3 ways to pretend to be hacking

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3 ways to pretend to be hacking
3 ways to pretend to be hacking

Maybe you have a reputation for being a computer genius or maybe you want others to believe it. Hacking a computer requires knowledge of computer systems, network security, and code, which is why people might be impressed when they see someone who looks like they are hacking. You can make others believe that you are hacking without doing anything illegal. Using basic terminal commands and preparing a bat file that you run in a Matrix-like browser with lots of weird characters will leave everyone speechless.


Method 1 of 3: Use the command prompt

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 1

Step 1. Open the “Run” function

You can do this by clicking on the menu To start up and finding the "Run" function or you can also search the computer to find the "Run" function.

Windows users can also easily open it by typing two keys at the same time ⊞ Win + R

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 2

Step 2. Open the command prompt

You can type cmd in the search bar of the Run window. This will allow you to open the Command Prompt, a window where you can enter text to communicate with the computer.

Apple users can open the Terminal window (the Mac version of the Command Prompt) by using Spotlight and typing terminal

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 3

Step 3. Use the command prompt or terminal

There are many codes that you can use on Windows or Apple to execute commands or find information. The following commands, while they look impressive, will not harm your computer and are not illegal.

  • Windows users could try typing the following commands before hitting Enter after each command, trying to do it fast enough to make the process look more complex.

    • color a
    • This will change the command prompt and color the text green with a black background. Change the letter following the word "color" to a number from 0 to 9 and a letter from A to F to change the font color.
    • dir
    • ipconfig
    • tree
    • ping google.com
    • The ping command checks to see if the service is connected to another across the network (but people don't know). Google is used in this example, but you can use any site you want.
  • If you have an Apple computer, you can use the following commands to safely fill your screen with lines of code that look like a hack. Type the following words into the terminal to achieve the same effect.

    • top
    • ps -fea
    • ls -ltra
Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 4

Step 4. Switch between controls and windows

You can open multiple Command Prompt or Terminal windows using different commands to make it seem like you're doing lots of complicated tasks at the same time.

Method 2 of 3: Create a bat file on Windows

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 5

Step 1. Open Notepad

To create a bat file, you need to write some text with a text editor and save it so that the computer can interpret the commands you wrote. Notepad is a basic text editor that can write to bat files.

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 6

Step 2. Write the commands to the bat file

The following text will open a window with a green font called "Windows Hacking". To change the title, you just need to change the entry after the word title in the file you created. The @echo off text hides the command prompt while the word tree displays the folder tree, making your hack more realistic. The last line of text will ping the Google server, which isn't illegal, but looks like hacking to anyone who doesn't know anything about it. Enter the following text in the blank notepad document:

  • color a

    title HACK WINDOW

    @echo off


    ping www.google.com -t

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 7

Step 3. Save it with the.bat extension

When you want to save it, you have to choose Save as. In the window that appears, give it the name you want followed by the.bat extension. This will change a text file to a bat file. This kind of file contains series of commands that the operating system will interpret.

  • It might not work on Windows Vista.
  • You may also receive a message telling you that if you save the file with the.bat extension, all formatting will be lost. Click on Yes to create your file.
Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 8

Step 4. Launch the bat file

Double-click on the file in the folder where it is located to open a window that will make you look like you're doing very complex tasks on your computer as if you were hacking something.

Method 3 of 3: Use online sites

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 9

Step 1. Open your browser

Some sites are designed only to mimic the complex functions of a computer. Some are used to create effects in movies and videos and some are used by people like you!

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 10

Step 2. Go to hackertyper.net

This site allows you to create hack-like text at a speed that will surely amaze people watching you. The only problem with this site when you want to use it to trick your friends is that the typing speed is so high that it becomes unreliable, which ruins the effect.

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 11

Step 3. Open a separate window and go to guihacker.com

Leave the site window open with images of hack snapshots appearing: lines of numbers, rapidly changing measurements, sine waves, and more. By leaving it in the background, you can assert for example.

  • “I'm just compiling data that I found on a friend's server to see if there are any errors in his code. It's been running for several hours. "
  • "I run some analytical programs in the background to see in real time if my processor can handle the increase in temperature caused by overclocking."
Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 12

Step 4. Use geektyper.com

This site offers different hacking simulator themes. This is probably one of the most realistic sites you can find. Once on the home page, choose one of the themes, then continue typing in the fake Command Prompt window. You can even click on folders to start bogus processes.

Navigate through the generated fake text and fake processes that you can activate by clicking on the files that will appear in the browser window after choosing a theme

Make It Look Like You Are Hacking Step 13

Step 5. Launch these sites in separate windows

Each of them offers a slightly different experience and generates different styles of fake codes. You can switch between different windows quickly by holding down the alt = "Image" key and using the Tab ↹ key to move from one window to the next. Type several things in each window before quickly moving to the next one using the keyboard shortcut to give your hack even more effect.

Try out different open window layouts or you can leave a few in the background to make you look like the king of hackers


  • If you know how to write bat files, you can enhance this effect.
  • You can use it to impress your friends.


  • Some people might really think you are hacking, so be careful and don't get into trouble.
  • People familiar with computer systems and code will quickly find that you are doing nothing or faking it. Choose your audience wisely.
  • Be careful using the command prompt. It is possible to accidentally type a command that will damage files needed for your computer, which could corrupt your data or worse.

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