find it in a metal case and placed so that it can shine on the underside of the DVD or Blu-Ray compartment

Make a Burning Laser Step 3

Step 3. Recover the diode from the disc burner

Once you have located the burner diode, remove it. You may need to remove small screws or cut off the diode from the rest of the burner. It is possible that the diode is inside a metal case. If this is the case, you can leave the case on the diode after removing it.

Part 2 of 3: make the laser

Make a Burning Laser Step 4

Step 1. Connect the diode to a laser driver

This is the electrical component that controls the operation of the laser. It is likely that the diode will need to be soldered to the order. Two connections must come out of the diode for this purpose. Use a soldering iron to secure the connections to the positive and negative terminals of the control. These terminals must be marked on the order and extend to the edge for welding.

The control should not be connected to any power source until you have finished soldering it

Make a Burning Laser Step 5

Step 2. Power the laser with batteries

Once the diode is attached to the control, you can connect it to a power source. Batteries are a great choice if you want your laser to be portable. You will need at least AA batteries to make your hot laser.

The control will have wires that you can connect to a power source. These should be connected to a battery pack or directly to a single battery. If the wires need to be soldered, you must use a battery pack. They cannot be soldered directly to a single stack

Make a Burning Laser Step 6

Step 3. Place the laser in a case

You have the possibility of obtaining a laser box on the Internet in order to store the parts of your tool. You can also make one from the items you have at home. The most popular items used in the manufacture of the case are boxes of mint pellets (like those from the RENDEZ-VOUS brand), Bic lighters and cases of low power laser pointers.

Part 3 of 3: Focusing the energy of the laser

Make a Burning Laser Step 7

Step 1. Obtain a laser lens

This device is needed to condense light from a wide pattern to a fine beam. This will focus the energy of the laser. This focused ray is what will allow you to burn objects.

Glass lenses are better than plastic ones, but they are much more expensive

Make a Burning Laser Step 8

Step 2. Focus the ray

Adjust the lenses to focus the beam when using the laser. This will make it powerful enough to burn certain materials and matches or paper. Be very careful when using this laser. Don't point it at anyone or anything that doesn't belong to you. The laser is very dangerous when it is focused.

It is a crime to point lasers in the direction of motor vehicles or airplanes

Make a Burning Laser Step 9

Step 3. Widen the radius when you are finished

Adjust the beam so that the laser can spread. This will reduce its power when it comes in contact with an object. This is the safest way to store it in the event of accidental ignition. Either way, keep in mind that the laser is still dangerous. It should never be within the reach of children.


  • Wear eye protection.
  • Do not point or aim your laser at a person, as this is considered a crime.
  • wikiHow is not responsible for the consequences of using the information in this tutorial.

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