How to add fonts in Photoshop: 10 steps (with pictures)

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How to add fonts in Photoshop: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to add fonts in Photoshop: 10 steps (with pictures)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editing software in the world which is used by professionals and amateurs alike. The most common feature in this program is adding text to pictures or photos, and it offers a large collection of fonts in addition to those already installed on your computer. It's easy to add fonts in Photoshop, because to do it you just need to add them to your hard drive and the software will take care of the rest.


Method 1 of 2: Add fonts on Windows (all versions)

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 1

Step 1. Download the fonts from the Internet

You can search online by typing free fonts, then click on them to download the ones you want. You will find hundreds of sites on the Internet that offer fonts, and usually the first page you search is secure and has several options.

  • You can also buy font CDs at computer stores.
  • For better organization, it will be easier if you save all your fonts in a folder on your desktop. However, no problem will arise as long as you know the location where you have stored the downloaded fonts.
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 2

Step 2. Open a window to view the fonts

It doesn't matter what version of operating system you are using. You can install fonts even on Windows XP which no longer supports or accepts updates. If the fonts come as compressed files, right click on them and extract the files. Then find the font in question by looking for the extension (the period “.” That comes after the file name). Photoshop fonts feature these extensions:

  • .otf
  • .ttf
  • .pbf
  • .pfm
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 3

Step 3. Right click on the font and select Install

If you are lucky you will see this option available so you can install everything! You can also use Ctr-Click or Shift-Click to install several fonts at the same time.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 4

Step 4. Use the Control Panel to add fonts if the Install option is not available

On some computers you will have trouble installing, but adding a new font is a snap. Click on the menu To start up, then on Control panel. From there:

  • click on Appearance and Personalization (note that in Windows XP, this step is skipped),
  • click on Fonts,
  • right click in the fonts window and select Install New Font (note that in Windows XP this option is under Folder),
  • select the fonts you want to install and hit OK when you're done.

Method 2 of 2: Add fonts in Mac OS X

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 5

Step 1. Find and download new fonts

Search the Internet by typing Free Photoshop Fonts for Mac. You will have hundreds of research options. These options can easily be downloaded and added. Save them in a new folder on your desktop with a name like Temporary Fonts for added security.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 6

Step 2. Close all applications that are running

Most apps offer font support, which means they'll constantly be looking for fonts you can use on your Mac. You will need to install the fonts before the programs will find them. So be sure to close all applications before starting to work.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 7

Step 3. Double-click on the exact font to bring up the Font List

Fonts can come in a compressed folder which you can double-click to open. From there, simply double-click on the targeted font to open it in the Font List. The fonts you will find have these extensions at the end:

  • .ttf
  • .otf
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 8

Step 4. Click Install Font when the Font Book window opens

The new file .ttf Where .otf should appear in the Font Book in the lower left corner to install on your Mac. Photoshop will therefore find this font and take care of the rest.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 9

Step 5. Otherwise, browse the list of fonts in Finder and place the fonts manually

You have the option of placing the fonts in two locations which will be easy for you to find. You can also directly enter the following links in the search bar, of course replacing your username with. Find one of these locations using the first one if you have administrator rights. However, both locations will work.

  • / Library / Fonts /
  • / Users // Library / Fonts /
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 10

Step 6. Click and drag the new fonts into the folder to activate them

When they are there, you can start using them. Open your apps again to start using the new fonts in Photoshop.


  • Photoshop does not support all fonts. Look for True Type or Open Type fonts to make sure they will work. You can also use other fonts to see if they will work with your version of Photoshop.
  • Oriental language fonts like Chinese and Japanese are now available in Photoshop. These can be used as graphics in themselves.
  • When you install the new fonts, Photoshop should not be running. If it is opened during installation, you will need to close and reopen it for the new fonts to take effect.

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